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Ali Abdaal - YouTube Analytics & Growth Masterclass with AMAAli Abdaal – YouTube Analytics & Growth Masterclass with AMA

In this 3-hour course, you’ll learn everything you need to know to dive into YouTube Analytics and take your channel to the next level.

The Analytics & Growth Masterclass

If you feel high-quality information on “YouTube growth” is difficult to come by or when you reach it, you don’t know where to start to take action, this is the place for you.
We help you understand your performance by highlighting the key principles and best practices that have worked for the fastest growing channels on YouTube.
Access high-signal, actionable material directly from the individuals working hand-in-hand with high-growth creators. You will crack the matrix of your channel yourself, by understanding the key from thousands of hours of analytics and growth work, condensed into just 3 hours of coursework.

A Formula for Growth

As Ali says, YouTube growth is really about the system you build around your channel. Nothing beats consistent, quality content in building an audience.

Our team likes to think about YouTube growth the way we think about weight loss. Plenty of people lose weight by cutting calories. Others lose weight by sticking to a disciplined exercise regimen. But to really get into shape, a combination of eating right and working out is absolutely necessary. Otherwise, you’re leaving progress on the table.

AMA’s philosophy is the same. If you’re serious about growing an audience, building your revenue streams, and building a sustainable growth strategy, you need an understanding of the analytics surrounding your channel.

how20we20do20it | eSy[GB]

Consistent Content + An Informed Analytics Strategy = Peak Growth

And to be honest, it’s really hard. The YouTube algorithm is constantly changing and your growth strategy has no choice but to follow. There’s no golden bullet, but there are some core principles that every great creator keeps their eye on. There are best practices that every great creator implements, and we’re excited to share them with you.

The AMA Story

Our journey into YouTube began with a cold email to one of our favorite content creators. A few phone calls later, we began digging into his social media analytics to develop a comprehensive content strategy for the channel.

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The work was fun, interesting, and immediately impactful. Our team began to develop custom scripts, macros, and algorithms to answer questions that every creator had:
  • When should I be posting videos?
  • What videos should I be focusing on?
  • Who is my audience?
  • What should my thumbnails look like?
  • How do I structure my content calendar?
  • …and dozens more.

18 months later, AMA is trusted by content creators far and wide to inject sustainable, effective growth strategies into their workflow.AMA has worked with YouTubers big and small (totaling over 30 million subscribers) to find the perfect blend of authenticity, growth and analytics.

What’s in the Course?

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We’ll explore how to navigate YouTube Studio and identify the key views and metrics to be aware of as you embark on your YouTube journey.

  • Studio Panes
  • Common Metrics
  • Constructing Custom Views
  • Interpreting Data
  • Answering Common Questions
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The YouTube algorithm is a black box whose behavior often confuses even the YouTube team. That said, there’s a science behind much of its behavior that the best creators understand.
  • Overview of The Algorithm
  • YouTube’s Incentives
  • What Metrics Matter
  • The Role of a Content Backlog
  • The Compounding Effect
  • The Three Core Factors of YouTube Growth
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Studio is one of those tools that is easy to get rolling with, but difficult to master. We’ll walk you through specific use-cases and underutilized features that will help tremendously in answering your most pressing questions about your channel.

  • Creating Custom Groups & Comparisons
  • Use Case: A/B Testing
  • Exploring Traffic Sources
  • Use Case: Structuring a Content Calendar
  • Exploring Subscription Sources
  • Use Case: Developing a Growth Strategy
  • Measuring End-screen Performance
  • Determining Audience Loyalty
frame20145 | eSy[GB]

Once you get the hang of Studio, it’s now time to construct a strategy for growing your audience and effectively measuring success. We’ll walk you through some best practices and diagnostic tools.

  • Analyzing Individual Video Success
  • Analyzing Similar Videos as Groups
  • Analyzing Monthly Performance
  • Finding and Fixing Weaknesses
  • Common Weaknesses & How to Address Them

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YouTube Analytics & Growth Masterclass with AMA

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