Unleashed Coach Your Clients To Live An Unstoppable Life



Unleashed Coach Your Clients To Live An Unstoppable Life


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For coaches who want to get unstuck and create a thriving coaching business…

Unleashed: The 4 Levels Of Coaching Mastery For Maximum Client Impact

Join master coach, best-selling author and TV host Christine Hassler in a brand new coaching system guaranteed to bring you more clients by creating epic results in their lives

The personal coaching industry is booming, and people everywhere are seeking leaders and coaches like YOU who can transform their lives.

A Forbes report has valued 'life coaching' as a $1 billion dollar a year industry. This gives you an idea of the demand and desire for positive change. People are hungry for information and transformation, and they are willing to invest heavily in coaching.

Yet, despite there being such a high demand and need for coaches, so many coaches are still struggling to make more than $20,000 a year. And the common questions we hear these struggling coaches ask include:

  • Why is it so hard to get clients?
  • Is there an easier way to enroll clients? It’s been so time-consuming and difficult; I just want to spend more time and effort actually coaching.
  • I’ve invested so much into my website / marketing / advertising / PR / logo design / branding… How come it hasn’t paid off?
  • Do I need to get more media exposure to be more “famous” before I can get new and high-paying clients?
  • I was doing okay when I started, but now my coaching business has plateaued. Is it because there’s just too much competition now?
  • I’ve created premium packages, but I’m still struggling to get enrollments and a steady, reliable income. How can I market my programs better?

If you too are asking yourself these kinds of questions from time to time, then we’d like to give you some food for thought that will completely shift the way you approach growing your coaching business.

You see, right now you need to change the line of questions you ask yourself. The truth is, questions like these are keeping you stuck in a cycle of fear, panic, and anxiety.

As you know, when we ask better questions, we get better answers. In the same way quality questions create a quality life, quality business questions will create a quality business. So, what’s the better question you should really be asking yourself to get unstuck? Well, that question is…

“How can I become an even better coach?”

Just answering this ONE question can simultaneously create maximum impact for your clients while building your business

“How can I become an even better coach?”

One of the main reasons many coaches feel stuck in growing their business or struggle to make the income they dream of is because they spend a majority of their time and investment trying to be a better marketer instead of focusing on simply becoming a better coach.

It’s not that marketing isn’t important. Yes, marketing is an integral and necessary part of getting people to know who you are and what you do. However, it’s not the be-all and end-all.

Building a prettier website isn’t going to guarantee consistently getting more prospects. Having a fancier enrollment sequence isn’t going to guarantee consistently signing up more clients. Doing more marketing and PR won’t guarantee word of mouth recommendations and virality. Even being a more “famous” coach isn’t going to guarantee business growth and a consistent 6-figure income.

The only strategy which guarantees to get more clients and grow your business is becoming a better coach.

It really is that simple. Coach better, and you will simultaneously create maximum impact for your clients while taking your business to the next level.

When you’re a better coach, your clients will do the work of growing your business for you!

Would you go back to a restaurant where the food or service is kinda meh? Probably not, right?

Cause it doesn’t matter how fancy their website is or how much marketing and advertising they throw your way. If the dining experience did not meet your expectations or impress you, you’d have little desire to go back. And you probably won’t recommend it to your friends either.

The same applies to your coaching business.

If your clients don’t have a phenomenal experience with you, if what they experience is just kinda okay, then they’re not going to come back. And neither will they think of telling their friends about you.

But if you create a powerful coaching experience for your clients — every single time — then your clients will do the work of growing your business for you! They will come back for more. They will sign up for your premium packages. And they will enthusiastically recommend you when someone they know needs a coach.

All you do is focus on becoming a better and better coach, day by day, and deliver powerful transformational coaching experiences every single time you connect with a client.

Isn’t that an easier and more fulfilling way to grow your income and impact as a coach?

So now that you can see the value of shifting your focus from trying to be a “better marketer” to striving to become a better coach, the next quality question to ask yourself is…

“What is the best way to become a better coach?”

Unleash Your Ability to Create Powerful Transformation & Lasting Impact by Mastering the 4 Levels of Coaching

If coaching were easy, everybody would be doing it… and winning!

It’s not as straightforward as a car mechanic who looks under the hood to diagnose the car’s problem, then fixes the one part that is broken.

Coaches work with human beings, and human beings don’t have just “one part” to fix. Humans have a heart, a mind, and a soul. That’s why coaching needs to be holistic if you want to powerfully impact someone.

A lot of coaching tools or techniques tend to approach from just one aspect of the human experience, such as just the mind or just the emotions. While each coaching technique is powerful at what it does, to ensure you deliver an overall holistic experience, you’ll need a whole toolbox of techniques covering many facets of the human experience.

It can take years or decades of study and practice to build a complete toolbox of coaching techniques such as this.

Thankfully, today, you have the shortcut to success.

Christine Hassler, a world-renowned master coach, has distilled from over 10 years of coaching experience the best tools and strategies proven to create a holistic transformational experience. She has structured and developed these tools into a 4-part holistic coaching toolbox encompassing the 4 Levels of Coaching: Emotional, Mental, Behavioural & Spiritual.

When you are equipped with the best tools and techniques across these 4 Levels of Coaching, you’ll be able to uplevel your confidence, get more powerful results for your clients, impact more people and build a thriving business as a phenomenal coach.

Let’s learn more about Christine Hassler and how her 4 Levels of Coaching system can unleash your next level of coaching mastery, right now.

Author Profile

About Christine Hassler

Christine Hassler is a best-selling author, keynote speaker, master coach, podcast and TV host committed to guiding people and organizations into their highest potential.

She began supporting people as a life coach and speaker in 2004 after leaving her job as a successful Hollywood agent to pursue a life she could be passionate about. Her powerful combination of qualifications and life experience has made her a world-renown master coach who can move people out of suffering and limitation, and into fulfillment.

Christine holds Masters Degrees in Psychology and Consciousness, Health and Healing, and a Masters Degree in Spiritual Psychology, and is also a certified NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Practitioner. Her most important and extensive training, however, is from her life experiences. Getting to the other side of career confusion and failure, debt, a body image disorder, family breakdowns, relationship issues and endings, divorce, and health challenges (including depression) have taught her life lessons that she transmits in her coaching to transform people’s lives.

Christine also leads seminars and retreats at colleges, conferences, corporations, and in beautiful locations around the world. She has appeared as an expert on the Today show, CNN, ABC, CBS, FOX, E!, Style, and PBS. She is a member of Northwestern University’s Council of 100, the Young Entrepreneur Council and is on the faculty of the University of Santa Monica.

Today, Christine has put together all her best coaching tools and strategies from over a decade of experience as a transformative coach. The holistic techniques you’ll learn in this course are based on Christine’s unique approach to coaching from the 4 Levels of Coaching, which when you master will give you more powerful results and impact with your clients. In turn, you will naturally attract more clients and build a thriving business as a phenomenal coach.

This power-packed holistic training on the 4 Levels of Coaching is now available — exclusively here on Evercoach — as, “Unleashed."

What You’ll Learn

Introducing “Unleashed: Coach Your Clients To Live An Unstoppable Life”


Here are 7 powerful breakthroughs you’ll experience in this course:

01You'll get a complete 4-level toolkit to create incredible breakthroughs for your clients.

  • Emotional – Be able to powerfully hold a space where your clients can express emotions they’ve kept buried, so they can release and heal past baggage holding them back.
  • Mental – Help your clients identify old stories they’re telling themselves, illuminate belief systems that are limiting, and help them rewire their thinking for a positive change.
  • Behavioural – Know how to help your client identify the behaviors keeping them stuck and inspire them to take new kinds of actions that get them better results.
  • Spiritual – Help your clients lean into faith, in whatever form that is for them, to find hope even in times of uncertainty and shift their energy into a space where they can create miracles in their lives!

02Have the best of the best coaching tools and practices to deliver transformative results for your clients.

Christine has collected all the best tools and strategies from over a decade experience of being a coach. Every tool and technique have been tested and proven to deliver transformative results. You’ll brush up on foundational tools and basics, as well as learn brand new cutting-edge coaching tools.

03Uplevel your confidence and be ready to coach anyone, at any stage of life.

When you have effective coaching tools on each of the 4 Levels of Coaching, you’ll have the confidence to coach anyone, at any stage of life. This is because you are so well-equipped with proven tools to create transformational results at any level your clients need.

04Have practical tools to build a thriving coaching practice.

You’ll also have all the practical tools to move past common difficulties coaches face, such as how to establish accountability between you and the client, how to create powerful coaching agreements, the best practices of how to work with a new client, and techniques to stay motivated when working with a tough client.

05Grow your business through more re-enrollments and recommendations so that you can spend less time and money on marketing.

When you upgrade your skills as a coach, you’ll deliver a more powerful experience to those you coach. Happier clients will come back for more of your services. It becomes easier to enroll clients into premium packages. And they’ll also recommend your services to others!

06Create more impact as a phenomenal coach.

Above all else, when your coaching skills are better AND when you have more time to coach instead of spending more time marketing yourself, you’ll be able to reach more people at a deeper level.

07Unlock the freedom to live your best life.

When you start creating more impact and easily enrolling more clients, you’ll also take your income to the next level and unlock a new freedom. Spend more time with your loved ones. Strike off your bucket list. Create more impact through philanthropic works. And passionately pursue every other way your heart and soul want to soar.

Course Information

Here’s exactly what you’ll experience in the 8-module power-packed video course, “Unleashed”

Module 1

Setting the Foundation for Your Coaching Practice

  • Discover the 5 simple actions to take with any new client (skip these, and you're getting off on the wrong foot)
  • How to set your boundaries and contract agreements to protect yourself while honoring your client’s needs
  • Important payment policies and procedures to make sure you’re not always chasing up payments
  • Pre-questionnaires and follow up forms to ensure engagement and intimacy required for transformation
  • How to set expectations and clarity of each session with your clients to ensure progress

Module 2

Best Practices for Working with Clients

  • Tools and techniques to build rapport with your clients
  • The one thing you must do to make your clients feel safe and comfortable with you before diving deeper into transformational subjects
  • The one thing you must NOT do if you want your clients to achieve lasting transformation
  • How to overcome nervousness and get into the “magic of coaching flow”
  • How to create energetic hygiene rituals to keep yourself in a high energetic space, so you can stay in a high vibe to continually serve your clients

Module 3

Fundamentals of Coaching

  • The important art of staying present during sessions — from your language to your facial expressions, body language, and energy
  • How to guide your clients to experience powerful moments which lead the way to insights and breakthroughs
  • 5 fundamental coaching tools and how to master each one to elevate the results your clients get
  • How to hold a space for your clients where most of the transformation magic happens
  • How to help your clients identify and overcome their roadblocks, and help them get to where they want to be

Module 4

Working with Clients on an Emotional Level

  • Understanding the important distinction between emotions and feelings
  • How to help your clients tackle unprocessed emotions which could be standing in the way of their dreams
  • A powerful technique that helps your clients properly release emotions instead of recycling emotions
  • How to identify the 5 most common coping mechanisms people use to avoid feeling emotions, so you can bring to their awareness for processing
  • 3 tools to help your clients with the healthy expression and release of emotions

Module 5

Working with Clients on the Mental Level

  • How to help your clients upgrade their beliefs and let go of limiting beliefs
  • A tool you must use with your clients before beginning work on changing their beliefs system
  • Understand how the neural systems of the human mind works so you’ll know how to help your clients rewire their thought patterns
  • A powerful technique to help your clients make changes in small leaps for lasting transformation
  • A reframing strategy to help your clients come up with a belief that serves them more powerfully

Module 6

Working with Clients on the Behavioral Level

  • Why the behavioral level is one of the most important areas to work with clients, so they are empowered to change their lives and create results
  • How to help your clients create a self-care plan simple enough for them to be able to commit and stick to
  • How to leverage the 2 forms of human motivation to keep your clients pushing forward
  • Techniques to help your clients sustain long-term change on their own, so they don’t slip back into their old habits
  • The “secret sauce of pursuing goals” and how to help your clients overcome feelings of overwhelm and anxiety of pursuing goals

Module 7

Working with Clients on the Spiritual Level

  • This level does not refer to anything religious — it’s how to help your clients connect to the Source of Unconditional Love
  • How to help your clients overcome the addition of “not enoughness” by connecting to something bigger than themselves
  • How to encourage your clients to reframe limiting belief systems that are judgmental without challenging their religious or spiritual beliefs
  • Tools to help your clients grow in consciousness and lean into faith, so they can attract magical changes in their lives
  • Tools to help your clients have crystal clear clarity on their purpose to inspire them and help them move forward in leaps and bounds

Module 8

Working with Clients on their Relationships

  • Tools to help your clients deal with all the relationships in their lives, from romantic relationships to family, friends, and colleagues
  • A Projection tool which helps your clients deal with a person that triggers them how to use it as a channel for personal growth instead
  • How to empower your clients to articulate their needs and expectations with the people in their lives
  • How to guide your clients into creating both internal and external boundarieswith love and honesty
  • How to guide your clients to release themselves from relationships which no longer serve them

Unleash the confidence to impact the world by starting with YOU

Our capacity as a coach to transform others begins with first with transforming ourselves. If we stagnate in our own learning, how can we help others to continually grow?

That’s why the most important ingredient to becoming a better coach with a thriving practice lies in continuous learning and upgrading of your own skills. Constant growth and learning is the only way to unleash your next level of coaching mastery and confidence to impact the world in a greater way.

Now, you can give yourself this gift of growth with Christine Hassler’s complete holistic coaching toolkit, “Unleashed,” which is packed with the best tools and techniques across the 4 Levels of Coaching.

If you recall from the training, having Christine as your coach could cost you up to $20,000. But we want to help impact as many clients as we can, by getting this material into the hands of more coaches. This is why we want to make ”Unleashed” available at a more accessible price so that it becomes easier for more coaches to improve their skills and create an even bigger impact.

That’s why we’re making “Unleashed” available at a ridiculously low price for the actual value you’re getting. It’s not going to cost you anywhere near $20k or even half of Christine’s coaching fees. We could easily charge $3,000 or $2,000, and you’ll still benefit from lots of value for money.

But we want to make it even more affordable than that. Which is why we have made “Unleashed” available at a price of just $695.  

Just re-enrolling a current client into the next stage or premium program, or getting a new client enrollment referred to you by one of your past clients, will pay for the course — not to mention the money and time you’ll save by reducing your marketing and advertising spend.

And then, of course, there’s the deeper and wider impact you’ll create when you unleash your best coaching abilities to create transformational coaching experiences every single time.

Which is simply priceless.

How is “Unleashed” different to other coaching programs?


Specifically developed to raise your confidence and skills to coach individuals and get results every single time. This course will raise your confidence and skills to become the coach that gets results. A coach that understands what level to work with a client. What is stopping your clients. What to do to transform them in a moment. The insights and tools packed into this course prepare you to powerfully coach, unleash your infinite creative potential and become your clients' secret weapon for success.


Learn tested-proven-improved tools and techniques that get your clients results immediately.
You learn tools and techniques that have been tested over hours and hours of coaching by Christine herself. These are some of the best techniques that become very useful when you are working with your clients on Mental, Spiritual, Behavioral or Emotional Level.


Elevate your own life so you can get past yourself and create a thriving coaching practice.
This course is different because it focuses on giving you insights which elevate your own life, so you can develop the skills to transform others in the same way. We already know, if we develop ourselves, we develop as coaches. We develop as business owners. Get ready to get unleashed!

Get Unleashed Coach Your Clients To Live An Unstoppable Life –  Anonymous, Only Price 91$

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