Warrior Upper Body – Tyler Bramlett



Warrior Upper Body – Tyler Bramlett


Discover My Proven PM-3 System That Builds A Strong And Lean Upper Body That Looks Great And Performs Even Better!!


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Discover My Proven PM-3 System That Builds A Strong And Lean Upper Body That Looks Great And Performs Even Better!!

Who Else Wants A Comprehensive 3-Step Method That Will Take You From Struggling To Do A Single Pushup, To Mastering Advanced Exercises Like Handstands, One Arm Pushups And Sets Of 20 Pullups?

By: Tyler Bramlett

Trainer, Best Selling Fitness Author

Functional Strength Training Expert

“How did you learn to do that?”

I literally hear this all the time. Usually as I’m cranking through one of my upper body workouts, someone walks up to me after I finish a set and want’s to know how I’m able to do what I do. They think I’m using some kind of voodoo magic, but things weren’t always this way…

You see, I was once like you… I would see someone in the gym, with a perfect upper body. Lean arms, great shoulders and an awesome back! Usually they would be cranking out a set of pullups, doing handstand pushups, lifting dumbells overhead and all I could think was, “how the hell did they learn to do that?”

Then… Just like you, I opened up the mainstream mags, surfed the internet and continued training the way everyone else did, doing set after set of worthless exercises that everyone is constantly telling you to do.

Get Warrior Upper Body – Tyler Bramlett, Only Price $32

And… Just like you, I may have changed my upper body a little, but for the most part, I felt weak and fluffy. Have you ever felt this way? Better yet, have you ever made any of these 3 mistakes?

  • YOU trained your body as a collection of parts NOT as a whole?
  • YOU cranked out set after set chasing the burn NOT increased performance?
  • YOU moved from program to program NOT finding anything that really worked?

If this is you, then know your in good company. Because I’ve discovered a solution that will show you the exact methods I used to go from building a weak fluffy upper body to a strong powerful one regardless of where your currently at.

PLUS… your not gonna have to go through all the B.S. I had to go through to learn what I’m about to teach you…

You see, in order for me to learn these underground methods. I had to travel far and wide, often spending $4,000 per trip and hundreds of hours of my time to learn from the now many physical masters I’ve studies with.

All in all I have spent over $50,000 and over 12 years to learn what I am about to teach you. You won’t have to go through the trial and error I went through, you won’t have to make the painful mistakes I made and you can use this method to skyrocket your upper body results so you too can finish a set and hear, “how did you learn to do that?”

The bottom line is this… I took the time to identify the exact steps (no waste whatsoever) that it would take to get you from point A (weak and fluffy) to point B (strong, lean and powerful). What literally took me 10 years to learn can take you only a few short months!!!

For the men, imagine walking up to a pullup bar and cranking away a massive set of 20 effortless reps, then grabbing a 90lb dumbbell and snatching it overhead with just one hand then finally following it up with a set of full range handstand pushups.

Wouldn’t you be impressed if you were able to do that? And… you can only imagine what you body would look like, right?

For the ladies, imagine being the only woman you know who can step up to the bar and crank out reps of the pullup, then grabbing a dumbbell that would make most ladies cry and throw it overhead in one swift and powerful motion and then finally following it up with holding a perfect handstand for time.

Can you visualize the way your body would look if you were evan able to do 1/2 of what I said above?

Can you imagine how awesome you would look and feel if this were possible for you to do?

This is the message I am trying to get you to understand…

To Build A Body That Looks As Good As It Performs, It’s All About Performance!!

By now you may be asking yourself why the heck you should be listening to me, Right?

Well, aside from the fact that I have dedicated more then a decade to learning the best strategies to building an elite body through real, in the trenches, functional training and aside from the fact that I have spent 10’s of thousands of dollars to discover these secrets. Here’s the real reason why you should listen to what I have to say…

My Method WORKS!!

The method I created which I call the PM3 method works wonders at reshaping your body and building an awesome looking physique that looks as good as it performs. I’ll show you some of my awesome transformations here in just a sec but first I want to share with you the answer to this question…

What Is The PM3 Method?

The PM3 Method is a unique 3-step system that I created to help you identify the exact exercises you should do to get the best results with your upper body training.

Think about it like this… Most people simply focus on getting working out. They may focus on adding reps or adding weight. And… while there’s nothing wrong with working out in this “traditional” way, you are selling yourself short :(

The PM3 Method addresses more then just reps and weight. It shows you a planned system of exercises that you can use to develop a world-class upper body that has strength, power, flexibility, balance and coordination by using a perfectly designed series of Progressive Movements.

Here’s how it works…


Part 1: Strength & Stability

Everyone who works out want’s to build a stronger body. By building strong muscles you will increase your results! Strength is a focus of many top coaches and athletes. But… Just focusing on strength development alone, without considering factors like flexibility and coordination, will open you up to greater chances of getting injured and will decrease your overall upper body potential.

Part 2: Flexibility & Range Of Motion

Here’s where things go wrong in most peoples training. Most people practice their flexibility separate from their upper body workouts. While this may improve your passive flexibility, the ability for it to properly transfer to your workouts isn’t there.

When you use the PM3 Method you will be performing the right exercises in the right order. This way you not only focus on building strength but you actually increase your flexibility during your workout session.

Part 3: Balance & Coordination

This final part is perhaps the most neglected component of your training. Even if you’ve discovered the unique method of combining strength training with flexibility and range of motion, you will still be neglecting how critical balance and coordination really are to developing a world-class lower body.

The PM3 Method integrates all 3 of these components into one set of exercises to maximize your results building strength, power, stability, flexibility, balance and coordination while reducing the chance of you ever getting injured again.

By Using The PM3 Method You Are Guaranteed

To Unleash Never Before Seen Results!

In The Warrior Upper Body System I will teach you how to use the PM3 Method AND show you step by step the EXACT exercises in the EXACT order you should be practicing to build a powerful and strong upper body that look as good as it performs! This program can be used if you are a complete beginner or an advanced athlete looking for that winning edge.

Why should you use the Warrior Upper Body System and the PM3 Method?

  • So you can build upper body muscles that look as good as they perform
  • So you can build coordinated strength in your upper body and prevent injures
  • So you can get asked the question, “How did you learn to do that?”
  • So you have the ability to do the things others only dream of being able to do
  • So your arms, back and even abs will quickly get strong and toned
  • So you can stop wasting your time focusing on “the burn” and start getting permanent results
  • So you can replace your “traditional” upper body routine with a time tested, proven system that virtually guarantees you build the upper body of your dreams

Here’s just a small example of what happens when people use my PM3 method in their training…

Here’s Exactly What You Get With The Warrior Upper Body System…

Component 1 : 

  • The Complete Body weight Push Manual
  • In the Warrior Upper Body Complete Bodyweight Push Manual you will discover:
  • The 5 different levels of exercises that you need to use in order to build strong pushing muscles and a massive chest with nothing but your bodyweight
  • How to go from doing sets of boring old pushups, to repping out on the most advanced body weight pushing exercises in the shortest time possible

Component 2 :

  • The Complete Bodyweight Pull Manual
  • In the Warrior Upper Body Complete Bodyweight Pull Manual you will discover:
  • How to go from ZERO pull-ups to 20 in the shortest time possible
  • How to master the infamous one arm chin without hurting yourself in the process
  • The most advanced body weight upper body training exercises you've never seen before!

Component 3 :

  • The Complete Weight Training Push Manual
  • In the Warrior Upper Body Complete Weight Training Push Manual you will discover:
  • The easiest way to go from simple shoulder exercises like the press to complex and powerful movements lie one arm jerks and snatches
  • The #1 exercise for getting heavy weights overhead (HINT: very few people know how to do it and even ' less know how to teach it)
  • How to connect your body from your pinky toe to your hand to build MAXIMUM strength in your upper body training

Component 4 :

  • The Complete Weight Training Pull Manual
  • In the Warrior Upper Body Complete Weight Training Pull Manual you will discover:
  • Why you need to relax a little on the show (push) muscles and triple your efforts on your go (pull) muscles if you want superior results
  • My top exercises for building strong GO muscles that are powerful and never quit
  • An advanced ancient movement that very few people know how to do that will turn you into a powerhouse of athletic power

Get Warrior Upper Body – Tyler Bramlett, Only Price $32

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