The YouTube Code Cracked – Maxwell Maher



The YouTube Code Cracked – Maxwell Maher


The YouTube Code Cracked – Maxwell Maher… I have seen extraordinary success with my YouTube channel, amassing a large audience, and earning more than $125,000 a month in profit with completely organic growth. No paid ads. No selling my soul to Susan Wojciciki.

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The YouTube Code Cracked – Maxwell Maher

The YouTube Code Cracked - Maxwell Maher

Why Should You Enroll In This School?

✅I have seen extraordinary success with my YouTube channel, amassing a large audience, and earning more than $125,000 a month in profit with completely organic growth. No paid ads. No selling my soul to Susan Wojciciki.

✅It took me 1 year of consistent YouTube content creation to reach a measly 3,500 subscribers… I could basically only get my mom and like 3 cousins to watch… But I finally figured it out and in year 2 I hit 225,000 subscribers. I now regularly gain more subscribers in 1 day than I did in my first 6 months.

The question to ask yourself is.. how much is your time worth?

✅It took me an entire year to figure out what the YouTube algorithm likes and dislikes.

✅In this school you will learn in about 9 hours what took me 2,000+ hours to figure out. Am I selling the ability to time travel? Kind of.

✅Note: yes you can absolutely figure most of this out yourself for free but is your time worth more than $0.25 an hour?

$500 program / 2000 hours = $0.25

If you answered “Yes”:

Make a purchase and get your gosh darn channel growing. *worst case scenario you can return it for full a refund if you think I stink*

If you answered “No”:

Don’t buy this course and send me an email because I will hire anyone at $0.25/hr ?

What You Can Expect With This School:

  1. How to navigate the stress and awkwardness that is your first videos (I even show you some of my terrible first vids.. it’s bad)
  2. How to produce high quality content for all budgets (from under $100 to a full $10,000 studio and everything in-between)
  3. How to set up lights so you don’t look like a gremlin on camera
  4. How to build an audience that actually likes and wants to watch you on a daily basis
  5. How to quickly edit videos and thumbnails like a freaking pro
  6. How to navigate the many ways to monetize your channel (my favorite topic)
  7. What the algorithm wants.. Boy is she an elegant beast that algorithm
  8. And much, much, more. Check out the full curriculum below if you’re still not convinced.

Covered Topics:

  • Why You Should Join(3:50)
  • Welcome!(3:50)
Starting Your Channel
  • What Should You Name Your YouTube Channel(3:59)
  • How to Find Your Unique Niche(4:07)
Your First Videos
  • Talking to The Camera is Awkward, Here’s How to Get Over It(7:19)
  • The Fear Of Posting- How to Defeat Analysis Paralysis(4:38)
  • Should You Use Other Platforms to Build an Audience on YouTube(6:10)
  • The Big Channels Don’t Know (much) More Than You(3:13)
  • How To Brush Off Hate And Keep on keepin On(6:11)
  • Your Friends and Family are Not Obligated to Watch Your Content(3:19)
Presentation Hacks
  • Importance of Tonality and Energy in Content Creation(5:21)
  • The Art of Storytelling and It’s MASSIVE Importance on YouTube(8:11)
Producing High Quality Content on All Budgets
  • Level 1 High Quality Video Setup for Under $100(1:53)
  • Level 2, 3, & 4 – Mid Tier Quality Video Setups ($300 to $1500)(5:53)
  • Level 4 High Quality Studio Setup(3:50)
  • How to Get That Blurry Background Look(4:06)
  • How to Setup Lighting Like the Pros For Cheap(3:36)
  • Improve Audio Quality Instantly Without Spending Any Money(4:01)
  • What Makes a Great Backdrop(2:39)
  • My Gear List and Links
Building an Audience General
  • Why YouTube is Still The Number 1 Platform for Content Creators(7:04)
  • The Importance of Authenticity and How to Show it(4:24)
  • How to Build a Real Connection With Your Audience(6:11)
  • Start to Finish Writing, Recording, and Posting a Real Video on My Channel(16:48)
Content Philosophy
  • What is The Ideal YouTube Video Length(4:45)
  • My Philosophy on Quality of Audio and Video. Does it Matter(3:39)
Creating Content
  • Do You Need to Show Your Face to Be Successful on YouTube(3:21)
  • How to Format the PERFECT Video(7:59)
  • How to Come up With a Viral Idea(6:16)
  • How to Get People to Come Back to Your Channel(5:07)
  • Increase Your Odds of Success By Studying Others(3:22)
  • Is It Too Late To Start a YouTube Channel, Over Saturated(2:21)
  • Provide So Much Value That People HAVE to Watch(2:52)
  • Should You Use a Teleprompter(4:31)
  • Things I Wish I Knew In My 1st Year of YouTube(6:47)
  • Thinking Of Content Through The End Result(4:40)
  • Try Not to Be Too Cool(2:15)
  • Why The Best Content Often Fails(6:41)
Growing Your Channel Fast
  • How Certain Channels Grow Extremely Fast(5:26)
  • Collaborating With Big YouTubers(5:14)
YouTube Channel Pit of Despair
  • When Should You Quit(5:00)
  • Your First 1000 Subscribers and 4000 Watch Hours(5:08)
How to Edit
  • The Editing Software I Use(2:20)
  • Do You Need an Expensive Computer to Edit(2:42)
  • How I Edit a Video Step-By-Step (Actual Content Example)(17:58)
  • Quick Hack to Dramatically Lower Editing Time(4:29)
  • Free Software For Creating Expert Thumbnails(1:45)
  • Quick Way to Make Thumbnails Faster(2:06)
Insurance and Liability For YouTube
  • Do You Need Insurance For YouTube(3:02)
  • Should You Have an LLC for Your YouTube Channel(2:34)
Monetization Methods and Knowhow
  • What it Takes to Make $100,000 Per Year on YouTube(5:36)
  • Can YouTube be Your Fulltime Career(3:40)
  • How to Battle a Copyright Claim(5:49)
  • How to Master the Affiliate Link(5:54)
  • How to Navigate a Brand Deal(11:12)
  • Is it a Good Idea to Join a MCN(3:38)
  • Selling Merch best Practices and Tips(5:10)
  • Which Content Makes the Most Money(8:38)
Productivity Tips and Tricks
  • How I’m Able to Run a Business Fulltime and Produce 600 Videos a Year By Myself(8:37)
  • How to Produce More Content By Reducing Friction(10:28)
SEO and Algorithm Techniques
  • How Often Should You Post(6:25)
  • How to Come Up With the Best Tags For Your Videos(6:53)
  • How to Create the Perfect Thumbnail(10:05)
  • How to Optimize descriptions for SEO(4:26)
  • How to Rank in YouTube Search and Recommended(12:21)
  • How to Think of the PERFECT Title(11:23)
  • How to Use Creator Hacking and Trend Hacking(5:59)
  • How YouTube Knows if a Video is Great(2:55)
  • Is it Okay to Change Your Title, Description, Or Thumbnail After Posting(4:01)
  • Monetizing Your Content to Get More Views(2:42)
  • Smashing the Like Button – Does it Matter(4:24)
  • What is the BEST Time to Post Your Content(3:43)
  • Words You MUST Avoid in Your YouTube Videos(4:33)
YouTube Success
  • The Weird Downside of Fast Success on YouTube(4:22)
  • How to Livestream Like a Pro (My Entire Setup Explained)(7:36)
  • How to Live Stream a Video Call Without Wanting to Pull Your Hair Out(3:38)

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