Vibrational Sound Therapy – All 52 Tracks



Vibrational Sound Therapy – All 52 Tracks


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All-New for 2017 — Anything is Possible!

Heaven in the Seven

7th dimensional energies

2017 is the start of a brand-new cycle, in energy. It's what's known numerically as a 1 year, which easily translates into a One Year — The Year of You! Unfortunately, these "One" cycles can sometimes start off with a "bang" as the old cycles out, and we collectively begin taking our next steps. Luckily, this "one" has made it really easy to tune in and tap in to a whole new way of being this year — and I've done something I've not previously done in a Vibrational Sound Therapy Program: I purposefully built each week towards the next — meaning that this year, the tracks were actually created in a sequence, building off of each other, each one becoming stronger and more expansive than the next…

You will find that the tracks this year feel more like listening to a live call, because I created them in a very different way than ever before. The energy of Pure, Divine Source was flowing through in ways that will leave you feeling simultaneously expanded yet grounded.

Here's Your Special New Video Gift from Jarrad:

Keep Reading to Learn More About 1 Year of Miracles and Energy Support…




…For Vibrance, Sparkle, Shimmie and Shake Style Self-Love that Amps it all up to One Hundred and Eleven!

This is Life AT EVERY LEVEL — all flowing through this Divine Energy in a way that will Open, Release, and Expand like no Previous Series to Date.

And there is no Limit to what we can create. Because of the expanded awareness and the energies flowing through the planet right now, these downloads — energetic and physical — are not just reserved for people who have been doing energy work for long periods of time.

Because this energy is open to EVERYONE, whether you are just beginning this journey or have been on the path for years, now is the time to really make a space for yourself to open and access this space!

Why spend your time and money learning new techniques when you could Easily and Effortlessly Tap into your Internal Powerhouse and FULLY THRIVE RIGHT NOW?

Think about that: There's no New Technique to Learn! It's just Plug… Play… and Profound Shift, Divine Love, and Awesome Awareness!

Practitioners of Meditation, Visualization, and Seekers of all ages and walks of life have one goal in common: creating a better life and world for themselves, their family, friends, and their loved ones.

Across the planet, millions of people just like you are waking up to this whole new realm of consciousness.

So, why do some people experience huge transitional shifts, while others are still seemingly stuck in a life struggling with money, relationships, careers, and health, while feeling unfulfilled and searching for purpose?

The Answer is Energy

arrad Hewett, #1 International Best-Selling Author, frequency expert, and founder of the QTFM program, has created the most mind-blowing, ground breaking, paradigm shifting experience you'll ever have.

In just minutes per day of listening to these powerful energetic frequencies, this program will connect you to the magnificent vibrational power of miracles.

Imagine total release, healing, clarity, support, abundance, and so much more at every single level of your being.

How could your life change with 52 Powerful Frequency Treatments designed to transform and heal every aspect of the Body, Mind & Soul?

…and what if you could receive this treatment simply by listening to music?

What a Difference a Year Makes!

Thousands of people have experienced Jarrad's Energy Work first-hand and EXPERIENCED what a difference these healing and calming tracks made in their daily lives. And now…

Now, NEW for 2017, Jarrad is debuting an entirely new year of healing, abundance, flowsupport, encouragement, expansion and so much more through this ALL-NEW Vibrational Sound Therapy Program designed to help you expand like NEVER BEFORE!

Jarrad has created this TOTALLY NEW COURSE building on the huge gains and momentum of the first TWO Vibrational Sound Therapy Programs, and incorporated new technologies and cutting edge vibrational science to help you make 2017 the year you stop existing, and START to THRIVE IN THE FIVE… AND BEYOND!

Welcome to Vibrational Sound Healing…


In your home or office, whether alone, with people, even at a party, or with loved ones, you will be able to listen to beautifully inspiring and moving music, while being cleansed, bathed, and propelled into a state of Divine Grace and Pure Love while listening to some of the most supportive, loving, regenerative, healing, and potent Musical Frequency Journeys offered to date.

Are You Ready to Change Your Life?

Using his own Proprietary Quantum Technology Frequency Method Jarrad has layered frequency upon frequency into this amazing 52-week program! The energies layered into each track are SO POWERFUL that it takes him several days just to produce each track!

Each week, you'll receive an email from Jarrad with a BRAND-NEW Power Packed frequency track layered with THE MOST potent and powerful energy you've ever experienced.

Set to music, these multi-layered tracks have been changing the lives of people across the planet, no matter their belief!

We've all heard the expression, "Everything is Energy." But what does that TRULY mean about us, our world, our beliefs, environment, and how EVERYTHING comes to be?

It means that every single thing in this universe is made up of energy — call it atoms, protons, molecules, etc., etc., all the way down to particle physics, the scientific world has validated what many in the spiritual world have known throughout time: "We are all connected". In this connectedness, we also exist or have the perception of individuation.

Each and every thing in existence has its very own unique vibratory signature.

Scientifically speaking, we can actually measure the waves of energy that form with anger, depression, happiness, joy, as well as the vibratory signature of every single thing in the known universe.

Think of It Like This:

We can't see television waves, but we know they are there — whether we are conscious of them or not. We can turn on a television set and tune in to any one of these particular frequencies and see that a whole world exists within the bandwidth of just one station.

Radio is the same way… and People throughout the world use cell phones and electricity every single day…

Well, nature has its own version of television — it's called FREQUENCY!

You may have also heard it referred to as "vibration" or "energy".

We are a field of energy existing in a larger field, within a larger field, within a larger field, etc. Simply put, we can look at it using the example of living in a town, within a larger county, within a larger state, within a larger country, within a larger continent, within a larger world, etc.

Within that world, through stress, tension, dis-ease, poverty, relationships, jobs, and a myriad of other scenarios, our fields, energy, and physical body itself can become muddled as our energy fields become distorted, imbalanced, disrupted, or damaged by belief systems, templates, thoughts, etc.

As we take on this energy, we begin to create drag, imbalance, and resistance in our own energy that literally holds us in a pattern of lack and limitation throughout all areas of life!

The reverse is also true. Science has found that frequency is determined by the rate of vibration your atomic molecules are experiencing at any given time, and scientists have also found that the higher your vibration, the more positive emotions you experience.

This Creates a Self-Fulfilling Cycle

You Will Attract and Create Whatever the Dominant Vibration of Your Field Is

"How do I know what my dominant vibration is?"

  • How do you feel?
  • What does your love life look like?
  • How are your finances?
  • Do you have enough energy?
  • What are you creating on a day to day basis?

These Are All Indications!

And just like a soup stock, what we put into our immediate environment — what we surround ourselves with — effects how we vibrate, how we feel, and what we are able to create and sustain!

Attaining and MAINTAINING high frequencies of LOVE, HEALTH, RADIANCE, ABUNDANCE, JOY, etc., are critical for experiencing a life of EASE and JOY!

You Will Attract into Your Life and Create SOLELY BASED ON the Dominant Frequency of your Energy Field

This is the "big secret". It is also a Universal Law.

Mastering your own frequency will turn you into a Manifesting Genius and you will truly astonish yourself and those around you with what you can achieve within a short span of time!!

And so, I am about to share with you tools that will allow you to completely shift into a Super-High Frequency where Divine gifts will be attracted to you on a constant and regular basis.

EVERYTHING is Energy — therefore, EVERYTHING has an energetic frequency!

Your life is the product of millions and millions of frequencies — just like a symphony is the product of thousands and thousands of musical notes.

Jarrad's frequency tracks are like giant tuning forks that vibrate through your entire energy field, changing your resonance, and bathing you in the frequencies so that the life you are experiencing is a match to the vibrational symphony of Love, Joy, Peace, Abundance — and more — contained in each track!

Many of you have heard healers discuss how important hydration is — as water is a conductive element through which energy is able to move and flow. It is also known in many circles as the giver of life… so, all around, water is a pretty cool thing. We're also something like 70-80 percent water — which, in a neat coincidence, matches our planet, which is also made up of a large percentage of water. Our environment is also water (the clouds and atmosphere), and if we go into our cells, well, we may find that we are even more water than previously thought.

What Could the Miracle of Frequency Do For You?

  • Greater connection and peace of mind along with an ability to focus and harness your energy so that you can Create a Life of Abundance and Ease.
  • Easily and Effortlessly Reprogram and Transform your Holographic Template allowing unprecedented access to the conscious and subconscious mind, thereby creating non-local transformation and healing at every level.
  • A deeper and better understanding — at the conscious and subconscious level — of how creation and your body really work.
  • The ability to naturally attract people, foods, and situations with higher, more healing frequencies, bringing your life, world, and body into balance.
  • Empower your subtle energy bodies and subconscious mind so that you can create the most effective and customized self-directed healing and change.
  • Soothing and Energetically Uplifting Healing Treatments that take just minutes, that can be your much-needed spa break, getaway, or pick-me-up in an otherwise hectic, stressful, and busy world.


Now, just by listening to this deeply healing Vibrational Sound Therapy, YOU TOO can feel the LOVE and CHANGE YOUR WORLD!

If you choose the weekly track option — designed to give you one track a week each week for the next year! — you'll immediately get some of the MOST REQUESTED AND MOST UTILIZED TRACKS as well: Including EVERYTHING YOU NEED to begin to center and connect RIGHT NOW to begin creating and laying the vibrational foundation for change in 2017, including: Calm Among Chaos,Finding Center, My Sovereign Self, Stillness and Plenty, and Self Empowerment…


This year, Week One itself is a foundation-laying track for Expanding Reality, leading to and integratingExpansion, Multi-Dimensionality, Opening Healing abilities, Ancestral Healing, Crystalline Energy, andPhysical Abundance and Money. There is a NEW ENERGY track for Fifth Dimensional 3rd Eye Awakenings which is all about seeing yourself and the world in a new way, which then allows for a new creation. We have Opening and Using the WHOLE BRAIN; Portal Jumping; Pleiadian Light Embodiment; Sexual Healing; Seeing Future Lifetimes; Opening and integrating some new Energies for success in work, abundance, and play; Vibrance and the 7th Dimension; Experiencing Your Guides;Healing the Physical in New Ways; Oneness with the Language of Light — wherein you may spontaneously begin to speak or hear in new ways, this powerful energy; and so much MUCH MORE!!These tracks work every single layer of your energy, helping to heal, make whole, and expand in Powerful Ways!

Whether you've participated in Jarrad's past programs or are brand new to the experience of energy healing through sound, this program has everything you need to experience the next great level of awareness, love, freedom, and creation — starting off with a track specifically designed to set the space for expansion; opening the ascended heart; healing the inner child; bringing joy into your life and field; releasing any negative influences in our energy such as limiting genetic beliefs, core beliefs, karmic ties from past lives, present lives, future lives, and in-between lives.

As well, clear all of your auric fields and physical space of fears and lower-vibrational energies so as to open you to a wider level of being and having the desires of your heart; while also expanding your own inner sense of self-purpose and self-forgiveness… and that's just the starting point!

Each Track contains energies from the Previous week, helping to build an integrative and whole vibration structure within your field, and to make this experience one LIKE NEVER BEFORE!

From very concrete energies like attracting a new job, getting a raise, Centering, Releasing Fear, and the all-new Upgraded frequencies that will knock your socks off, to chronic pain and nerves, brain structure and health, arthritis and inflammation, and the more "woo" like Seeing Future Lifetimes, Intergalactic Love, Experiencing Zero Point Energy, and The Pulse of Light, this program has it ALL!

One track alone has an entire crystalline energy library of over 37 gems.

This is literally


These tracks were created to take you to the next level in every single aspect of your expansion and creation in every category: physical, mental, spiritual, chemical, cosmic, etheric, and beyond!

Yes, I Want to Participate in This Amazing Journey!

Begin Today with Your First Frequency Track!

These tracks are valued at $35.00 each, making this package well worth over $1,800.00!!

Sign up today, and you get an entire year's worth of frequency work and a complete Frequency Track Library for just one single payment

Creation on the Go

Morning Activation

This AM Ascension Activation serves as an energetic easing into your day with beautiful energies of love, gratitude, and tranquility! Wake up with Jarrad in a vortex of positive energy and manifestation energy, as he guides you through a brief five-minute activation to Connect with Source and really set the energy for your day, allowing you to masterfully create the vibrant, abundant, well-filled day you desire.

and Evening Meditation

This all-new PM Guided Meditation helps to release any stress and disharmony from the day, as well as any energies you may have plugged into or "picked up" which are not in harmony with what you are desiring to create. It also helps set a space for joyfully moving into the sleep space, while also actively setting the tone for the day to follow.

New For 2017, Both of These Come as Guided Meditations and As Energy Journeys Backed with Music!

Make the Commitment to Making 2017 The Best Year Ever!

Gain Access to The Next Level of Conscious Evolution by Accessing Deeper Parts of You and Experiencing a Life You May Have Only Ever Dared to Dream About!

Receive a new life changing frequency each week for 1 year!!

This year, I'm going REALLY in-depth with describing the frequencies, so the emails will be quite involved! I'm not holding anything back!!

— OR —

You Can Purchase all 52 Tracks RIGHT NOW for just $247!

You'll get Our Entire Collection of New Tracks as well as an entire eBook cataloguing every single frequency in these tracks!

Live Expanded in 2017 with the ULTIMATE in Transformative Energy Technology — and TRULY THRIVE IN THE FIVE!

Mild Caution: The Energy in these tracks is EXTREMELY potent. Please use caution when listening and DO NOT use motor vehicles or operate heavy machinery while listening. Listen to your body, and make sure and hydrate. Water is a conductive element, and as you raise your vibration, you may notice yourself dehydrating. I do not recommend listening to these tracks more than once in the first twenty-four hours. Give yourself time to integrate the energies and see how your body responds. Over time, as your frequency raises, you will be able to hold more and more of the vibration and listen as often as you'd like.

Expand into Your Best Life Ever in 2017!

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