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You were taught over and over that life is a series of “If This, Then That” scenarios.

  • “IF you study hard, THEN you will get good grades.”
  • “IF you get good grades, THEN you will get a good job.” 
  • “IF you get a good job, THEN you will be financially secure.”
  • “IF you are financially secure, THEN you can plan for a secure future.”
  • “IF you have a secure future, THEN you can relax a little and perhaps have some peace of mind.”

Or what about this one?

  • “IF you study hard, THEN you will get good grades.”“IF you are a nice person, and IF you just follow the rules about how to live a good life, THEN you will be rewarded.”
  • “IF you are good enough THEN the rewards include companionship, connection, and even love.”
  • “IF you get a good job, THEN you will be financially secure.”
  • “IF you are financially secure, THEN you can plan for a secure future.”
  • “IF you have a secure future, THEN you can relax a little and perhaps have some peace of mind.”

Yikes. With this long list of conditions required for happiness, success or just plain peace of mind, is it any wonder that virtually the entire world is hustling and scrambling like mad to “Arrive”?

We are driven to succeed, yet secretly starving for inner peace. We are rushing to arrive, yet craving simple enjoyment.

You are hustling to win… yet the finish line is moving as fast as you are.

The old books talk about slowing down, and the beauty of simple times… but do you know why Emerson, Thoreau and other sages of the past were so chilled out?


There wasn’t much to do, no internet, no Facebook, no thousand emails a day.

Back then there weren’t social and economic changes multiplying faster than breeding rabbits (and those relaxed old guys certainly never had to suffer through a Kim and Kanye video).

So, yes in the past things were simpler. Slower. More relaxed.

But those days are over for good. And if you expect to maintain any slight bit of inner peace, inner power or the ability to weather the storms of modern life… a new approach is desperately needed.

Your education didn’t prepare you for a world where change is happening so rapidly…and the pace is only quickening.

Your teachers did not know for themselves – and were likely doing the best they could – but there’s no way anyone could have prepared you for the changes that are happening now.

In a world where the rate of change is speeding up so fast, where both opportunities AND dangers are crowding your screens, your newsfeed and your inbox…

The only choices are to A) go faster and try to keep up for as long as you possibly can, competing daily and exhausting yourself. Or B) Opt out.

WHAT!? Opt out?

Well, not like an off grid survivalist or a backpacking couchsurfer… More like a monk, or a Jedi would.

Master your thoughts. Your emotions.

Master your perspective.

Because you see, there is no need to choose either one or the other. Racing to the end that never comes… or giving up and heading for the hills… neither one will give you a life of sustainable growth, and meaningful fulfillment.

The secret to a lifetime of focus and inner alignment is already in your possession.

You have a brilliant mind that operates perfectly all of the time (even if it feels like you aren’t getting what you want… this is a factor of your focus, not your ability).

You were born for a life of self mastery. Sounds weird I know… but see if deep down inside that resonates with you. Life is not supposed to be a struggle. Life can (and should) be an adventure in discovery, and a perfect harmonious exercise of both your Courage and your Imagination.

Your future is NOT written yet. And it does not matter how long you may have been struggling with problems inner or outer. All that matters is what are you going to do right NOW.

Join me in The Upgraded Life 3.0 Program

The Upgraded Life 3.0 Program is specifically about YOU, your relationship with yourself and how you experience the world around you. It is about your future, your talents and special gifts. This program is about how you experience your own thoughts and your own feelings and upgrading these relationships

In this program, I share with you how nothing in this universe matters more than the way that you feel. There’s nothing on this planet that matters more than you feeling good.

Every aspect of your life experience on this planet is worth experiencing to the fullest level of joy and passion and happiness that you’re capable of experiencing.

After taking this course:

  • You will experience a transformation of the way that you see your world.
  • You’ll begin to get curious, where before you were cowering.
  • You’ll begin to ask questions, where before you were quaking in fear.
  • You’ll find that those things in the past that used to bug you and bother you, or downright mess with your head, no longer paralyze you.

You’ll begin to seek and then seize solutions where before all you could find was confusion, or overwhelm, or doubt.

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