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Stroke Recovery Training – Tracy Markley


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Did you know that we have 7 million stroke survivors in the United States? Unfortunately, those stroke survivors can sometimes be met with extremely limited physical therapy options. In turn, they along with many stroke survivor caregivers are seeking out fitness professionals for help. With over 20 years in the fitness industry, Tracy Markley, CPT, has developed the Stroke Recovery Training course to bring knowledge, experience, and exercises to help fitness professionals guide a stroke survivor to a better recovery.

As a fitness provider, what will you learn? You will learn about stroke statistics, brain damage, and neuroplasticity. Additionally, you will be equipped with how to communicate and train a survivor who has spasticity, limited arm movements, foot drop, walking gait, hyperextended knees, balance challenges, aphasia, memory issues, and more. Included in the course is a large section with muscle illustrations and biomechanics of the body’s movements to help you put together programs for a stroke survivor.

What's Included in the Stroke Recovery Training Course…

  • Module 1:  Intro to Stroke Recovery Training
  • Module 2: Knowledge of Stroke and Statistics
  • Module 3: Communication With and Understanding the Survivor
  • Module 4: Movements
  • Module 5: Spatial Awareness and Balance
  • Module 6: Seat Heights, Standing and Wheelchairs
  • Module 7: Leg Stability, Hyperextended Knee, Foot Drop
  • Module 8:  Regaining Arm Movements
  • Module 9: Lunges and Squats with Survivors
  • Module 10: Floor Exercises and Tips
  • Module 11: Bouncing a Ball
  • Module 12: Neuro Fatigue and Tips
  • Module 13: Survivor Stories and Tips
  • Module 14: Closing

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