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Learn The Exact Strategies I Use To Make A Minimum Of $10,000 To As Much As $35,000 Per Month Blogging Part Time – And How You Can Do The Same



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Yaro Starak – Blog Mastermind

OK, So I Know This Works – But What Exactly Do I Get As A Blog Mastermind Member?

The foundation of the Blog Mastermind program is the interactive modules. There are six (6) modules in all, broken up into carefully-paced multimedia lessons. You’ll learn from text, audio and video content how to turn your blog into a full time income stream, step-by-step.

(However, these core modules are just a small part of the overall system.)

Here’s an outline of what you’ll find in each module:

Module 1: How To Set-Up and Optimize Your Blog For Explosive Growth From Day One

The first module covers blogging foundations. I’ve provided guidance for people absolutely new to blogging and also people who already have a blog.

This module will help you get started from the ground up and make sure you begin your blogging journey the RIGHT way. (WARNING: Making mistakes at this stage is a guaranteed way to severely limit your blogging income!)

In this module I reveal:

  • How to set up a blog in five minutes flat (including how to choose a domain and find a good web host).
  • How to optimize your blog to encourage maximum RSS subscriptions
  • A list of my MUST HAVE “Plug-ins”, plus an analysis of WHY they are important and how to get the most out of them
  • How to set up the optimal blog structure to attract maximum traffic from search engines, without any “tricks” or “gimmicks”.

With the CRITICAL techniques I show you, EVERY article you publish will pull traffic from search engines with NO additional effort on your part! Just write and let your blog do the work for you

Module 2: How To Create Blog Content That Magnetically Attracts Devoted Readers

In this module, you’ll discover the core fundamental principles that go into creating content that people not only enjoy, but is so compelling they have to tell others about your blog!

The ability to create VIRAL BUZZ is a vital skillset that you probably don’t possess right now, yet this is something you MUST develop it if you want to make REAL money from blogging (i.e. $10,000 – $30,000 or more per month)

In this module, you’ll learn:

  • How to set up the key content pages you need to create strong rapport and turn new visitors into loyal repeat readers
  • What Authentic Content is and why this one ingredient is the difference between success and mediocrity
  • How to create a Personal Brand so strong that you become THE dominant figure in your industry or niche
  • A complete system for outsourcing your blog writing so you don’t have to write the content at all!

    One of my blogs made $2,000 a month and it was written entirely by volunteers! (Plus, they were happy to contribute). You’ll learn how to set up Passive Income Generating blogs like this in this module.

Module 3: The Exact Traffic Techniques That Took My Blog From 0 to 5,000+ Daily Readers

You’ll learn the core techniques I used to build my blog traffic from zero to 5,000+ daily readers and beyond. And the best part is, there’s nothing here you can’t do providing you know how to use a Web browser and type words!

You’ll learn how to drive traffic in a matter of hours:

  • How to leverage forumsother blogs and articles for traffic (there’s a reason why some people just can’t seem to get these techniques to work). In this module I show you the *SMART* way to use these traffic tactics)
  • My top Search Engine Optimization strategies for bloggers
  • The #1 Blog Traffic Technique to get the most out of your writing
  • The real secret sauce – what I call Conversation Marketing – how to leverage the natural communication flow that occurs online between blogs and social sites, and how to capture the lion’s share of the traffic!

Module 4: Super-Advanced Traffic Techniques To Really Ramp Up Growth

These are what I call high-leverage traffic strategies and tactics. When you implement these techniques your traffic will grow MASSIVELY, but you do have to work a bit harder to get results.

These are the strategies that can turn you from an average blogger with a few hundred readers, to an A-List blogger with thousands of regular readers and authority in your niche.

These are the Secret Weapons I used to build up my main blog to more than 10,000 readers per day, including more than 33,499 RSS Readers.

Inside, you’ll discover:

  • My IMPACT Marketing strategy and how to apply it to your blog
  • How I use podcasting (and you can too) to open doors to wave after wave of new readers
  • Secrets of using publicity to drive traffic at no cost
  • The key component behind every successful blog (hint: it has a lot more to do with your ability to make friends than any technical tricks)

Module 5: How To Make REAL Money With Your Blog – Monetization Secrets

One of the reasons why I make thousands of dollars from just one blog, is the diverse range of methods I use to generate cash.

Discover every technique and insider secret as I take you behind the scenes and show you exactly how my blog makes money and what you need to do to maximize your profits (this works for smaller blogs too!).

This module is all about the money. You’ll master:

  • The “standard” ways people make money with blogs (like AdSense, other contextual advertising programs, brokered advertising services) and how to get the most out of these methods and why most people only make pennies every month
  • Two totally new models for making money with blogs – the Magazine Model and the Sales Funnel Model. Most bloggers today use the Magazine Model, but the richest bloggers use the Sales Funnel Model – you should use both and I’ll teach you how.
  • How you can bank five figure paychecks from just a couple of blog posts. Recently, just one blog post and one email made me over $3,000! If you think that’s good, in another case two blog posts and two emails produced over $20,000 in affiliate checks. In this module you get an entire lesson focused JUST on how to become a Super-Affiliate Blogger.
  • Reviews are one of the BEST ways to make money from blogging, yet so many bloggers don’t know how to write reviews that sell. In this module you find out my killer review writing techniques.

Module 6: How To Turn Your Blog Into A Real Business (Or, “How to Work Less and Earn More“)

This is all about Exponential Income Growth and the Exponential Freedom that goes along with that.

Learn how I can get away with only writing a few blog posts every week, yet make much more money than the average blogger AND even it do it while traveling the world. It’s all about lifestyle – blog WHEN you want, from ANY country and make enough money to live a FANTASTIC and relaxed life.

This is my favorite module where you will learn:

  • How to use a blog to build a huge EMAIL LIST. My email list took me from making a few thousand dollars a month to making as much as $35,000 a month. I reveal list-building secrets that will enable you to build your list faster and monetise it quicker than others in your niche.
  • Buying and Selling Blogs: As a part time project, I buy and sell blogs and websites. When you build a great blog you may suddenly find yourself owning an asset worth several thousand dollars. In this lesson I show you how to build your Blog Empire by buying new blogs (including how to find bargains), and how to sell blogs for big profit windfalls.
  • In the very last lesson I take you through the evolution of my blog business, including every milestone I achieved and when it occurred. I also reveal my traffic logs so you can compare your blog’s growth with mine. This is Insider Information – I don’t reveal this to the public – ONLY to my Blog Mastermind students.
  • You end your training with the presentation of my complete “framework” for successful blogging. This is an 8-Step chronology that takes your blog from Zero to Hero and summarizes what you need to do in very clear and simple steps, putting all the pieces together from the previous modules.

BONUS Advanced Module: Lessons From Professional Bloggers Daniel Scocco and Alborz Fallah

I invited two fellow professional bloggers to dish out some of their most advanced blogging techniques.

Daniel runs the very popular (over 12,000 readers) DailyBlogTips.com and Alborz is the founder of CarAdvice.com.au, a car blog that generates over $30,000 USD per month.

You’ll learn:

  • How to use Social Bookmarking sites like Digg, Reddit and StumbleUpon to generate hoards of targeted traffic (this is cutting edge stuff from a guy who has made the front page of Digg several times).
  • Alborz reveals some real insider info – like how to use Google Image Search to drive traffic to your blog, how to use controversy to stimulate traffic and how to get companies to send you free stuff for you to review.
  • Daniel writes only a small proportion of his content – the rest is created by others. In this module he reveals how he locates guest authors and hires the best writers for his blog – including how much you should pay for great content.
  • Alborz reveals how he found investors to pay him big bucks to buy a share of his blog and help him to grow it.

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