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Mass Outsource Mastermind

“How To Finally Outsource Your Internet Business,
And ‘Work’ When Ever, Where Ever You Want..”

M.O.M Module 1:

  • Where to find virtual staff Fast And FREE

    So you don’t know where to start? Inside this module you will receive ten videos showing you step by step where and how to find the best virtual staff. This is the first step in creating a business that will help you to create passive income.

    You will discover:

  • Where are the best websites to find people to hire
  • How to screen candidates and pick the right one for your business
  • How to negotiate the best price
  • Templates you can give to a new virtual staff and have them start working for you straight away.

M.O.M Module 2:

The Outsourcing Mindset and Mass Outsource System

Creating a successful business is not only about planning and taking action, you will need to have the outsourcing mindset that will take you there. This module breaks down the important mindset principles and how the Mass Outsource System works.

You will discover:

  • Why it’s important to have the right mindset at the beginning
  • How the 80/20 principle determines how many hours you work in your business
  • The step by step plan on how Mass Outsource System works
  • How to create your own masterplan that lets you work 2 hours or less a day

M.O.M Module 3:

How To Hire Virtual Staff

The next step in building your team is to define their roles in the business. Inside this module you will learn how to hire a virtual staff and leverage their strengths that will ultimately set the stage for growth.

You will discover:

  • The people I use to build my business and the roles they perform daily
  • How I selected these people – for the right price
  • How to minimize risk when hiring people for the first time
  • What you will need to create a long term relationship beneficial for both parties

M.O.M Module 4:

Excellent Training Videos To Give To Your Virtual Staff

Training virtual staff is both time consuming and non-productive, but it has to be done. What if there was a way you could just hand them pre-made training videos that is already made for you?
In this module there will be a range of training videos that you can give to your virtual staff and have them take action to implement straight away. Both dollar-productive and time saving. I will train them for you, freeing your time to do other things.

Simply give these training videos to your virtual staff and they will learn:

  • How to setup and your manage your customer support
  • How to find profitable keywords in a niche
  • How to manage all your website accounts and backup your websites
  • How to manage all your Web 2.0 accounts
  • How to build your FaceBook and Twitter network
    and much much more…

M.O.M Module 5:

How To Manage Your Virtual Staff

Hiring and training virtual staff can be a daunting task, though if you follow these step by step videos it will be a stroll in the park. Inside this module I show you how easy it is to have an automated system that will not only allow you to manage one person or a team, it will automatically keep them accountable to their work. This is where your business begins to run without you.

You will discover:

  • How to automatically track your virtual staff working hours
  • How to hire a project manager to run your business
  • How to setup a daily “set and forget” work for your virtual staff

M.O.M Module 6:

The “Make Money” Training Videos

Your virtual staff now have the foundation and basic training to manage your business. It’s time for them to start making money for your business and to leverage their activities. You can give these training videos to them and they will implement it for you. In this module I will take your virtual staff step by step on how to generate income from numerous online strategies.

Your virtual staff will discover:

  • How generate traffic from Web 2.0 to convert into income
  • How to grow a link network to rank higher in search engines
  • How to setup an Adwords campaign to make money from various niches
  • How to generate traffic from videos and audio content
  • And MUCH More…

M.O.M Module 7:

The Best Communication Tools For Your Business

Communication is key to allowing your business to run successfully between your team and yourself. In this module you will be provided with essential tools that will make your business run smoothly and efficiently, allowing you to take a hands free approach.

You will discover:

  • What tools I use in my business that allows my team to communicate with each other and to get work done without my input
  • How I communicate with my virtual staff that allows me to manage them from anywhere around the world
  • How to handle mishaps and technology breakdowns

M.O.M Module 8:

Setting Your Business In Automatic Mode

It’s easier said than done to take a holiday and not worry about your business. This module will give you the details on how to create your ultimate lifestyle and to have mini-retirements regularly.

You will discover:

  • What to expect when your lifestyle changes
  • How to set new goals and why taking regular holidays is important for your business
  • Why do I only work 10 hours a week?
  • And much, MUCH MORE!

But that’s not even all — I’ll throw in even more to give you maximum value…

8 Modules Packed
With Easy To Follow Videos —
PLUS 5 Unique Bonuses To Go With It
(all designed to take out guesswork)

5 Exclusive audio interviews

(valued at $97.00 each)
Interviews with 5 prominent experts, each with a unique way to achieve success with outsourcing:

  • Tim Ferriss talks about how he lives the 4 hour work week through outsourcing and automating all his systems. He will run through his secrets and explain to you how to he implements them into his own life.
  • Jeff Mills shows you how he strategically outsources and uses project managers to leverage a $2 million business. This allows him to spend more time with his family and lets him work only 15 hours a week.
  • John Jonas reveals his secret to living a 17 hour work week and making over $1.8 million a year by outsourcing all his work and replacing himself.
  • Marc Lindsay shares with you how he created 3 businesses having 80+ virtual staff globally making 6 figures. Inside he reveals his blueprint and the processes involved in managing large teams across 3 difference continents.
  • Dan Andrews shares with you his experience of living in the Philippines and how he creates a team to runs his mobile business. Dan is a true lifestyle business entreprenuer who works and travels all around the world.

Mass Outsource Money Attractor

Video Training Course

This course is a step by step system that is designed to be given to any virtual staff and implemented straight away to start making money. There are 5 videos which run up to 30 minutes each with instructions and action steps that can show your virtual staff how to setup ‘simple’ affiliate links and to start generating passive income.

You have access to this system immediately when you sign up and some students have used this course to recoup their investment within a few weeks. It’s all there – without you having to work extra hours. Give this to your virtual staff and have them implement it!

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