Surrender & Ascend Meditation – Michael Mackintosh



Surrender & Ascend Meditation – Michael Mackintosh


[ Available ] Surrender & Ascend Meditation – Michael Mackintosh…In this audio you will understand how the process of increasing your level of consciousness works, how to get the most out of your meditation and how you can do this process all day.


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Surrender & Ascend Meditation – Michael Mackintosh

Surrender & Ascend Meditation - Michael Mackintosh

This practical spiritual
ascension package…

• Empowers you to actively create and actualize your chosen level of abundance, happiness, success… etc.

• Provides an unusually deep release from stress and tension

• Puts the magic wand in your hand – it’s time for you to decide what it is you want in your life.

• Opens your heart to connect in deeper, more intimate ways, with loved ones

• Dissolves the core reasons for stress and unhappiness in your life

• Gives you an effective and efficient way to tap into your higher consciousness, peace and power, anytime, anywhere.

Listen to this powerful audio

This special gift…

• Allows you to break out of your self-limiting glass celling (that holds you in limitation) and frees you to now experience more abundance on all levels of your life

• Reveals the number one reason people do not experience success with the Law of Attraction (and how you can now enjoy miracle levels of success)

• Explains the little known secret to WHY so few people ever change despite doing all their inner work

• Guides you to take action right now and finally let go of old self-defeating patterns and shift into a new level of joy and wealth on all levels

• Demonstrates how these two revolutionary meditations work in combination to provide the most effective self-development technologies on the planet

• Surprises you with the number one thing you must know if you have any chance of creating your best life ever

Your Spiritual Ascension
Package Includes…

The Master Seat Of
Conscious Creation Meditation

This is truly one of the most profound secrets to why some people create the lives they want and others don’t (even with the Law of Attraction). This is one of my favorite all time experiences and you will be amazed at the power. We all have a glass ceiling. This meditation allows you to break through it and experience new levels of happiness, love, wealth and anything else you truly desire.

Surrender & Ascend
Guided Inner Journey

To be honest, the one thing above all that makes a profound difference in how we experience life is our level of consciousness. Few people have any idea HOW to raise their level of consciousness. This meditation guides you through the process so you can experience it for yourself! You can use this method to let go of all worries, and to attract more love, money, happiness and beautiful relationships into your life. This method also works to heal wounds, physically, mentally and emotionally – and unites you with your Higher Self – The Divine. This truly is the one practice that deeply and powerfully shifts your state of consciousness.

How to raise your level of
consciousness advanced
audio program

In this audio you will understand how the process of increasing your level of consciousness works, how to get the most out of your meditation and how you can do this process all day. Once you understand this process – you will no longer feel stressed out about life and will have a secret key you can use any time you want to let go of any worry, stress, confusion,and instead, you will open yourself to new state of inner peace, serenity, bliss, freedom and joy. As your state of consciousness increases so does your level of financial success and overall level of happiness. This happens as an automatic consequence without you doing anything.

How to Re-write
the Story of your life

If you ever wondered WHY you keep seeing the same patterns and problems repeat in your life – you are about to discover the reason… and what you can now do about it! This is a brand NEW mini-training created for you to discover your old (non-functional) story, let go of the past… and re-write a new story and a new future. This is so powerful and effective you will be shocked!

I have spent 15 years wondering what I was missing and this is one of the missing pieces. I’m so happy to share it with you. This is FUN, easy, engaging, and something you can really get deep into with profound positive effects on your health, wealth, happiness and relationships. This is literally giving you the pen to draw the line of your own fortune…

You are special and that’s why you deserve
to have these meditations

I know YOU are a unique being, with unique desires, dreams and goals. These meditations can easily be applied for whatever you want. And to make this process even more specific and relevant to you, I will also be doing a live call for you about how to use these meditations to get the SPECIFIC results/experiences YOU want in your life. (Value $97)

So stay tuned for that after you recieve your meditations. I will be asking you to share what specific goals and dreams you have and how you can attain them using these methods.

Why Do I Want You To Enjoy
These Meditations?

I’d love to see you enjoy these beautiful experiences because I believe this could be the one thing that you look back on from your beautiful future with awe and wonder about how profound this experience was for you.

Can you imagine how amazing you will feel to be totally free of stress and enjoying a life of freedom, love and light? Are you ready to enjoy new levels of health, wealth and happiness? Then go ahead and enjoy this magical treat and find out for yourself how it will make your life truly remarkable.

Give yourself a chance to transform your being in ways you’ve never imagined. I look forward to hearing your success stories : )

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