The Loci Cycle – Chris Munch & Jay Cruiz



The Loci Cycle – Chris Munch & Jay Cruiz


The Loci Cycle – Chris Munch & Jay Cruiz… It’s all going to be out there, digital assets driving traffic and sales for you, for good. Unlike other business models, you’re never starting from scratch. You do the same 3 steps, every single time, rinse and repeat, Cycle after Cycle.

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The Loci Cycle – Chris Munch & Jay Cruiz

The Loci Cycle - Chris Munch & Jay Cruiz

Discover How We’re Flipping Brand New $10 Sites For $2,000 – $4,000 In A Hot New Evergreen Niche

PLUS How A Simple Push-Button Site Builder & Clever A.I. Tool Lets You Get It Done In Under 60 Minutes Over And Over And Over Again (Zero Tech Skills Needed!)

Our Hard-Working Students Can Make Passive Profits In Any Niche (Even Crypto) Thanks To Our Simple 3-Step Method & Underground A.I. Assisted Traffic Automation Tool

Hi, I’m Chris Munch – and I knew about Bitcoin back when it was worth a dollar. I passed it up.

Today, I’m taking what I’ve been doing for the past 15+ years online in ALL kinds of niches and applying it to the exploding Crypto niche.

I won’t be buying coins – I’ll be selling shovels to the gold miners!

Why? Because right now, there are people buying up websites left, right and center. They know it’s only going to get hotter, so they’re buying up all the ‘virtual real estate’ they can.

And I have a way to quickly produce the EXACT websites they want in under 30 minutes – then with another 30 minutes, do the ONE thing that explodes the value of the site to anything from $2,000 to $4,000 in a matter of weeks!

You see, I started my online business 15+ years ago, in an overcrowded shared house at university. I was putting in 12+ hour days and surviving on instant noodles.

Around that time, I made my first $100,000+ with a method that forms the basis of everything I do today… as well as 20,000+ people we’ve helped in their own businesses ever since.

By investing in the development of tools that automate 99% of the work I was doing, I’ve been able to grow an 8-Figure software company. I’m now on a mission to make these methods and systems accessible to everyone (not just the big players, unlike those who try to keep everything to themselves or inside small circles).

Right now, we have a “Once In A Generation” opportunity in front of us and thanks to the tools and methods we perfected over 15 years online – we’re in the perfect position to take FULL advantage!
I’m inviting you to join me… there’s more than enough room for us all!

Chris & Jay Are Bringing Their Disruptive Methods To Crypto!

Jay Cruiz – Around the time we met, Jay was stuck in a mind-numbing office job and like many, he was looking for an escape from the ‘going nowhere’ grind.

He wanted freedom and opportunity, to make his family proud and take good care of them. We soon joined forces and he added a powerful ‘missing ingredient’ to our business.
Not long after Jay came on board, we became the fastest growing company in our industry – adding over 350% to our revenues in record time.
Today We’re A Team Of Over 100+ Awesome Individuals And We’re Helping 100’s Of People With Their Businesses Every Week In All Kinds Of Niches

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