The Performance Digest



The Performance Digest


The Performance Digest is a monthly review of the latest and best sports science across 7 different categories.


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For S&C Coaches, Sports Scientists, Physiotherapists and Nutritionists 

Turn The Latest & Most Important Sports Research  Into Actionable Programs, Exercises and Drills

The Performance Digest is a monthly review of the latest and best sports science across 7 different categories.

That's more than any other research review out there.

It breaks down this cutting-edge research into usable tactics and strategies, created by and for evidence-based coaches…

…But you can just call us the blinkest of sports science reviews

Every month, our team of expert (and active) coaches, doctors, trainers, and physios search through…

57 sports science journals…

…over 1,000 NEW studies…

And personally handpick the most relevant and powerful research for you based on their insider industry knowledge. 

But that’s not all…

Each study published in the Performance Digest is reviewed by one of our “pracademics” – an academic who is also a practitioner in their field – to give you a quick (but detailed) summary of the sports science before you get to the most important part of the review:

The practical takeaways. 

Here, you get highly-specific advice from one of our active coaches on exactly how to apply the research in your coaching practice.

And it doesn’t end here…

Each month, you'll get access to:

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19 Sports Science studies reviewed in 7 unique categories

We present 19 different pieces of research in every issue of the Performance Digest – covering more sports science studies across more areas of coaching and athletic performance than anyone else. 

The Performance Digest is a downloadable PDF “electronic magazine” that lets you read it and use it anytime, anywhere, on any device. 

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Every Performance Digest is automatically made available inside the members area (that you can access as a subscriber), and an email is automatically sent out alerting you to the new issue. 

And it’s interactive – you can skip to any section from the table of contents with the tap of your finger or click of your mouse.

The studies are divided across 7 unique sections:

The Science Of Coaching

Actionable advice from expert coaches on how to motivate athletes, lead teams, and design performance-enhancing training programs from coaches who have been there and done it.

Strength & Conditioning

Create proven training plans to push your athletes past their limits to make them larger, quicker, and more powerful using modern methods based on evidence and proof – not "tradition."

Fatigue & Recovery

Keep your athletes from collapsing on the field using scientific approaches to maximizing rest, banishing exhaustion, and elevating energy levels for sustained performance.


Fuel, hydrate, and supplement your athletes for optimal recovery, brain and body functioning, and explosive performance. We truly leave no room for error with Nutrition. 

Technology & Monitoring

Engineer your athletes for greater strength and speed using high-tech tools and new inventions that make other coaches look like they’re still training in the Dark Ages.

Injury Prevention & Rehab

Keep your athletes out of the hospital and away from the rehab clinic with evidence-based exercises and training methods proven to prevent injury (or heal injured players quickly).

Youth Development

Develop young athletes into all-star players using training strategies designed to maximize power (and minimize overtraining) in adolescents.

Here's What Our Coaches Have To Say…

Here's what you can expect from the Performance Digest

A team of Sports Science experts working for YOU

The Performance Digest is reviewed by coaches…

For coaches. 

Not academics. 

Every time you open the Performance Digest, it's as if you're sitting down with the smartest coaches you know tell you everything they know about the latest sports science research and how to apply it to make your athletes faster, stronger, and better than the competition. 

Regular ol’ academics don’t know how to coach…

…how to train and lead an athlete to greatness…

Using applied science. 

That’s why our coaches are called “pracademics.”

They understand how to speak your “language,” translate complexity into meaning, and turn dry, scientific results into dynamic new ways to elevate the skills and conditioning of athletes. 

And they only choose studies to review that have practical application. 

If you can’t use it, why review it?

Get The Performance Digest and All the Bonuses for FREE

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to join the Performance Digest. 

Whether you’re a new graduate looking for your first job or a professional coach working for a top team, you should have the same access to career-changing sports science you can use for optimal performance. 

And trust us…

Trying to get all of this separately would cost you an arm, leg, and torso:

  • Over 800+ Research Summaries spread over 45+ issues in 8 unique areas of sports science – Value: $612
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If we tally up the total value it would cost you:


But we made this bundle to be as affordable as possible for you. 

So we slashed the price of $1,544 to offer the Performance Digest for only $25

But we didn't stop there…

We want you to test drive the product to know for a fact it’s right for you…

So we’re giving you FULL access to The Performance Digest and all the bonuses FREE for 7 days

That’s 7 days you can use to apply some of the latest cutting-edge sports science research…

Connect with and leverage the knowledge of performance coaches in the private Coaches Club…

And instantly become a smarter evidence-based coach. 

Plus, you can cancel anytime.

You’ve got nothing to lose…

And a brighter future to gain.

Get The Performance Digest – Anonymous , Only Price $67

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