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If there was ever one single specialized seduction pattern that generated the most buzz in the community, doubtless it was “The October Man Sequence”.

Of course, when it was created, I don’t think that was its name, but it was so secret that when Neil Strauss wrote his now-famous book “The Game: Penetrating The Secret Society of Pickup Artists” he needed a way to disguise the secret technique to conceal it from the mainstream.

But his fleeting reference to it and how powerful it was didn’t go unnoticed. Finally, after constant requests, “The October Man Pattern” has been released to the public in its full form, with the requisite “use at your own risk” disclaimers. It is written by the original author himself (Twotimer/IN10SE from “The Game”).

The first question for those unfamiliar with it at all is “what is it?

Simply stated, “The October Man Sequence” is a sequence of things to say and do that can quickly lead to sex, and then further to essentially creating a new sexual identity in a woman, an identity of your choosing. If that identity happens to be your sexual plaything, that is supposedly your choice, after all you are warned in the book that it might create a stalker!

OK, all this being said, you need to first realize that it is not all as cookie cutter as it might sound. It is not an exact script, you can’t just memorize certain magical words like some arcane incantation that will make women undress before your very eyes. There is a little more to it.

Almost all of “The October Man Sequence” is based on principles of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming). If you are not familiar with NLP, you can search online for more about it, but it is basically a new branch of psychology. I won’t go into an explanation here, but I do think that to use “The October Man Sequence” to its full effect you will want at least some understanding of NLP.

That being said, the book and accompanying audio does about the best job I have seen of making patterns useable by those uninitiated to the intricacies of NLP. I do believe that you can get great results even without knowing anything about NLP.

OK, so for more about the product itself, what you get is:

  •  The October Man eBook (in PDF form)
  •  The October Man Audio (in MP3 form)

The great thing about all of these are that they are downloadable instantly once you buy, so its instant gratification, you don’t waste any time in getting down to learning.

The October Man audio is basically the author reading the eBook, with a few differences. It is great because you get to hear the exact tonality and pace that he would use himself when doing the sequence, and you can listen to this anywhere you go.

The eBook itself is really, really cool. It has a cool, abstract illustrations and underground feel that is itself somewhat hypnotic as you read it, which is interesting since The October Man itself teaches you how to create hypnotic effects. You get flowcharts of the process and explanations of key concepts (such as Sexual Identity, the 3 components of hypnosis, the Authority Principle, Emotional vs. Physical Responsiveness, Symbolic Morphology, and more).

Usually I go into a bit more detail about the actual contents of the books I review, but in this case the author specifically asked me not to reveal the details and secrets of the sequence.

I will however share my own experience with using one aspect of the sequence, namely Symbolic Morphology, since it was something I had used before reading the book. Basically, Symbolic Morphology is where you get someone to turn their feelings into a symbol (for example a glowing red sphere), then you play around with that symbol to either decrease or amplify that feeling (clearly you would decrease negative feelings and increase pleasurable ones). At the end, you link positive feelings to yourself, and move into more intimate physical touch. There are a lot more details to know about how to do it properly, and these are well explained in the book.

The first time I used it this was in Korea with a super hot aerobics instructor (she looked liked Lucy Liu and had hair down to her waist). I used it to help her feel better about some things that were bothering her, even though I didn’t know her at all and would not normally be qualified to help. While there were other things I did to peak her attraction, I can definitely say that the Symbolic Morphology I did with her had the most profound effect of anything I did with her up to that point. We had just met, but within an hour of doing the Symbolic Morphology with her we were back in my hotel room having some of the most incredible sex ever.

I didn’t use Symbolic Morphology much since then, but after reading The October Man Sequence and listening to the supplementary audio tracks, I remembered how truly powerful it can be, and even more so when you put it all in the proper sequence.

So to sum it all up, from reading the book and from personal experience with the techniques it teaches, I can say for sure that this is a great product that can certainly do what it promises if you put the effort in to learn its parts and practice with it. It shouldn’t be your only tool, but it is by itself one of the most powerful single tools out there. So satisfy your curiosity and your sex drive at the same time, check out The October Man Sequence.

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