The Scholarship Algorithm – Carlynn Greene



The Scholarship Algorithm – Carlynn Greene


The Scholarship Algorithm – Carlynn Greene… There are many “deserts” as it relates to financial literacy in certain areas, especially places with predominately low-income families and students.

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The Scholarship Algorithm – Carlynn Greene

The Scholarship Algorithm - Carlynn GreeneThere’s an algorithm to winning scholarships and graduating debt-free. Here I will teach you HOW.


This course is designed for:

  • Students
  • Parents
  • Businesses
  • Organizations
  • Educators / school administration
  • Those trying to obtain research grants or business grants


Many of the students here applied for scholarships in the past and could never win. Winning scholarships requires having a strategy. It is not just a matter of filling out the paperwork and hoping for the best. You have to be intentional with everything. From how you research, how you write your essay, to who you reach out to for letters of recommendation. Every element matters and can make all the difference between whether or not you get the scholarship or someone else does in the final decision process.


There are many “deserts” as it relates to financial literacy in certain areas, especially places with predominately low-income families and students.

Many people have no idea on how college works — let alone financial aid for it. The existing advice out there is vague or too broad, so many end up never understanding how it all works. Additionally, scholarship misconceptions prevent millions every year from even applying.



College is expensive. It gets more and more expensive every year, and a a result, more and more people take out student loans.

With this comprehensive online course and book (which is essentially th< course’s textbook), a student will be 5x to 10x more likely to win scholarships. We are working towards flattening the curb of the studen-loan debt crisis and making higher education more accessible.

This will be one of the best investments one could make in their future.

Example Curriculum

Introduction To The Scholarship Algorithm Course

  • 0.1 Meet the Instructor – Carlynn Greene(4:26)PREVIEW
  • 0.2 The Different Types of Students Who Will Benefit From This Course(1:11)PREVIEW
  • 0.3 Testimonies From Those Who Won(3:22)PREVIEW
  • 0.4 Scholarships the Instructor Has Won(10:16)PREVIEW
  • 0.5 S.C.O.P.E — What It Takes To Win Multiple Scholarships(3:08)PREVIEW

Part 1: Finding Scholarships – That You’re More Likely To Win

  • 1.1 Scholarships NOT To Apply For — Is It Legit or Not? — 10 Ways To Tell(5:47)START
  • 1.2 Types Of Scholarships To Apply for — Least To Most Competitive(7:03)START
  • 1.3 How To Find Scholarships That You Are More Likely To Win(3:26)START
  • 1.4 Small Scholarships and How To Get a Full Ride(10:48)START
  • 1.5 Intersectionality Scholarships / Create Your Intersectionality List(3:03)START
  • 1.6 Scholarships for High Schoolers vs Current College Student + Scholarships Based on Major(3:24)START
  • 1.7 Scholarships From Celebrities, Companies, and Holidays / Special Months(2:22)START
  • 1.8 Five Common Myths / Misconceptions About Scholarships(4:15)START
  • 1.9 Alternative Ways To Find Scholarships (Outside of Search Engines)(5:31)START
  • 1.10 Receiving Scholarships I was ‘ineligible’ (Intro Redirect Video)(0:45)START
  • 1.11 Community x Education Foundation Scholarships(4:04)START
  • 1.12 International Student Scholarships and Resources(4:26)START

Part 2: Scholarship Optimization x Organization – Skills needed to speed up your workflow and results

  • 2.1 Keywords For Faster Scholarship Search(4:27)START
  • 2.2 How To Create Your Scholarship List – Step by Step(5:11)START
  • 2.3 Deadlines and Timezones(7:00)START
  • 2.4 PART A: The General Scholarship Info — the Financial Folder(4:45)START
  • 2.5 PART B: General Scholarship Info — the Academic Folder(6:24)START
  • 2.6 PART A: General Scholarship Info — the Financial Document(4:42)START
  • 2.7 PART B: General Scholarship Info — the Academic Document(3:19)START
  • 2.8 Usernames / Passwords + Other Secure FINANCIAL Info(4:42)START
  • 2.9 How To Use and Optimize Google Docs — Essential Keyboard Shortcuts(5:01)START
  • 2.10 When You Have Too Much Scholarship Money x Scholarship Displacement(4:30)START
  • 2.11 Getting Paid To Go To School — Excess Scholarship Money(2:26)START
  • 2.12 Multiply Your Awarded Scholarship Money(2:38)START

Part 3: Constructing Your Scholarship Essay – What to Write and Analyzing My Winning Essay Excerpts

  • 3.1 How To Write Winning Scholarship Essays (Intro Redirect Video)(1:12)START
  • 3.2 Reading the Essay That Won Me 15 Scholarships(7:57)START
  • 3.3 Analyzing the Essay That Won Me 15 Scholarships(4:37)START
  • 3.4 The Magic Touch of Stand-Alone Sentences(6:31)START
  • 3.5 Addressing the Essay Prompt — Do’s and Don’ts(3:35)START
  • 3.6 Knowing Your Audience — Strategic Communication Skills Needed(3:38)START
  • 3.7 The Most Common Question Sections + How To Answer Them With Winning Examples(6:30)START
  • 3.8 Formatting Your Essay(2:59)START
  • 3.9 Have Several Versions of Your Essay — What to Keep and Omit Based On Word Count / Target Audience(5:05)START
  • 3.10 Extra Writing Tips(5:37)START

Part 4: Filling Out the Scholarship Application – Analyzing My Winning Applications and Recommendation Letters

  • 4.1 Modifying Letters of Recommendation To Your Audience + Brag Letter Sheets(2:35)START
  • 4.2 The Ideal People To Write Your Letters of Recommendation(2:14)START
  • 4.3 Letters of Recommendation — How They Should be Visually Formatted(2:33)START
  • 4.4 Reading the Letters of Recommendation That Won Me Several Scholarships(5:35)START
  • 4.5 Analyzing the Letters of Recommendation That Won Me Several Scholarships — How They Should Be Written(2:06)START
  • 4.6 Top Free Online Resources for Scholarship Applications + How To Use(9:41)START
  • 4.7 Part A: Evaluating My Winning Application | High School Senior (LOCAL-based / VOLUNTEER-based scholarship)(7:21)START
  • 4.8 Part B: Evaluating My Winning Application | Current College Junior (LOCAL-based / MAJOR-based Scholarship)(7:10)START
  • 4.9 Part C: Evaluating My Winning Application | Current College Senior (NATIONAL-based / LIFE GOALS-based Scholarship)(7:21)START
  • 4.10 Video-based Scholarship Applications (Replacing Essays) + Evaluating $100,000 Winning Video(12:00)START
  • 4.11 PART A: Virtual Scholarship Interviews | How To Look + Where To Set Up + Technical Video Aspect(5:04)START
  • 4.12 PART B: Virtual Scholarship Interviews | What To Say and Do(18:00)START
  • 4.13 More Scholarship Tips(7:02)START
  • DOWNLOAD: Scholarship Winning Likelihood CalculatorSTART

Closing Remarks

  • 5.1 Course Overview, Closing Thoughts, and Additional Promotions(4:39)START

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