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Aaron Ward - Profitable Course AcademyAaron Ward – Profitable Course Academy

Create a Wildly Profitable Online Course With a Step-by-Step Blueprint Created by Aaron Ward

Even if…you don’t have an idea, or don’t consider yourself an ‘expert’ or ‘guru’

Follow a proven step-by-step course building system

Learn the secret technique to guarantee that people want your course, so that you don’t waste time and do make sales

Generate sales while you sleep, through creating done-for-you automated sales systems

The Secret Behind What Makes Courses Sell (And Actually Want To Buy)

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The truth is that every week dozens of people try and launch an online course. Yet statistics show 68% of those courses fail.


Simply because they do one thing wrong.

They don’t use time-tested and proven methods to confirm that people actually want to buy their course

…instead they “hope people will buy” once they waste their time and money building a product NO ONE wants.

Kinda sucks right?

Well the good news is that:

You can can avoid this common mistake and grow your online business using advanced course creation strategies that I’ve fine-tuned over the last 3+ years…

…and put into a simple, easy-to-implement system called “Profitable Course Academy” – and today it’s available for you to join.

In fact:

These are the strategies that make me $120,000/year in course sales, and allowed me to quit my 9-5 job…

…And I’m not a special case either, just simply someone who put in the time and work to figure this stuff out, so I wouldn’t be stuck earning a wage cap of ~$55,000/year.

5d5c688af8e0fcb150cb54cc aarons course revenue past 3 years graph | eSy[GB]

Long story short:

You’ll see how this system can help you grow your business, by mastering THE MOST IMPORTANT parts of course creation — known as the “80/20 course blocks”.

And this comprehensive system gets results:

  • Even if… you’ve never made a course before
  • Even if… you don’t have a course idea or don’t consider yourself an ‘expert’ in an industry
  • Even if… you’re overwhelmed with no idea where to start

Introducing Profitable Course Academy, How to Create a Wildly Profitable & Impactful Online Course!

You’ll go from no idea to a digital course that is passively making sales, while you sleep, eat and pretend to be a dinosaur (or whatever you’re into…)

Results Students Are Getting

Here’s what results students are getting from inside PCA after using the strategies and done-for-you templates

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The Modules Inside

Here’s exactly what we cover inside PCA, and what you’ll get out of each module

Introduction: How To Get The Most Out Of PCA


In this module you’ll learn how to get in the right mindset for creating a profitable online course by looking at what successful course creators do, so you can avoid wasting time and get started on the right path from day 1.

1. How To Get Results FAST From This Course!

2. How To Avoid The Unnecessary Focus

3. Hacks To Boost Focus

4. The Question Everyone No One Asks

5. What Proven Successful Online Course Creators Do

Module 1: Discovering Your Course Idea (7 Lessons)


In this module you’ll learn how to find your course idea that is guaranteed to sell, so you can feel confident in your choice before making your product.

1. Foundations of Profitable Course Niches

2. Discovering Your Target Audiences Desires

3. Picking Your Profitable Course Idea

4. How To Validate Your Course Idea (Important!)

5. Getting Started When No One Knows You

6. Hacks To Build a Successful Course Curriculum

7. How To Build A Community Group of Engaged Users

Module 2.1: Developing Your Online School (4 Lessons)


In this module you’ll learn how to create your online school website so you can host and sell your online course. You’ll also learn how to comply with legalities and brand your site for increased trust. These are all over-the-shoulder live tutorials.

1. Starting Your Own Online School Website

2. Making Your School Branding Look Awesome

3. Setting Up Your Sub-domain Connection

4. Setting Up School Payments & BackOffice

Module 2.2: Building Your Course (6 Lessons)


In this module you’ll learn how to create an online course product that gets your students results, so you can have a happy customer base and endlessly collect reviews to help increase your sales!

1. Naming Your Course Correctly

2. Creating Your Course Inside Your School

3. Pricing Your Course To Meet Revenue Goals

4. Creating Your Modules & Lessons

5. How To Name Your Lessons To Boost Retention

6. Recording Lessons & Materials (Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezey Method)

Module 3: Building Your Sales Page (5 Lessons)


In this module you’ll learn how to create a high converting sales page which helps you convert viewers into buying customers. You’ll be getting access to a done-for-you sales page template, worth well over $5,000 in man-hours, that is a formulated layout that top course sellers use. There are lot’s of live demos in this module too!

1. Creating Your High Converting Course Sales Page

2. Connecting Your Sales Page To Your School

3. Adding Adaptable Coupon Friendly Buttons To Your Sales Page

4. Checkout Page Optimization

5. Creating a Beautiful Course Thumbnail

6. Bonus: Adding Social Proof To Increase Sales

Module 4: Your Free Offer (4 Lessons)


In this module you’ll learn how to create an irresistible free offer to drive traffic to your funnel so you can start marketing your paid course. To do this, you’ll learn what a successful online course sales funnel looks like, and then I’ll show you step-by-step on how to build this funnel out correctly.

1. The Funnel Breakdown

2. Creating a Free Course To Grow Your Audience

3. Setting Up Your Automated Email Marketing Sequence

4. Writing Sales Emails & Further Automation Rules

Module 5: Boosting Course Sales (5 Lessons)


In this module you’ll learn how how to boost your course sales by setting up analytics, split tests, and Facebook re-targeting adverts. Once again, these will be live walkthroughs so you can see in real time EXACTLY what you should do.

1. Setting Up Google Tag Manager

2. Setting Up Google Analytics With GTM

3. Creating Sales Page Split Tests (Easily)

4. GTM And Facebook Pixel Tracking Data Setup

5. Setting Up Facebook Retargeting Ads

Bonuses: Online Course Marketing Tips, FAQ’s & Walkthroughs (10+ Lessons)


In this module I show you how to boost your sales, drive traffic, and ultimately manage an awesomely successful online course by answering FAQ’s and sharing with you my real course information, such as building a sales page in real time. The content inside this module alone is worth $100’s in value!

1. Building an Engaged YouTube Following

2. Behind The Scenes: Transferring Over a New Course Sales Page For IGM

3. Must Do: How to get people to sell your course for you

4. Must Do: How to easily get testimonials from your students

5. How to introduce 1-1 coaching

6. How to record your screen lessons for free

7. How to use Google analytics for course metrics

8. How to

9. How to use Google analytics for course metrics

AND SO MANY MORE LESSONS… This module is always getting new content added!

Sale Page: https://courses.aaronward.com/p/course-creators

Archive: https://web.archive.org/web/20191026143834/https://courses.aaronward.com/p/course-creators

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