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The Synchronized Universe


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This book describes scientific proof that Paranormal Phenomena are real. It describes scientific evidence for ten kinds of scientific phenomena, and shows how present science can be expanded to account for these things. Such things as ESP, Remote Viewing, Telekinesis, PK or “mind over matter,” the power of Group Consciousness and the power of prayer, Out of Body and Near- Death Experiences have been verified in scientific studies. Dr. Swanson proposes a new model called the “Synchronized Universe Model” or SUM which explains how we live in a “multiverse” with many parallel realities. It explains how in teleportation we are able to pass through matter, and how spirits and the Afterlife can be explained.

This is Volume I of the Synchronized Universe series. It describes the scientific and laboratory evidence for ten different paranormal phenomena and explains Dr. Swanson’s theory for how present science can be expanded to account for a wide range of phenomena involving distant healing, levitation, teleportation and ESP. 350 pages, 150 illustrations, condition new.

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