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The Content Lab – Jenna Kutcher


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The Content Lab – Jenna Kutcher


We spend about 90% of our time creating content, and 10% promoting it.

We churn our creative gears for hours a week to create this content with care, yet it gets seen by ~maybe~ 6% of our audience.

Woooo-ey. Does that give anybody else the worst kind of pit in your gut? (I’m raising my hand high right here with you.)

Instead of focusing on getting that well-honed, crafted-from-the-heart content in front of the eyes of those who need to see it—so many of us opt to hit the post button, slap up a quick social post, and move on to the next item.


Or worse—you know that regular content is a way to connect with your people and leave ‘em with action-packed inspiration and value, buuuut you’re stuck in the paralysis of not knowing exactly what to post or how to get your message out there.

And so, your blog sits quietly collecting cobwebs in your corner of the internet.


I get it. For years and years, I blogged DAILY because I felt obligated to, but those posts weren’t tied to a result or a purpose.

In fact, they were sucking up my time and not getting me anywhere closer to my goals. I’d share a new blog post once on Facebook, and then move on to the next.

Those aren’t vanity metrics—they’re actual results, akin to subscribers, sales, and students.

The solution isn’t creating more and more and more. It’s not spending the majority of your time willing your creative juices to crank out just a few more sentences that hopefully *fingers crossed* make it in front of a potential client…

The solution is tied to a simple purpose behind each piece of content you push out.

Results don’t just come from a little call-to-action at the end of your blog post. They come from creating with intention, certainty, and confidence, and you can do that when you have a plan.

The issue is that you’re creating longform content that’s likely pretty awesome, but its shelf life is fleeting because you don’t have a system to share (and re-share) it again and again.

You hope that search engines will do most of the heavy lifting and point the *right* people to your content. (That’s what SEO’s for, right?)

You feel a little “fraud-y” (it’s a word now) if you repurpose past content or *gasp* share a blog post from a year ago … even if it’s still relevant.

And the truth is: All that content you spend hours crafting and honing basically goes into a blog post graveyard where it never gets seen, because you’re not the one strategically getting it out there in front of other people.

R.I.P. to all the posts you wrote that no one ever experienced.


I’ve packaged up my own simple and strategic content creation methodology that reaps hundreds of thousands of weekly blog pageviews (and a whole lot of conversions, too) so that you can take one piece of content, repurpose it 10 different ways, and see results for 90-plus days after publishing.

Too often, creators spend 90% of their time creating the “thing” and only 10% promoting it, and it hit me: What good is our content we work so hard on if no one sees it? If there are zero results tied to it? We need to swap how we spend our time and efforts if we want to see real, lasting results. (And not run out of steam from feeling pressured to constantly be cranking out new stuff.)

I’m giving you the exact model for you to turn your content into a well-oiled machine (that practically runs itself).


Define Your Content

“Content” is maybe the broadest term we could use in this space, because content is anything you create and publish for someone else to consume. If you Tweet, if you post on Instagram, or if you have a podcast, a blog, or a YouTube channel—you are a content creator. But figuring out what content makes the most sense for you, your brand, and your business is what will lead to tangible results.

We kick off by uncovering how content is the key method for educating your audience, inspiring them to take action, serving them with valuable information, and when it’s time, selling your product or service so you can take that education, inspiration, and service to a whole new level. You’ll learn the benefits of creating content for various platforms, my 3 surefire methods for figuring out what the heck to post about, and my go-to (and insanely easy) strategy for planning out my content calendar.


Outline Your Content

This module will help you strategically and intentionally outline your content (nope, no more “filler” posts just to “get something up” when it’s been all crickets for a while). Outlining your content will equip you with a way to create content that drives actual results in your business through my three signature steps: Goal, Promise, and Action.

I’ll walk you through how to determine the purpose of each and every piece of content, paint a picture of promise for the reader or consumer (aka, what’s in it for them), and end the piece with a next step for them to follow that leads to a natural transition further into your brand. You never want people wondering, “What was the point of that?” or “Now what?” when they consume your content, and with this simple outline, you’ll always create with a broader intention, not just for the sake of creation.


Create Your Content

Yep, onward to the actual content creation! You likely already have experience with this part, but if you’ve ever faced writer’s block or couldn’t quite figure out how to wrap up a blog post neatly, I’m sharing all my tips and know-how to make your content juicy, value-filled, and actionable for anyone consuming it.

We’ll get into why I firmly believe the trusty 5-paragraph essay format is fully relevant to content creation, plus simple ways to hook readers in the introduction, how to weave value into the bulk of the body, and what to actually say in the conclusion that leaves readers clicking on to the next part of their journey, and that isn’t one of those awkward or abrupt “so longs.” I’m also giving you the headline tips I live by and the 6 major must-dos for better content (these will become your content Bible … bless).


Promote Your Content 10 Ways

Ever wish you didn’t have to come up with social copy from scratch every flipping time? Want an easier way to curate captions using content that already exists? Wonder if it’s “cheating” to promote your content more than just one time on your platforms? Uh-huh, I feel you. And by the way, it’s NOT cheating (it’s actually what will save you in the long run). I’ll help you follow a plan and execute a strategy that will allow your content to live on and generate results in the weeks and months to come.

I’m teaching you how to take one longform piece of content (a blog post, podcast episode, or YouTube video) and share it in 10 different ways on your social platforms, from just introducing the piece and teasing small bites of value inside of it, to asking engaging questions based on the piece, sharing pull quotes, pinning it in multiple ways, and more. You’ll have all the permission to reinvent and reintroduce your content in new ways, so you’re not always churning to create social copy from scratch and, instead, utilizing the content you already have in front of you.


Refine Your Process

Content creation is all about starting small, systemizing, and then working your way up. In this final module, I share my effective strategies for batch working so you can spend less time trying to multitask and more efficient time knocking out a bunch of your content needs in one fell swoop. I’ll also show you how to dig into the data to see what’s working well—and what you can potentially ditch in your efforts. (You know I’m a numbers gal, right?)

When you have a system for working and refining, you’ll get into a groove that you never knew was possible—and likely spend less time creating way more valuable, results-driven work. As your business grows, you might consider outsourcing content creation (an equally thrilling and scary thought, am I right?). I’ll show you how you can remain the visionary for your content as you navigate to the next level.

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