The Secrets of Manifestation and Healing – Robert Bruce



The Secrets of Manifestation and Healing – Robert Bruce


Robert Bruce – The Secrets of Manifestation and Heahng

“Who Else Wants An In-Depth, Behind-The-Scenes, Fast-Track Education In Manifestation And Healing… COMBINED With An Intensive “$10,000 Value” Training With Step-By-Step Techniques For Overcoming Physical Illness, And Getting Optimal Health And Wellness…”


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Robert Bruce – The Secrets of Manifestation and Heahng

“Who Else Wants An In-Depth, Behind-The-Scenes, Fast-Track Education In Manifestation And Healing… COMBINED With An Intensive “$10,000 Value” Training With Step-By-Step Techniques For Overcoming Physical Illness, And Getting Optimal Health And Wellness…”

If You’re Ready To Start Attacking, And Preventing Physical Disease RIGHT NOW, This Might Just Be The Most Important Letter You’ll Ever Read…

Dear Friend,

I would like to admit something to you.

And I do mean that I want to “admit” something… because I kept this a secret for many years of my life… and I couldn’t bring myself to admit it to ANYONE.

I have an automatic, deep, gut level FEAR that energy work doesn’t work.

This fear didn’t come from “failure” from doing energy work.

It’s not because my energy body won’t heal when I apply healing techniques.

In fact, one of the reasons I found it so hard to admit this problem to anyone was the simple fact that I COULDN’T EXPLAIN IT.

I can remember a time in my life where I’d see photos of the human energy body, and want to work on my own chakras and kundalini… and it felt as if there was a foot-thick wall of glass between me and my energy centers. It was as if there was a MENTAL BARRIER preventing me from stimulating and activating my energy body.

At one point in my life, I started to wonder if I was CRAZY.

I could be sitting there, reading instructions right out of a visualization guide… and be READY TO DO IT… but when I “started” to do the exercise, I felt absolutely nothing. At which point I’d be so frustrated that I would quit.

I guess it just seemed so DAMN STRANGE… I thought other spiritual practitioners would think that I was mentally disturbed if I talked about it.

Who ever heard of someone feeling like they couldn’t even successfully work on their own energy body?

Well, if you’re reading this right now, then I’m guessing that you know EXACTLY what I’m talking about here.

And the REASON you know is because you have had a SIMILAR experience.

At least there are TWO of us that are crazy. That’s comforting, huh?

The “Moment Of Truth”

As you already know, I spent a few years of my life REALLY educating myself… working on this problem… and figuring out how to overcome it.

The more time I’ve spent working on this particular “energy work” problem, the more I’ve come to realize an important insight:

This moment… the moment when you go to work on your energy body… and you consider it… what you believe RIGHT THEN … is actually a “Moment Of Truth.”

It’s a Moment Of Truth in terms of WHO YOU ARE.

This moment tells a story.

It tells the story of how well you understand yourself… how well you understand your energy body… how well you understand the “healing process”…

It also largely impacts and even DETERMINES THE OUTCOMES of the potential health and wellness you’re going to have with both your physical and energy body.

So much is condensed into these very short moments in your life. And so much is impacted by these moments.

If you really have this particular “moment” mastered, it has a massive impact on your overall life.

Think for a minute… think about how your life would be DIFFERENT if you were a MASTER of this moment…

How would you FEEL? What would be different about your ability to control your emotions?

How would you ACT? What would be different about the way you’d behave… and what would be different about how other people PERCEIVED you?

How would your success with your spiritual evolution be different? And how would that affect other areas of your life?

The bottom line is that if you invest the time and effort to master this “Moment Of Truth,” it will change your life. It MUST change your life.

“The Most Dangerous Mistakes
People Make When It Comes To
Manifestation And Healing”

I have spent literally YEARS learning how to overcome my own fear and self-doubt… and learning how to work on my energy body in different situations. I have also spent YEARS teaching other healers how to overcome THEIR fear and self-doubt… and teaching them how to successfully control their mental intent, stimulate and energize their chakras, and cause healing in their energy centers.

I would like to “boil down” the top mistakes that healers make when it comes to manifesting health and wellness… and then I’d like to teach you STEP BY STEP how to overcome ALL of these mistakes… and create MASSIVE success for yourself with manifestation.

Here are the biggest mistakes when it comes to energy body health:

MISTAKE #1: Not Knowing How To Deal
With Fear And Self-Doubt

We are ALL afraid.

That’s right. ALL of us are afraid.

In life, we all have fears… and it’s up to each of us as individuals to either choose to overcome those fears… or choose to let those fears run our lives.

For most of us spiritual practitioners, we experience intense fear self-doubt and  when it comes to facing energy problems and trauma we don’t understand.

Here’s the part that’s a “pain in the ass”: When you’re experiencing fear and self-doubt, it feels like you’re the ONLY ONE IN THE WORLD who has EVER felt this way.

The feeling can be SO intense, that it seems IMPOSSIBLE that anyone else could POSSIBLY have a “case” as bad as you. Know what I mean?

I laugh when I think about it, actually.

I have spent many, many hours in situations… confused and frustrated by a problem in my life, or in my client’s energy body, but just not being able to do anything about it.

Then, later… after it’s all over… I think BACK to the situation… and shake my head because I just couldn’t figure out how to overcome my own FEAR… and just DEAL WITH IT.

The desperation that resulted from these situations was intense. It was embarrassing. It was DEMORALIZING. It sucked.

As a healer, one of the worst feelings you can have is that something is making you feel INCOMPETENT. And this was one of those situations for me.

I’m kind of hard-headed sometimes. Maybe I like punishment more than others… or maybe I just like to beat my head against the wall longer than most.

In any event… I didn’t give up.

Even though I was going through this experience over and over… of handling healing cases I wanted to solve… feeling fear and apprehension… not being able to find an effective solution… then thinking about it for hours (or days) after it happened… I just wouldn’t let go.

I became determined to “crack the code” on this one.

Well, one of the big “ah ha!” moments I had was the SIMPLE act of learning that I WASN’T ALONE.

Just like it takes some “nerve” to be a healer in the first place, it ALSO takes nerve to ADMIT when you’re having challenges in life.

And one of the things I learned about my “fear of manifestation and healing” was that instead of being “abnormal,” I was actually TYPICAL.

Imagine that.

Here I was thinking that I was energetically retarded… and then I find out that MOST healers have this same issue… and it’s just as intense for THEM as it is FOR ME!

Misery loves company… as they say. I guess that just LEARNING I wasn’t alone was enough to really encourage me.

But then I learned something even MORE important while I was learning how to overcome my own fears: I learned that MANY OTHER HEALERS had figured out how to OVERCOME this “fear and self-doubt issue”… which led me to my next “ah ha!” moment:

If they can do it, then so can I.

And I’ll tell you something right now: SO CAN YOU. And if you’re open-minded and willing to do a little work on your part, then I’d like to show YOU how to do it…

MISTAKE #2: Expecting The Worst

I have spent a lot of years reading Psychology and Holistic Healing books… and listening to audio programs… and going to seminars…

I’ve also spent a tremendous amount of time “testing out” the ideas that I’ve learned in these various books and programs.

As a result of all this “trying stuff out,” I’ve come to the realization that EXPECTATIONS play a very important part in RESULTS in life.

People who always expect bad things to happen… wind up having a lot of bad things happen to them.

People who only expect good things… wind up having a lot of good things happen.

Is this Voodoo? Am I talking about freaky New Age ideas that have no basis in reality of any kind?


I’ve never tried Voodoo, by the way… but if you have, and it works, let me know. I’m always looking for new ideas that WORK!

OK, back to the point…

I believe that the REASON why expectations are so powerful has to do with the part of your mind that psychologists refer to as the “unconscious mind.” Some call it the “subconscious mind.”

This is the part of your mind that’s “always on”… but it’s working “behind the scenes.”

Have you ever been walking along… or driving… and you sensed danger out of the corner of your eye… and before you knew it, you INSTANTLY responded to avoid the danger?

Things like this happen to us all the time… but we don’t really THINK about what’s happening in moments like these.

The reality is that when we go through an experience like this, there are “miracles” happening inside of us.

In an instant, before we have time to “think” about what’s happening, our entire mind and body have “taken over” and moved us out of the way of harm.

If you take just one aspect of one of these situations, the PHYSICAL MOVEMENTS, and examine it… you’ll find that more is going on than “meets the eye.”

In order for your mind to perceive the danger, realize that it IS danger, figure out how to respond, then get the body to actually MOVE in away that gets you out of the path of danger… requires a MASSIVE amount of “computing power.”

Fortunately for you, all of the “computations” are being done outside of your “conscious” awareness.

But WHERE is it all being done? How is it that you “know” what to do… and you even DO it… before you “realize” what’s going on?

It’s all being done in this part of your mind that I’m talking about. It’s all happening on the UNCONSCIOUS level.

Now, think about THIS for a minute:

Most practitioners who have problems manifesting and healing have one peculiar thing in common: They are all EXPECTING negative outcomes from the approach.

And they also have a SECOND thing in common: They don’t CONSCIOUSLY REALIZE that all of their expectations are negative.

If you take time to ask, or you stop to think about how it happens for YOU, I think you’ll realize that when you think about healing yourself, your UNCONSCIOUS mind starts to INSTANTLY think about all the NEGATIVE things that might happen.

In fact, for most healers, this “negative expectation program” literally TAKES OVER… and they CAN’T EVEN IMAGINE a positive outcome.

This “negative expectation” thing is kind of a bitch, by the way.

It’s painful… and it’s not easy to change…

UNLESS, that is… you know HOW.

You’ve learned one of the most important pieces of the puzzle for changing: AWARENESS.

Now that you KNOW about it, you can start to AFFECT IT…

Now you need to learn some specific techniques to REVERSE this thinking… and begin to expect POSITIVE things to happen when you do energy work…

MISTAKE #3: Having The WRONG Environment

Another important thing I learned about healing the energy body is actually something pretty OBVIOUS, when you think about it:

The energy body is under attack… one way or another… CONSTANTLY.

The energy body is affected powerfully in a hundred different ways every day.

Sometimes it’s a co-worker who sits at the desk next to yours who complains too often…

Sometimes it’s the person who takes your order at the coffee shop that gives you unnecessary attitude…

Sometimes it’s a random email from a colleague who is angry about something you didn’t even do…

Sometimes it’s a friend who keeps pushing their problems on you…

And the more this happens (both subtly and not so subtly), the more the energy body gets beaten up and drained of it’s vital energy supply. It literally bleeds.

Most people don’t realize that their everyday interactions are HURTING them. They don’t realize that the things they’re involved in are full of NEGATIVITY… and it making it so that’s almost IMPOSSIBLE for them to ever be healthy.

You’ve probably heard me say that “Only Positive People Get Healthy!”

It’s true, by the way.

Let me ask you a couple of questions:

1) Would you rather be healthy or ill?

2) So which environment do you need: positive or negative?

Right, the POSITIVE environment.

And humans have such a sophisticated energy body, that it picks up on even the smallest negativity. This is both a good thing AND a bad thing.

If the environment you are in on a normal basis is NEGATIVE, then it really doesn’t MATTER if you’ve learned to overcome your fear of problems or self-doubt … because you’re not going to get HEALTHY ANYWAY.

You can train for ten years and become the fastest runner in the world… but if you start off the race running in the WRONG DIRECTION, it’s going to be pretty hard to WIN.

So remember: When you are working on healing yourself, keep yourself in only POSITIVE environments.

There are a lot of specific ways to put yourself in “happy places”, and I’ll tell you some of them right now…


MISTAKE #4: Seeking Outside Help, Not Inside

If I could go around the world, and take ALL of the situations that happened today where a spiritual practitioner is trying to improve the health of their energy body… and then summarize and “condense” them into ONE “scene,” it would have an easy-to-recognize theme…

It would be a person who is afraid and doubtful… who is trying to find OUTSIDE help and assistance, rather than going INSIDE themselves for the answer.

Get The Secrets of Manifestation and Healing – Robert Bruce , Only Price $29

For most people, they have it in their mind that they need to get what governments call “authorized assistance.”

They think that the most important thing is that they go to “doctors” and take prescribed “pharmaceuticals”.

Here’s what it looks like to an effective healer…

It’s like a practitioner is walking up with a big sign on his forehead that reads: “I want to have health and wellness … and therefore I need to follow conventional wisdom and get either surgery or pharmaceuticals.”

And guess what?


It never works.

Well, let me correct myself…

You will never win the lottery.

You MIGHT actually win the lottery… but you probably won’t.

And you MIGHT get healthy using pills and scalpels…

But you probably won’t.

I think I’ve made my point.

Using the “surgery and pills” strategy is a loser. It does not trigger energy body health. It never will. (It actively hurts the energy body, actually)

HEALTH is triggered by a TOTALLY DIFFERENT treatment.

It’s created by a practitioner who knows how to TRIGGER the healing process in their own body… not by the person who HOPES it will happen if they fill themselves up with expensive synthetic chemicals.


You’re energy body will reject the artificial crap, and shut it down faster than you can say “McDonald’s”.

MISTAKE #5: Thinking You Need To Be “New Age”

Answer this question:

When you’re in the bookstore looking through the New Age section (if you even still do it anymore), and you spot an interesting looking book… what’s the first thing you do?

As you know, it can be TORTURE to try to get anything worthwhile out of these New Age books.

This torture, of course, is SELF-INFLICTED.

And there’s a common “theme” at the root of this “self torture.”

This theme is that when we read a kooky New Age book, we tend to think, “Maybe I need to dress up in a funny robe, sit in lotus posture all day, and chant in ancient Sanskrit.”

Why do we do this?

Because we DON’T want to be mundane or SECULAR.

So we look at spirituality… try to be “New Age”… maybe try to start using “self-help” quotes in our everyday conversation to pep people up.

Here’s the problem:

Putting on this contrived fictional persona REMOVES YOU from your real core personality.

And that makes it harder for you make PROGRESS energetically.

The irony is that in our desire and attempt to be SPIRITUAL… we wind up going further away from our own authentic spirituality…

And to REAL SPIRITUAL practitioners, it comes across in EXACTLY THE WRONG WAY.

The “New Age, Eastern, funny robes” mentality communicates that you’re NOT genuinely spiritual…

And you just become one more “link” in the “kooky New Age chain”.


So what’s the solution?

The solution is to LEARN what to do when working on your authentic spirituality. Learn how the REAL practitioners do it… so you can get an UNDERSTANDING of what actually WORKS.

Only after you’ve learned from several experts… and then used their methods in the REAL WORLD… should you try to be “creative and original.”

MISTAKE #6: Not Having An Arsenal
Of Techniques “At The Ready”

You may have noticed that the mistakes I’ve been talking about have little or nothing to do with “techniques” and “affirmations.”

Why is this?

It’s pretty simple, really…

If you have all these other issues handled, then good “techniques” and other techniques are like GUNPOWDER. They’re INCREDIBLY powerful.

If you DON’T have these other issues handled, the best techniques in the world can’t help you.

So, STEP ONE is to get these other issues handled.

Step TWO is to then learn the very best energy healing and revitalization techniques… so you have “proven systems” for remedying and curing energy illness of ANY kind..

Until now, there’s been nowhere to go for the solutions to ANY of these problems.

Now there’s a place where you can learn to overcome and CONQUER all of these different problems… PLUS get an intensive training on all of the best step-by-step techniques and “quick solutions” for every possible situation…

 Now YOU Can Learn To Heal…
And Never Worry About
Visualization” Ever Again…

If you’re ready to finally kiss your energy illness and negativity goodbye – and give yourself the priceless skill of being able to cure any energy ailment in any body… revitalize natural energy body processes INSTANTLY… and leave yourself feeling supercharged… WITHOUT any visualization techniques… I have some exciting news for you…

I’ve put together an entire, one-of-a-kind program on “Manifestation And Healing”… and it’s going to turn your world around.

This program is NOT designed to simply educate you on the ins and outs of the energy body… and it’s NOT just going to give you a few great affirmations and techniques…

What this program IS designed to do is completely IMPLANT the skill of curing energy illness into your spiritual practice, routine, and lifestyle… and make it a PERMANENT part of you.

We start with the INNER game…

In the beginning, I’ll show you WHY spiritual practitioners have such a hard time understanding illness… why your self-doubt kicks in when you think about using “energy healing” for physical problems… why your brain is trained to create excuses NOT to use “alternative methods”… and why you can’t ever think of the right think to do to cause actual healing…

We’ll tackle each one of these problems HEAD ON… and permanently eliminate each one of them from your system… one by one.

From there… we move on to the TACTICS…

Did you know that one simple posture change in your body language when you’re meditating will TRIPLE the chances of your energy body rejuvenating?

Get The Secrets of Manifestation and Healing – Robert Bruce , Only Price $29

You’ll learn this in the program (in only 30 seconds, in fact…) along with DOZENS of other little tricks that – when applied – practically FORCE your body to respond positively to you…

I’ll also show you how to stand out from every other spiritual practitioner that has ever tried healing energy work… even if you DON’T have some “amazing” psychic ability… and how to read the energy body’s signals FAST so you know when it’s REACTING to your techniques… the exact time you SHOULD implement a technique… and when you shouldn’t waste your time.

And that’s just the beginning…

From there… we move on to the WORDS.

In this program you’re going to learn literally loads of KILLER, word-for-word affirmations for connecting to your Higher Self

You’ll learn ways to manifest healing and desires in EVERY situation… from your own bedroom to the local yoga center… and of course… easy ways to work on your own friends, family, students, and clients… people who need help, and people who usually wouldn’t ever use energy work NO MATTER WHAT.

I’m also going to share with you some of my “universal” techniques that work in practically ANY situation. I’m talking about my “secret weapons” that I’ve never shared anywhere else… for a selfish reason:

They are just TOO GOOD… and I wanted to keep them for myself!

But what the heck… I’m going to share them with you here (so long as you promise not to use them in or around the city of Los Angeles… I’m only half joking here!)

I’m also going to show you what to say NEXT.

The cure is only the beginning… and it’s important that you know how to transition into an wellness lifestyle smoothly… have yourself EXCITED about turning a new leaf in your life… and looking forward to dropping other plans to do more energy work!

All of this is covered in the program… and a whole lot more.

Here are just a few of the other things you’ll learn:

  • The one word to say in your affirmations for healing that DOUBLES your chances of being successful
  • How to INSTANTLY have a different affect on you energy body than any other healer ever has… so you’re energy body learns to react to your INTENT faster…
  • The 10 things that PREVENT you from successful healing – broken down and explained (I had to deal with each one of these 10 things personally… if you’re having problems doing energy work I GUARANTEE one of them is on this list… AND that I can show you a quick and easy way to ELIMINATE IT.)
  • A surefire way to completely eliminate that sinking feeling you get when you have an energy problem you can’t solve (Use this one “in the field” to get yourself back on track FAST.)
  • A lesson from early humanity that will help you completely destroy your fears of failure for GOOD
  • The real “genetic” reasons almost all practitioners are clueless about energy work (When you know what they are, it is almost too easy to dispel this ignorance FOR EVER.)
  • How to completely reprogram your subconscious and turn yourself into a “machine” that manifests healing in any body… anytime… in ANY situation… without even thinking about it
  • Why healing TOO MANY clients is a bad thing… and how to double your chances of success by picking and choosing
  • A reliable, never-fail way to remove “stuck” energy from the aura
  • A fun and easy exercise that increases your ability to feel your energy tenfold in just 7 days…
  • The single attitude that works best when approaching meditation (I’ll also show you how to install it in your personality. This alone can TRIPLE your chances of getting a positive healing response.)
  • A silly way to “play” with your energy that makes your meditation fun and exciting, rather than “routine”.
  • An awesome way to stimulate your chakras that gets them healing your body FOR you
  • The specific steps “naturals” take when recharging their chakras… and why they almost NEVER fail (I’ll show you how to use their natural “success formula” and energize your chakras in a way you’ve NEVER felt before…)
  • The “universal signal” ALL Higher Selves give off when they are ready to communicate to their Lower Selves (a surefire way to know when it’s “ON”)
  • The special signal nearly all chakras give you that tells you exactly when they are in overdrive and kicked into the “next gear”.
  • The exact specific locations of your chakras and where to begin targeting your healing “laser beam”
  • How to identify the places in your body where energy blockages are clogging up the natural flow of energy… and ways to immediately remove the congestion
  • As easy way to amp up the activity of your chakras and kundalini… so you develop your latent psychic abilities organically
  • The Higher Self Explained – Exactly what it is… what it’s responsibilities are… and how to connect with it FAST… and what to do once you’re in communication…)
  • How to negate self-doubt and irrational fear of success… and how to use them to IGNITE confidence in your techniques
  • The truth behind addictions like alcohol, cigarettes, and food (the sad thing is that most psychologists have NO IDEA that this truth even EXISTS… and if you don’t know it, then you can’t end addiction completely.)
  • 12 BIG No NO’s that KILL any healing instantly (even “naturals” make one of these mistakes every once in a while… so listen up)
  • Why using feelings rather than imagination actually has a far more powerful impact on your energy work (When you hear this you’re going to be relieved and EXCITED… because you’ll know how to heal yourself and awaken your energy body with ZERO visualization skills on your part…)
  • An excellent technique to use while sitting in your car at a red light, or hanging out in a waiting room that gives you the BOOST you need to finish off the day

Get The Secrets of Manifestation and Healing – Robert Bruce , Only Price $29

The World’s BEST Reveals His
Secret Affirmations, And Field-Tested
Techniques For Transforming
The Energy Body…

To ensure that my techniques are the most effective in the world… I’ve tested them all on real live clients… this program has literally been 35 years in the making.

You’ll get to “look over my shoulder” as I lead an entire audience of professional healers and psychics at Edgar Cayce’s institute (the Association for Research and Enlightenment) through live healing exercises.

You’ll also hear stories from my “vault” of precious learning experiences from my 1000s of healing cases… and I’ll practically HAND YOU all of the secrets I’ve worked so hard to discover…

What you learn from this progam will shave YEARS off of your learning curve… so listen up…

Here are a few of the other awesome secrets you’ll learn from this:

  • Why some energy bodies RESIST a specific technique, while others respond to it (Here’s how to get around this, and make all energy bodies respond)
  • The 5 secrets of successfully using affirmations and incantations that go AGAINST common sense – discovered in an astral projection I had
  • A surefire sign that you should NOT do a particular technique (Most healers miss this and fail every time)
  • How to tell if an energy center needs to be “revived”… and you can be the one to provide the “CPR” energetically
  • Specific questions to ask your Higher Self when you get connected to it… and also petition it to guide you to success
  • How to create a powerful impact on your energy centers and TRIGGER the unveiling of your Third Eye clairvoyance
  • We all know that New Agers want to be psychic… but real psychics don’t want to be New Agers… what they really want to be is a scientific spiritual practitioner. Here’s how to leverage modern science to make sense of ancient wisdom
  • Why the best way to avoid energy body illness is to stop doing VISUALIZATION. Here’s a magical concept that opens the doors to having prolonged full body energy ECSTASY lasting for days at a time
  • How to meet other spiritual practitioners that are “natural” psychics
  • How to use your close friends as your “practice” clients and make them have such a good time they’ll want you to “practice” on them again and again
  • A step-by-step method to have your energy body attract bright positive energy toward you… creating a “snowball” effect that will literally FORCE your energy centers to clean themselves and heal their illness, because they simply CANNOT handle all the positive energy! (This is one of the “hidden secrets” of yogic masters – and how they make it look so easy…)
  • The Higher Self Agreement – How a “true psychic” sets up a lifelong relationship with their Oversoul…
  • The 5 things you should NEVER say when doing affirmations… that almost all students THINK will work
  • “The Spinal Bounce” – Begin arousing your kundalini by following this one tip (I’m even nervous about sharing this one)
  • How to increase the effectiveness of your techniques by positioning your physical body in the right posture
  • A simple but powerful exercise you can do that INSTANTLY arouses your energy centers and
  • Why doing affirmations and incantations verbally out loud increases the efficacy by a factor of 10
  • How to use mind over matter, and kill destructive addictions simply by doing these “thought” experiments
  • What you must do differently when targeting specific chakras, rather than your whole body
  • A LIVE DEMO of how to successfully do NEW Energy Ways techniques that generate HEALING (Watch as my audience of skilled psychics and doctors practice feeling their way to better health, one body part at a time)
  • The 90/10 Rule – How to get the “biggest bang” from your energy exercises without going overboard
  • The deadly mistake that prevents some healers from EVER succeeding with manifestation (luckily it can be changed fairly easily… IF you know what it is…)
  • How to easily thwart the efforts of a person who is trying to intrude on your “happy place”
  • The 3 reasons why a failure to do energy work is pre-programmed inside of the human brain… and how to dissect and DEFEAT each of them one by one
  • A simple energy movement that will GUARANTEE you go into deep trance for easier energy work (This one is PURE GENIUS… and you’ll use it in every meditation you do from now on)
  • How to make the techniques you learn a part of your true self… and be the genuine spiritual practitioner that MAGNETICALLY attracts positive energy
  • A simple exercise that increases the speed of your learning (Practitioners who know this are able to master the art of energy center healing in DAYS not YEARS… and now you will, too…)
  • A mistake 9 out of 10 “newbies” make that actually hurts their energy body
  • A proven method to build an impenetrable mental shield for yourself… so even the harshest negativity slides off your back (I got this from a psychiatrist… so he knows his stuff. This piece of knowledge ALONE is worth the price of the program…)
  • A “recipe-like” way to build your self-esteem while you are learning… so you become stronger and stronger as you get better and better
  • A psychological trick that gives you the ability to completely eliminate anxiety and stress from your life
  • The single biggest thing that holds people back from REALLY succeeding in life
  • A simple exercise that will allow you to SKIP THROUGH the frustration of learning ho


Get The Secrets of Manifestation and Healing – Robert Bruce , Only Price $29

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