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The 9 Super Powers Manifestation Program


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The 9 Super Powers Manifestation Program

Introducing The Nine Superpowers Manifestation Program!!

(Formerly known as WakeAnda Sun Manifestation Initiation)

Here are 3 reasons you should keep scrolling to learn more about this program…

1. Activating the 9 divine superpowers allows you to literally manifest ANY of your big dreams in one year flat!


2. Discovering the 9 archetypes (9 primary universal energetics) make you unstoppable in the world of love and relationships!


3. Becoming aware of your actual 9 superpowers will sit you deeply in your life purpose and actualize your destiny!


These powers are within us ALL! This life changing program will show you how to access, harness them and master them!

Over the course of one full year, we will deliver all of the tools to unlock The Nine Super Powers within you such that you are constantly practicing the daily magic to heal and manifest ANYTHING you desire!

The Nine Super Powers Manifestation Program here at PLA is our response to the universal call for us to rise higher in our experiences. You will be led into an intimate relationship with all nine of these special powers, discovering the shrines, ceremonies, tantra exercise, gemstones, colors, herbs, foods, and characteristics of each – how to cultivate each power within you!

You will discover the art of shrine making, plus take 40 full days to get to know and test each of your Superpowers!

Ten staff members have been assigned to support you. The program integrates personal coaching with group coaching meaning you will also have your very own personal coach for the year! Keep scrolling to learn exactly how you will benefit from this program…

On a practical level, is having just enough money no longer suitable for you?

Do you long for true wealth that equates to an abundance of free time to experience living & loving on your terms?

There is a spiritual science to manifesting this; this skill is something we work on HERE!

What we will support you with from September 21, 2020 – September 21, 2021 on manifesting the EXACT love and abundance you seek!

  • Manifest ONE Big Relationship Goal
  • Manifest ONE Big Financial Goal
  • Come into alignment with your Higher Self
  • Discover the UPLVL Communication tools and how to use it.
  • Discover how to speak to your inner intuition
  • Discover the difference between your ego, animal and higher self.
  • Discover ceremonial work to connect to any of the Nine Inner Archetypes
  • Become deeply orgasmic, joyful and optimistic
  • Connect with a community of powerful manifestors
  • Stay motivated with your assigned personal coach
  • Complete daily exercises that increase your personal power

The Nine Superpowers Manifestation Program is the answer to your call If you are ready to experience a real boost in your relationships and finances!!

Here’s the good news, if you are reading this YOU ARE A SEEKER!!

You have been working this stuff for years!! You have a handle on what it means to Create Your Life! What you might want to do is kick it up a notch with a DIRECT EXPERIENCE with the Nine Superpowers within YOU!!

Enter The Nine Super Powers Manifestation Program

Movies, television shows, books & even videos; every character, are all built upon age-old archetypes that are universally recognized all over the globe. No matter the culture, race nor spiritual system; the Hero’s Story is present! Do you know why you get so engaged with story-lines; why you at times get emotionally invested in their highs & lows? Do you feel angst or a sigh of relief when they reach a goal or learn a “lesson”?

The Nine Spiritual Powers as expressed through archetypes are as old as time and can be found in most of the world’s spiritual traditions. You will discover each and see how they connect to the big three religions as well as indigenous cultures worldwide! These super powers are hidden in plain sight here in the west as many of the characters we enjoy watching in movies like, The Matrix, Marvel’s The Avengers Saga, Stars Wars Franchise as well as television shows such as, HBO’s Westworld & Watchmen, Little Fires Everywhere, and Game of Thrones just to name a few.


The Four Feminine Archetypes

The Four Feminine Archetypes (one being slightly androgynous) are super powers found in both male bodied and female bodied humans.

If you are a male bodied person, you will be able to discover the four feminine powers that are within you in manner does not emasculate you! The four feminine powers are the internal genesis of all the externally expressed masculine powers, each human who utilizes the Nine Super Powers system becomes a master at manifestation with this knowledge!

Think about it! What does the feminine do?

It reproduces after its kind! Hence, the feminine powers are literally gatekeepers for manifestation, creation and creativity in general! Here is a brief understanding of what you will discover under each feminine archetype:

  • Devotee™ | meditation, trance, dreaming, astral travel, nurturing, emotional connection
  • Conservationist™ | clearing, self-care, patience, magic, ceremony making, focus, organization, sexual healing
  • Lover™ | sensuality, creativity, enthusiasm, joy, money manifestation, sexual magic, branding
  • Visionary™ | strategic planning, intuition, trust, big picture acuity, accuracy, optimism, mysticism

One of the most important exercises we can do to improve our lives is to identify our inner powers and maximize them to work for us.

Now, onto the four masculine archetypes!

The Four Masculine Archetypes

The Four Masculine Archetypes (one being slightly androgynous) are super powers found in both male bodied and female bodied humans.

If you are a female bodied person, you will finally be better able to understand your external expressions (masculine powers) in such a way that your feminine energy does not feel eclipsed! The four masculine powers, once executed, make each human who utilizes the Nine Super Powers Manifestation System a master at getting results and standing powerfully victorious in life!

Think about it! What does the masculine do?

It makes the unseen, seen – it utilizes external power to build its objectives into physical reality! it works alongside the feminine and is the external force to her internal power. Igniting your masculine powers will mean that you feel confident, stable, powerful in your body, analytical and able to succeed at anything in life. Here is a brief description of the powers you will ascertain mastering the masculine archetypes:

  • Monk™ | intuition, objectives setting, synthesis, meditation, harmonizing, higher self-values
  • Leader™ | leadership, management, accountability, responsibility, will power, overriding ego
  • Soldier™ | work ethic, courage, physical power, body image mastery, sexual power, stamina, zealousness
  • Negotiator™ | self-promotion, marketing, intellectualism, reasoning, logic, communication, financial power

Let’s explore the ego, animal, and higher self

The Ego, The Animal and The Higher Self

When Ego is running our lives, fear overrides all our endeavors. Cultivating the four masculine powers will put fear in its place so it never stops you or gets in the way of your life ever again.

Now all of this sounds good right; but what makes our system different from others you may be asking? Well, for starters as the Harvard of Personal Empowerment, we have one THE MOST extensive online catalogs this side of the moon but more importantly we give you a whole new way for you to communicate with others & most importantly with yourself. These powerful tools are built into the curriculum from DAY 1!

One of the most important things we can do is sit the Ego down by cultivating the more intelligent higher powers that are literally waiting within us to be awakened…this is where ALL that you learn can truly be actualized and manifested!

We spend most of our lives engaging the world through our ego and allow that to be our identity. Our EGO is the translator of our instinctual raw emotion (ANIMAL) and is used as a definer of our persona while our HIGHER SELF is the peaceful observer & knower of ultimate truths of all circumstances. The UPLVL Communication™ System created here at PLA by Rakhem & Kenya Stevens is the fountain of truth that the nine super powers flow through

UPLVL Communication™ System teaches you methodologies that not only bring your super powers online but also gives you new ways to keep them online …on demand! This is where our program rises above many others currently available. Each 45 days in addition to learning about an archetype, you will also learn new ways to communicate these newly acquired super powers in your daily life.

Now, let’s get down to the juicy part…orgasmic potential and relationships.

Orgasmic Potential is critical, so is meditation, ceremony, and understanding and integrating Natural Laws that make any relationship or community connection viable. The Nine Super Powers are crucial for anyone looking to manifest healthy partnerships from a serious, long term relationship, or even expanding a long-term marriage into something more fulfilling!

We build power couples here at the Progressive Love Academy! Along with each archetype you will discover the sexual powers of each and activate these within yourself! You will also discover the power and bounty of integrating the PLA created UPLVL Communication™ System into your daily life !

Everything found in the UPLVL™ book published by The Stevens will be taught in depth in the Nine Super Powers Manifestation Program. You will emerge a powerful communicator who can literally express any emotion without causing an argument! You will overcome the concept of arguments and walk squarely into the New Paradigm of love!

We have had many former students graduate with a husband or wife (namely your own Head Coach Kenda Bell), where they began without even having dates! We have supported many couples in opening from monogamy to polyamory by learning to express themselves fearlessly and authentically. If polyamory is not your lane , no worries, many of these same tools can be applied to strengthen and deepen primary 1 on 1 relationships as well as create monumentally satisfying relationship experiences for singles.

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