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The Transformational Detox Masterclass Was Designed to Solve the 7 Most Common Challenges that Our Community of Over 30,000 People from 80 Countries Is Dealing With.

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The Transformational Detox Masterclass Was Designed to Solve the 7 Most Common Challenges that Our Community of Over 30,000 People from 80 Countries Is Dealing With.

Purchase The Detox Dudes Mastery(silver) – Josh Macin courses at here with PRICE $333 $72

Solve the 7 challenges everyone faces…

The Transformational Detox Masterclass Was Designed to Solve the 7 Most Common Challenges that Our Community of Over 30,000 People from 80 Countries Is Dealing With.

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • Do you feel sluggish? Fatigued? Brain Fog?
  • Do you feel like you are past your prime?
  •  Other health protocols / diets not cutting it?
  •  Do you feel numb, unfulfilled ordepressed?
  •  Unmotivated or weak? 
  •  Lack the energy to do what you truly want?
  •  Other cleanses have been too hard or confusing?

Detox Transformation Stories: 

The cool thing about having done this for three years is that we have over 100 testimonials. Here are some of our favorites…

Mike Murphy,  Bestselling Author of The Creation Frequency

“Josh is the real deal. A true pioneer in the world of health and detoxification. I always believe that the best people to learn from are the ones who have been through the most intense fires. And boy has he been through it. His course is magnificent and implementing the protocols has radically changed my life. more energy, more clarity, more focus & more joy. Thank you Josh!”

Tommy Duek, Computer Programming Teacher

“The only risk in writing a review for Josh and the detox dudes is of it not fully encapsulating how life-changing it can be. I wasn’t very interested in detox at first. I thought I was pretty healthy already (exercising 4-6 times a week and with what I considered a healthy diet), and he was working a lot with people who very clearly needed help because of the extreme symptoms they presented. Boy was I wrong about that! I eventually decided to try his course and after about two months, there was a noticeable difference in my mood and energy level. I was hooked. After a few months, I felt like a new man. It’s been a very gradual and organic process. I felt super supported the whole way. I recommend Josh 100% to any and everybody. It made a huge difference in my life even when I already felt like I was pretty close to my potential in terms of health and happiness.”

Brittany Auerbach ND , YouTuber & Health Coach: Montreal Healthy Girl

“This is the first day of the rest of your life! After today, your sleep quality, energy levels and health will never be the same. You just stumbled across one of the greatest courses ever created and if you’re battling depression, struggling with your health or simply looking to supercharge your energy levels in the shortest amount of time possible, then this will be the most worthwhile investment you ever make in yourself! I honestly don’t rep a lot of people, but Josh is a natural born leader, a powerful healer, an expert at detoxification and possesses one of the purest hearts and intentions that I’ve ever seen. This course won’t only help you transform your health, it will empower you to take responsibility, to grow, to heal and to begin becoming a version of yourself you never even knew was possible. Excited for your results!”

Get The Detox Dudes Mastery(silver) of author Josh Macin only  price 67$

Here’s what others have experienced…

Colin Pomeroy, Sales Manager

“Not only is the information in The Detox Dudes Master Course absolutely cutting edge, but the depth that Josh goes into is beyond anything I’ve found. Once I started the course, I began waking up less tired every day and I started being able to actually going out and having a life outside of work. Fast forward to a year down the road and I am a completely different person. I haven’t felt this good in years. I actually feel healthier overall than I did before I fell ill. My digestion has improved immensely, my sleep quality is solid, and I wake up with energy, excitement, and joy. The amazing part is I haven’t even gone through the full course yet!  Thank you, Josh, for going through the incredible healing journey you went through and sharing this wisdom with all of us to help us heal. It’s made a huge impact on my life!”

Arthur Moore, Filmmaker & YouTuber

“The most important thing for me as a YouTuber and filmmaker is focus and clarity. Before I worked with Josh I had a hard time fully focusing. After the diet changes, the minerals, and the supplements that he recommended, it feels like my body and brain is supercharged.  My mind is very sharp now and my audience can feel it.

Sean Robertson, Mortgage Broker

“I have an extremely stressful job being a mortgage broker in NYC. Lack of sleep and stress was taking it’s toll. I tried a bunch of different diets and cleanses but my health continued to deteriorate. And thus my work was affected. Naturopaths and other doctors weren’t helping. When things really hit rock bottom I found Josh and this course and it brought me back to a place of health better than I can ever remember. Following these protocols has proved to be nothing short of life-changing for me…”

Kyle Miller, Health Coach & Musician

““Feeling great! Seriously, man, thank you for all the help. I can tell it’s really causing deep shifts in my health and energy levels. I’m starting to feel some real positive change in the mental stuff…It’s been awesome to easily get up to hunt before the sunrise every day for the last week. A year ago, I was a wreck after the hunting trip and had to miss several morning hunts because I had to sleep. This year, I was able to handle the lack of sleep and the intensity of harvesting and butchering 3 deer with no issues at all. I am very grateful for all your help in getting my good health back. I’m feeling better than I did when I thought I was healthy 4 or 5 years ago …. His experience and knowledge has been incredibly valuable to me. I believe in it so much that I would literally recommend doing whatever it takes to afford the full program. Now that I know the results, I’d be willing to sell my car, sell my house, rent a shack… whatever it would take to get me to the health I experience every day now. I’m not even exaggerating!”

About My Detox Journey…

I was suicidal for three years from toxicity…

After being suicidal for three years, living in a 24/7 state of panic, despair, and gloom I was introduced to some deep truths. Can you believe that back a few years ago my mission each day was just to not kill myself? 

And this was after spending $150k on my health, drinking ayahuasca thirty times, fasting for months out of the year, and religiously practicing yoga and meditation…

Now, I am completely depression-free, feeling incredible in my body on a regular basis, more peaceful than most people I know, financially successful, and living my passion every day.

The truth that I was forced to learned in those three years is that we are being absolutely inundated with chemicals and toxins on a daily basis.

In the past 100 years alone, over 100,000 new chemicals have been introduced into the environment and our natural detox mechanisms have not had the chance to evolve.

Throughout the past years few years working intensely on my health, and working with thousands of people around the world, I have observed that proper detoxification of the body leads to:

Detoxification Leads To:

  •  Strengthened immune system
  •  Increased productivity and energy
  •  Shedding excess body fat
  • Improved digestion
  • Sharper brain function & flow state
  •  Eliminate constipation
  •  Deep, restful sleep
  •  Lighter and brighter eyes
  •  Cure for addictive behaviors
  •  Clearer glowing skin
  •  Raising your vibration
  •  A deep sense of peace and calm

All of these benefits can be observed because when cells are toxic they are not happy.

They cannot function properly and it forces the body into less ideal frequencies.

Imagine the body as an old television – when the body is highly toxic with heavy metals, parasites, plastics, and other chemicals, the antennae cannot connect to the proper frequencies.

For the past five years I have devoted myself and obsessed about spiritual, physical, emotional, and psychological healing.

I don’t know anyone else in the world who has dove into all the different categories the way I have.

I have trained under some of the best detox doctors in the world, lived deep in the amazon jungle for 8+ months working with plant medicines, and experimented on my own body with every single modality, herb, and supplement that I could find.

Most of what you will find on YouTube and the internet is scattered advice which only makes things more confusing.

There are literally thousands of different herbs and supplements and hundreds of different modalities that you can choose from upon doing a google search.

It is totally overwhelming.

Furthermore, detoxification is extremely dangerous when done in the wrong order, wrong timing, or if people don’t understand the cardinal rules.

I have created a comprehensive video series and interactive Facebook community for you to achieve maximum vitality, health, and well-being with all of the information and techniques you need in one place. 

Get The Detox Dudes Mastery(silver) of author Josh Macin only  price 67$

What Do You Get? 

  • Access to the entire masterclass curriculum (40 videos totaling 11+ hours).
  • Learn about the most cleansing water and how to maximize the use of the sun.
  • The most effective ways of cleaning the colon and bowels of old rotting fecal matter and plaque.
  • Lessons on healing the thyroid and how to handle panic and detox reactions.
  • You’ll learn about all the most nutrient dense foods, diets, and exotic superfoods. 
  • How to integrate cold water therapy, breathing exercises, saving your seed (for males) and emotional healing. 
  • The most powerful gut healers on the planet and exactly how to use them. 
  • Detoxification of heavy metals including mercury, aluminum, arsenic, lead and other toxins and chemicals.
  • Killing parasites (ropeworms, hookworms, tapeworms, liver flukes, roundworms), yeasts, viruses etc. 
  • How to tackle Lyme by using supportive essential supplements/herbs, chelation, and superfoods. 
  • Meditation and stretching techniques to clean your energy body.
  • Creating a home sanctuary and removing toxin exposures from your home.
  • What electrosmog and geopathic stress are and how to handle both.
  • Healing PTSD and releasing and detoxifying emotional trauma.
  • Enema/suppository protocols for cleansing the colon, removing constipation, healing digestion, eliminating pathogens, and binding to toxins. 
  • Sauna therapies, practices, cleansing the skin, and much more… 

Get The Detox Dudes Mastery(silver) of author Josh Macin only  price 72$

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