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Speed Kills+Power Punishes, Discover the Secrets that are Transforming Underdog Athlete's into D-1 Talent and Earning Pro Contracts

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The problem with most athletic training programs is they borrow far too heavily from a bodybuilder style of training and completely neglect the role of the nervous system in the development of athletic prowess

Most athletes train using this bodybuilding approach only to discover, the muscle they eventually develop has little to no functional carryover to their given sport.

A better approach to training when performance is the goal is to focus on high quality movement which emphasizes either speed, power or functional strength. In the past programs like this were rare and often too complex for the budding athlete to follow without the supervision of a high level coach

This is why I created the Total Power Training system. TPT is the first program of it’s kind to structure performance training on an easy to follow frame-work specifically for athletes


  • My secret series of exercises which strengthen the posterior chain leading to faster sprint times and a higher vertical jump
  • A variety of easy to follow plyometric routines to excite the central nervous system and tap into your explosive power
  • A short but wickedly effective total body warm-up routine which breaks your body of restrictive patterning, allowing you to express your true athletic potential
  • A wide-array of athletic training movements which can be easily swapped in and out of your program so you can train in any facility – regardless of equipment
  • A systemic approach to clearing out muscle imbalances and re-aligning the body into the proper position to exhibit maximal speed, strength and power
  • A plug and play system of training which will make you a better overall athlete – regardless of sport
  • The exact system I used to prepare for the NFL combine, where I outperformed players currently playing in the league
  • A radically different approach to injury prevention which guarantees you stay on the field, court or pitch the entire season

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Hi, My name is Chris Barnard. I am the head Strength and Conditioning Coach at Strength Camp, St Petersburg, Florida and over the past four years- training athletes has been my life.

My journey began as a walk on football player at the University of Miami but after sustaining a career-ending injury, I made the pain-staking decision to change my life path. Since then it’s been my mission to help and empower young athletes through strength and conditioning

After spending the past three years in the trenches I have made some critical discoveries which have changed my entire approach to training. Of these discoveries the biggest and arguably most important is something experts call the speed, strength continuum. On one side of this curve is training which results in optimal speed and on the other is training which results in maximul strength.

As effective as both of these qualities are, true athletic greatness depends on training them along with a third oft ignored section of the curve. This section is best described as the Power Zone™

The Power Zone™ is the key to unlocking your potential because as an athlete your ability to generate and overcome high levels of force have a direct impact on whether you make the big play.

Few people know this but prior to stumbling across Power Zone™ training, I too struggled with maximizing my athletic prowess.

I tried many times to take my football career to the next level, onlyjo fail time and time again.

Since making these discoveries (I’m about to share with you) I’ve gone on to compete in the NFL combine (where I tested better than many players who are currently playing in the league)

As you can see many of my radical new findings have helped me become a better athlete, but that’s not all. I've tested them with all of my the young athletes and the results have been nothing less of phenomenal.

This is one of the many reasons I can proudly go on record to say Total Power Training has changed my life and transformed many of my young athletes from bench-warmers to top prospects.

For the first time since stumbling upon these revelations, I have decided to make them available to the public. They are the basis of my brand new Total Power Training system

Once you get your hands on it… your game will NEVER BE THE SAME


The Total Power Training System Manual

A complete 20-week training system written with one specific goal – to make you better. This book lays-out the complete foundation of the entire TPT program and reveals some of the most cutting-edge training info to come out of sports performance centres within the past 2 years

The Total Power Training DVD Guide

The perfect compliment to the original TPT program manual. The Total Power Training DVD guide peels back the curtain and demonstrates the proper execution of the most technical exercises required within the TPT program

Once you start putting all of the killer information contained within this system together, you can expect to see your athletic performance jump through the roof

…but hey don t take my word for it



Get Total Power Training – Chris Barnard, Only Price $17

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