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Video Blaster Academy – Stoika & Vlad


We already have hundreds of successful students, but we need as many as possible because each student is UNIQUE in one way or another… Video Blaster Academy – Stoika & Vlad

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Video Blaster Academy - Stoika & Vlad

Get Full Access To All The Tools You Will Ever Need For Video Marketing:

 Training Module 1 – Keyword Research
(Value: $467)

In the first module, we are going to show you how to find a profitable niche.
Your niche will be the foundation for your successful business.
After we decided what our niche will be, we have to pick the right keywords.
In the sections below I am explaining the keywords types and the catch behind them.

We will show you how to pick the right long tail buyer keywords.
We will show you how to analyze your competition.

[Video] Keyword Research using VMB – We will show you how to find the best keywords.
How to create perfect SEO optimized titles/desc/tags and analyze your competition using Video Marketing Blaster PRO

 Training Module 2 – Video Creation
(Value: $367)

90% of video marketers fail because their videos are not converting.
We will teach you how to create captivating videos that will convert like crazy!

We will teach you how to write your video script.
We will give you our exact template for high converting video scripts.

We will the each you the ADVANCED “Video Sandwich” method.

At the end of this module, you will be able to Produce STUDIO Quality Videos!
Videos that will convert like crazy and bring you a TON of targeted traffic and sales.

[Video] Video Creation using Video Spin Blaster + Split + Pixo Video tutorial showing you how in less than 10 minutes you can create a HIGHLY converting video that you can use for your own campaigns or sell to your clients for hundreds of dollars.

 Training Module 3 – Ranking Videos
(Value: $367)

We will give you a brief introduction in SEO and after that we will dive into all the tips and tricks that we learned in the last 10 years of video marketing.

After you will finish this module you will be a RANKING expert that will be able to rank videos instantly using some of the secret methods that we will share with you.

We will show you how to optimize your titles, descriptions, tags, your channel, your captions and a lot of other tricks

Also this module features a video where we show you how you can combine the power of Video Marketing Blaster and Mass Video Blaster in order to TOTALLY DOMINATE ANY NICHE!

 Training Module 4 – Advanced Tricks
(Value: $467)

We will teach you some advanced techniques and methods like: the reddit method, the unlist 2.0 method,
the related video trick, how to exploit playlists, how to get more views and social signals, plus a ton of other videos

[Video] Live Events – Find out how to use the unfair advantage of Live Events using Live Event Blaster.

[Video] Related Videos List – Find out how to get in the related videos list for very popular videos.


  • Training Module 1 – Keyword Research (Value: $467)
  • Training Module 2 – Video Creation (Value: $367
  • Training Module 3 – SEO For Videos (Value: $367
  • Training Module 4 – Advanced Tricks (Value: $467)

The whole purpose of the the Blaster Academy is to HELP YOU SUCCEED!

I NEED YOU to be one of the testimonials for the Blaster Academy.

We already have hundreds of successful students, but we need as many as possible because each student is UNIQUE in one way or another.

Speaking about that…

The $497 deal I’m offering you today is STRICLTY LIMITED to 20 students.

We want to personally guide each one of you and make sure ALL OF YOU will succeed, and honestly I can handle more than 20 students at a time.

After we get our 20 new students onboard we will re-open the Academy at a $4,091 signup fee.
But of course you know that event $4,091 is a super good offer!

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Not $4,091!
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I’m handing you everything you need in order to start your own VIDEO MARKETING AGENCY!
You will have access to everything you need to make $10,000+ per month.

The question is:

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