Ultimate Internal Power Workshop – Master Waysun Liao



Ultimate Internal Power Workshop – Master Waysun Liao


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Recorded live at Master Waysun Liao’s May 2015 seminar in William’s Bay, Wisconsin. This set will put you right at the seminar, where you can learn and practice well known Taichi Forms in a new and powerful way.

Enjoy energy tips from ancient temple teachings that will transform your daily practice. Applying what you learn, you’ll increase the benefits you reap from practice as well as build real internal power.

Each DVD in this set features Master Liao explaining how key forms were taught in the old temple, with tricks to enhance Chi awareness and proper energy flow. The level of information includes guidance for those who are relatively new in their Taichi journey, as well as select advice for advanced practitioners. Here are the discs and their chapters to give you an idea of what you’ll learn:

Disc 1: On the Way in Taichi

Chapters: Meditative Inward Outward ~ Establishing Roundness ~ Expand into Upward Downward ~ Everything is in Motion ~ On the Way with Taichi ~ Repair Body-Mind Detachment ~ Using Imagination with Energy ~ Playing with Imaginary Balloon ~ Turning Your Ball Right and Left

Disc 2: The Tao Gong of Taichi Ball

Chapters: Connect Back to Whole Universe ~ Tao Gong Through Split Taichi Ball ~ Put Taichi Ball Back into Tan Tien ~ Feel in Order to Flow ~ Goal: Connect to Tao ~ Every Move is About Taichi Ball ~ Raised Hands Stance: Two Taichi Balls ~ Travel With Split Taichi Ball – Taoist Bow

Disc 3: Key Energy Tips from Temple Teachings

Chapters: Upward Downward, Inward Outward Flow ~ Cat’s Paw in Upward Downward ~ More Upward Downward Details ~ Flow vs. Jump ~ Horse and Wagon, Mouth to Ear ~ Focus All Senses on Taichi Ball ~ Tao Gong of Concentration to Broadcast ~ Compress Split Taichi Ball

Disc 4: Horse, Wagon and Taichi Ball

Chapters: Don’t Lose Taichi Ball in Hands Attaching ~ Moving Forward and Backward in Hands Attaching ~ Taichi Ball and the Nature of Mind ~ Taichi Ball in Ward Off, Roll Back, Press, Push ~ Benefit of Old Temple Teachings ~ Horse and Wagon in Ward Off, Roll Back, Press, Push

Disc 5: Making Taichi Ball Real

Chapters: Connect with Tan Tien ~ Alternating Inward Outward, Upward Downward ~ Making Taichi Ball Real ~ Don’t Hold On to Any Feeling: Move! ~ Moving with Taichi Ball ~ Practical Tips for Daily Practice

Disc 6: The Direction of Energy in Major Forms

Chapters: Circular Motion in Hands Attaching ~ Upward Feeling in Ward Off ~ Pull Everything Back in Roll Back ~ Gather Everything Into Press ~ Pushing Forward, Flat and Straight ~ Ward Off, Roll Back, Press, Push ~ Diagonals with Long Hand, Short Hand ~ Pinch and Drag with Single Whip ~ Split with Two Taichi Balls ~ Single Whip Split Review

Disc 7: Methods to Strengthen Your Practice

Chapters: Standing Meditation ~ Flow Practice and Review with Master ~ Methods to Form Taichi Ball ~ Taichi Ball in Stork Spreads Wings ~ Build Ability Naturally and Gradually With No Force ~ Brush Knee Twist Step

Disc 8: Practice to Cut Through The Dream of 10,000 Ideas

Chapters: Deflect Downward and Parry ~ Taichi Ball in Punch ~ Deflect Downward, Parry, Punch ~ Truth of Original Power vs. The Dream of Thinking ~ Focus to Bring Out Original Ability ~ Practice to Pierce the Dream of 10,000 Ideas ~ Jing: Trusting That Taichi Ball ~ Temple Treasures from Temple Masters

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