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Vitamin – GMB


Vitamin is the only program on the market specifically designed to build body control through mindful exploration of novel movement patterns.

  •  No equipment
  •  Clear Instruction
  •  Fun, Challenging Movements
  •  Lifetime Access

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Vitamin is the only program on the market specifically designed to build body control through mindful exploration of novel movement patterns.

  •  No equipment
  •  Clear Instruction
  •  Fun, Challenging Movements
  •  Lifetime Access

By consistently exploring fun, challenging movements, you’ll drastically improve your motor control and efficiency so you can use your body more skillfully in any situation.


If you’ve been training for at least a few months*, Vitamin will help you control more movement options for the things you enjoy:

  • Do you practice a martial art, dance, or other movement-intensive activity? Use Vitamin to hone your spatial awareness and kinesthetic sense, and to explore new movement skills for your practice.
  • Training for general fitness and well-being? Add Vitamin to your routine to reawaken your body’s movement potential and build better motor control for all your activities.

If you’re just starting out you’ll probably get better results with Elements.


Vitamin is an online program you can access on your own schedule. Each day of training is clearly organized with expert video instruction, so you always know exactly what to do. Here are some helpful details:

  • Training Schedule: You get 56 sessions that can be done daily or on a schedule that works for you. Clients usually set aside 15–30 minutes per session.
  • Lifetime Access: Once you get Vitamin it’s yours for life, so you can go at your own pace and revisit the program as many times as you want.
  • Equipment: None. No weights, bars, or anything. All you need is a little floor space, and maybe a mat if you’re on a hard surface.

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Over 18,226 clients have used Vitamin for improved motor control in all their activities:

  • Sean feels more coordinated and made breakthroughs in his handstand, crow pose, and other areas where he was stuck.
  • Noelle got back to moving more fluidly, and had so much fun the results snuck up on her.
  • JP is moving with more control and precision, and finds it easier to learn new skills.

Scroll down to read their experiences in their own words and learn how Vitamin will work for you.

Vitamin is not a workout. It’s a consistent practice of exploring new movements that teaches your body to move with more control and efficiency in everything you do.


To be completely honest, most people move like crap.

We all want to experience physical freedom and the confidence of knowing we can run, jump, and play without being limited by pains, clumsiness, or fear of injury. But more often than not, it probably feels like your body is fighting against you instead of supporting your desire to move.

Sadly, modern life doesn’t give you many options for expressing yourself physically. And as a result, we often find ourselves off-balance and clumsy when moving outside our typical comfort zone of sitting, standing, walking, and sleeping.

If you’re like most people, you’ll just chalk it up to “not being very athletic” and continue living with limited physical freedom.

…or you can do something about it.


Motor control is made up of things like spatial awareness, vestibular sense, proprioception, and a bunch of other stuff you shouldn’t have to become an expert in. We did all the research and built everything you need into the program, so all you have to do is show up and follow a few simple steps.

1. Watch the Day’s Tutorial

Not only do we save you the confusion of deciding which skills to practice, we’ve made detailed tutorials that show you exactly how to get better at each movement. You just log on and the day’s tutorial is cued up and ready for you.

2. Explore at Your Own Level

Everyone has different strengths and weaknesses so we break down every move for different skill levels. That way you can feel confident exploring each movement in a way that works for you, and pay full attention to how to control it in finer detail.

3. Reflect on Your Session

Putting your experience into words helps you understand and solidify what you learned from each session. At the end of each session you’ll be able to record how it went, so later you can look back and see what you’ve learned.

The experience is dead simple to follow because we want you to be able to focus your attention on actually doing the movements.

We drew from decades of our own training in martial arts, gymnastics, and physical therapy—plus our experience helping tens of thousands of people learn to move better—to select the most effective movements for building different facets of your motor control.


You’ll build control by practicing 24 targeted movements and several movement combinations. Some will be familiar to you. Others probably won’t be. But we intentionally don’t say which moves you’ll be doing until you’re actually doing them. That way you can approach each one with a “beginners mind” to boost your motor learning.

Phase 1 Getting Friendly With The Floor

You’ll practice low movement patterns like rolling and crawling to build your vestibular sense and coordination.

Phase 2 Coordinating Transitional Movements

You’ll work on locomotive and turning movements to develop strength and balance for smooth transitions.

Phase 3 Controlling Dynamic Movement

You’ll practice jumping and inverted movements to build your proprioception and agility.

Phase 4 Smoothing Out Combinations

You’ll combine movement elements to build confidence in executing complex movement patterns.

By the end of Phase 4 your mobility, balance, and kinesthetic sense will already be noticeably better. But then you’ll do all four phases a second time—with some new challenges thrown in—to deepen and solidify all those improvements in your motor control.

By the end of 56 sessions you’ll be moving with more coordination, precision, and overall athletic confidence in everything you do.


Vitamin isn’t your usual fitness program. It won’t incinerate your belly fat or pack on pounds of muscle. Instead it’s totally focused on the one thing almost all fitness programs miss: motor control. Because when you can control your body better you literally get better at everything you do with your body.

Movement Exploration vs. Exercise

Instead of mastering a few basic movements, Vitamin is geared for continuous motor learning

Instead of maximum effort, you’ll use mindful attention to refine your control

Instead of pushing your body’s limits you’ll explore safely within your limits

Short, Single-Serving Sessions

Each session features a single movement or combo for focused skill improvement

Spend as little as 15 minutes when you’re short on time

Complements whatever training you’re already doing

These sessions might sound short and simple, but they compound to create really significant changes in how you’re able to sense and control your body in space. Plus they make it easy to show up day after day. Because consistency is the key to deep, lasting results.


There’s no substitute for consistent practice, so why not make it a habit? We’ve studied the science behind habit formation and built some of the most effective techniques into the course. And Vitamin lives on our Praxis platform, which designed from the ground up to make it easier to stick to your training.

Fits in Your Pocket

Vitamin works on any computer or mobile internet device so you can train wherever works best for you

Give Yourself a Nudge

Set up customizable email reminders to help keep future you on track

Progress on Your Schedule

Automatically adjusts to fit the days and times that work best for you

Save Your Spot

Vitamin always picks up right where you left off so you never waste time trying to remember what to do next

Get Vitamin – GMB , Only Price $59

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