Twitter Affiliate Mastery – The Giver



Twitter Affiliate Mastery – The Giver


Twitter Affiliate Mastery – The Giver

Howwhere, and when to plug their affiliate link.

• Effectively and easily

• Without annoying their audience

• In a way that people appreciate


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Twitter Affiliate Mastery – The Giver

Twitter Affiliate Mastery - The Giver

The Most Consistent Affiliate Marketer on Gumroad presents:

Wake Up To A Sale Tomorrow

(And Every Day After That)

Introducing Twitter Affiliate Mastery:

The Proven Strategy Anyone Can Use To Make Money As An Affiliate

(No Matter Your Follower Count Or Writing Skills)

Apply This “Plug-&-Earn” System and Get Weekly Sales or Your Money Back

If you’re on Money Twitter…

You know what everyone says:

Affiliate marketing is the easiest money ever

That’s true, when you know how to do it correctly…

(More on this in just a minute).

The truth is:

Most affiliates don’t make any sales.

Even when:

• The product is good

• The creator has a huge following

• The product has good reviews and happy customers

If you’ve tried affiliate marketing before, chances are…

You were disappointed by the results, despite your efforts.

Despite doing everything those other affiliate marketing guides told you to do..

Or Maybe That’s Why You Failed?

Let me explain:

Almost all the affiliate marketing guides you find out there

(Even the new ones)

Are outdated material

And teach how to play the game using old tricks.

But it’s not 2020 anymore.

The two primary foundations of the Twitter affiliate game evolved.

And most affiliate experts don’t know how to keep up with the changes.

But the ones who do…

Are making serious money with affiliate marketing.

So What Is Their Secret?

You see…

It’s not because they have a huge following.

It’s not that they’re the best writers (below you’ll see why).

It’s because they have a nurtured sense of timing their promotions.

They intuitively know:

Howwhere, and when to plug their affiliate link.

• Effectively and easily

• Without annoying their audience

• In a way that people appreciate

I call this skill: Plug and Earn.

It’s the core of my Twitter Affiliate Mastery strategy.

You can master it very quickly:

And when this ability becomes your “second nature”…

Affiliate marketing is a walk in the park.

And you’ll soon realize that getting sales doesn’t depend on your follower count.

Effective affiliate marketing is based on 2 things:

1. Knowing How People Behave

It’s people who read your tweets.

It’s people who buy the products you’re promoting.

It has nothing to do with forcing followers to join some weird “pyramid scheme”

It’s about understanding people and acting accordingly.

2. Knowing How The Platform Behaves

Twitter has an internal mechanism, the “algorithm”

When you understand how the algorithm works…

You can “manipulate” it to get more engagement.

(Nothing to do with hopeluck or throwing around hundreds of affiliate links).

It’s more about getting real traction, as I show you in my system.

Master these two,

And you’ll have more people watching your promos, more clicks on your links…

And sales pouring in… like this:

(BTW: No other affiliate marketer on Twitter has made as much money as I have selling other people’s products)

To the point, even Gumroad recommends my strategy:

And there’s a reason.

They recommend my strategy because it works.

The best part?

You can master it in less time than it takes to write a thread.

And to get sales with this strategy, you don’t need to be:

• A creative guy

• A superb writer

• A native English speaker

• A Twitter celebrity (nor be a friend of the famous guys)

With the “Twitter Affiliate Mastery Strategy“…

Anyone Can Get Results Like These:

No matter your follower count..

Got his 1st sale with just 118 followers.

No matter if you’re new to Twitter..

Made his first affiliate sale 2 weeks after creating his account.

Or if you need to do other things..

This is @LeadLifeSimply making sales while having fun with his family.

Enroll and get Instant Access to 9 modules you can read in one sitting with everything you need to become wildly successful:

#1 The affiliate marketing truth:

– Discover how affiliates really make sales.

#2 Getting the keys:

– How to get added as an affiliate for the courses people love to buy.

#3 The Plug-&-Earn strategy revealed:

– How to turn a simple Tweet into real money.

#4 Becoming an affiliate master:

– Steal the “timing secret” of the biggest affiliates.

#5 Maximizing link clicks:

– Two easy steps to 3x your link clicks and 2x your sales.

#6 Effortless promotion creation:

– Proven promotions you can copy & paste to get crazy sales.

#7 Making your link irresistible:

– How to make people feel an uncontrollable urge to buy from you (and only from you).

#8 Sniper posting:

– A counterintuitive way to sell without worrying about engagement.

9# Other Tips & Tricks:

– Advanced affiliated strategies to earn $3000, $4000, or even $5000/month from your Twitter account.

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Let’s get things started! We will go with you!

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