Strength – Joe Defranco



Strength – Joe Defranco


Avoid the trap of thinking every thing you see in the fitness magazines will work for you. If you are ready to turn your dreams into REALITY – then look no further than the new STRENGTH system.


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This revolutionary new 3-DVD and massive 350 + page manual system will revolutionize your workouts forever!

Avoid the trap of thinking every thing you see in the fitness magazines will work for you. If you are ready to turn your dreams into REALITY – then look no further than the new STRENGTH system.

Grabbing a workout from a magazine or from an online site is worthless if you can’t perform the essential barbell exercises the right way. In fact, you’re just setting yourself up for a big time injury and NO RESULTS. You will learn how to train for strength and muscle building gains with the right Intensity and start moving weight that you have only DREAMED of!

  • DON’T be that person that is constantly risking an injury in the weight room when the weights get too heavy.
  • DO be that person that powers through lifts with form and control that leaves everyone speechless.

After you get the new STRENGTH system today, your workouts will immediately get better and your results will come much faster. You will finally learn the barbell techniques that are right for YOU and start adding more weight to the bar so you can build the muscle and strength you've always wanted – but has been just out of your reach.

Think about it, your results skyrocket while your Injury risk plummets!

Dear Athlete, Lifter, or Coach:

Grant us one simple favor and read this quick story. You’ll save yourself years of wasted effort and frustration… AND immediately change your training forever! In this story of pain, redemption, and STRENGTH, you’ll learn what only the best trainers in the world have known for years.

Fair enough?

We’ve heard it a thousand times from every lifter, coach, and athlete coming to us for help and can still feel the desperation in their voice…

The feeling of defeat and uncertainty as they struggled to achieve the results and body they’ve always dreamed of. Constantly making no progress, getting injured, and spending all of their money on worthless supplements had taken its toll on their dreams and they were at their wits end.

You’ve probably hit some of the same roadblocks – am I right?

The surprising ‘fix’ for everyone came down to the same problem they ALL had, but never suspected.


The biggest question you probably ask yourself is if all your hard work is going out the window?

You’ve put your heart and soul into every program you’ve been on over the years and you still haven’t got the results you’ve wanted.

You might have even grabbed the latest workout from the pages of a fitness magazine or you paid a coach or personal trainer to create a workout for you. Even though all of these programs were different, the one fact that always remained the same was that they all included some variation of the bench press, squat, and/or deadlift.

By now, you’ve noticed that the problem you face with getting jacked or taking your performance to another level with all of the programs you’ve tried is that it’s not just about what’s written on the paper.

For you, it’s about how you do what’s written on the paper. No amount of blood, sweat or tears will make a difference if you don’t pick the right exercises and you don’t use the right technique.

Don’t feel bad, everyone is struggling with this!

Up until now, you’ve probably thought that you just have to show up in the gym and bust your butt and good things will happen. Well, that’s just part of it. The real key that no one talks about is that if you start overloading heavy barbell exercises and your form breaks down – something really bad is going to happen.

With every frustrated new client that comes into our gyms that is desperate to change their lives, we rededicate ourselves to teaching them the best-of-the-best techniques we’ve learned over the last 40 years to help them jumpstart their progress in the gym and help them get the most out of whatever program they’re on.

This all begins with better technique with the essential barbell lifts!

We know you’re frustrated and you want help which is why we’ve finally created the only strength training system that not only teaches you ‘how’ to perform the best barbell lifts, but also how YOU can perfect YOUR form.

We get it. You’re tired of hitting the same weights in the gym and you’re ready to smash through your personal records and finally get the body you’ve always dreamed about.


Here’s the solution you might not know about. Science has proven that the real truth about building more muscle and getting stronger is all about mechanical tension, metabolic stress, and muscular damage. These are just fancy ways of saying you have to lift heavy weights and push yourself hard with every exercise you do in the gym.

Up until now, you’ve probably thought that the most critical piece of working out is the actual program – but we’re here to tell you the truth! What you’ve found out the hard way is that the program is worthless if you aren’t using the right exercises or your form sucks.

It is simple, the better your form is, the more weight you can use. The more weight you can use, the stronger you’ll get and the more muscle mass you’ll put on.

That is why it is so important for you to not only pick the right exercises, but for you to also use good form – especially when you start adding more weight to the bar because this is the exact time when most lifter’s form breaks down and they get crushed under the bar or they get badly injured.

To build the eye-popping dense muscle you want and get strong as hell, you need to incorporate the best compound exercises – the bench press, squats, and deadlifts – into your workouts and you need to always use precise technique to make gains as fast as possible.

You’ve probably seen bad form a million times or heard some crazy horror stories about some guy getting crushed under the bar.

Let us end your frustration and give you unstoppable momentum in the gym.


You WILL see massive improvements in your lifts after just two short training sessions when you apply the proven setups and techniques in the new STRENGTH System – we call this our 10/20/30 Principle. This never-fail principle says when you use the simple and easy-to-apply tips in the new STRENGTH System – you can add 10lbs to your bench press, 20lbs to your squat, and 30lbs to your deadlift in as little as two training sessions! We’re talking about adding more weight to the bar RIGHT NOW – without adding a single pound of muscle to your body.


Infomercials and muscle building ads have it all wrong! They want you to believe that there are special exercises or some magic pill or some special ‘gadget’ that will help you reach greater strength, muscle mass, or performance goals – without barely any effort.

We’re here to tell you the truth. There is no magic pill or “secret” exercise.

To get the results you want, you need to train hard, use good form, and use progressive overload with all barbell exercises.

The new STRENGTH system will give you all three of these answers and show you how to do it RIGHT for YOUR individual needs. Every lifter is different and we know that!


If you want honesty, here it is.

This isn’t just a book about strength. This is the most complete, time-tested, peer reviewed book ever written on the bench press, squat, and deadlift.

From this point forward STRENGTH will forever be a staple in your arsenal and allow you to harness your full potential… AND MUCH MORE! We knew this was going to be a signature book in the industry so we left no stone unturned and went through the entire system with a fine-toothed comb (over 47 rewrites on the book!) – so YOU could reap the benefits.

Nothing got into this manual if it didn't pass our 4 level world-class standard:

  • Level 1: Make YOU the main focus and help YOU get better in the gym
  • Level 2: Hold nothing back and reveal all of our proven training secrets
  • Level 3: Back everything with science and real-world experience
  • Level 4: Have the system peer-reviewed and APPROVED by fitness industry leaders

Imagine what it took to take 40 years of combined experience, 100’s of hours of research, reviews and writing, along with 47 rewrites, tons of sleepless nights and over a year of preparation to create this game changing 350 + page manual and 3-DVD system.

Plus, the entire system was put together with a professional video production company and a graphic designer – making STRENGTH unlike anything you’ve ever seen!


You will see that the real genius of STRENGTH is that you will be able to dial-in your specific technique form for the bench, squat, and deadlift AND immediately make your workouts better and extremely effective.

Regardless, if you are too tight, have a bad setup, are weak in certain phases of a barbell lift, or you just can’t figure out why you’re having problem – STRENGTH will help you achieve results faster than ever before.


Dominating a heavy bench press makes a statement. But if done at the wrong arm angle or you’re constantly grinding bad reps out, you will wreck your shoulders and the bar will get stapled to your chest. We give you the most precise way to bench that will have you smashing the weights and building that monstrous chest you’ve always wanted.


The secret to you building massive legs is for you to find out how to squat specific to your body-type. Yes, everyone squats differently and when you discover the few ‘simple tweaks’ in STRENGTH to perfect your individual squat form, it will turn your lower body workouts into explosive mass building sessions. This is just ONE of the 100 different training secrets we are giving to you in the STRENGTH manual.


You will be shocked when you see how easy it is to pull record-shattering deadlifts without destroying your lower back like the cringe-worthy round back deadlifts that make everyone gasp on YouTube. A heavy pull is all about biomechanics and when you discover the concepts of leverage and tension, your speed, power, and strength gains will explode!



    Proven strategies and strength training essentials that will get you proven results. We compiled them into five main sections: The Fundamentals, The Bench Press, The Squat, The Deadlift, and Program Design.


    The critical overview of how strength training in the gym and why developing a foundation by mastering the basics will help you become champion in the gym and on the field. Perfect for those you looking to increase your competitive advantage.


    Discover the simple secrets of breathing, setup, position, tension, and technique for the ‘Big 3’ barbell lifts. (You will be lifting more weight in just TWO training sessions)


    52 of the best supplemental exercises to build the barbell lifts and optimize your training for big gains. (We personally use these exact exercises ourselves and have helped countless athletes reach astronomical results)


    The perfect simple and easy-to-follow exercises you must learn before ever touching a barbell. (Harness the power to drive through the barbell from the ground up)


    Never be fooled again when you learn what true ‘functional’ training is and how to develop it. (Getting results is not a hard task. With our methods you will reap benefits for the rest of your life)


  1. Pick the Right Exercises by Choosing Compound Movements
  2. Increase Mechanical Tension by Lifting Heavier Weights
  3. Create More Metabolic Stress by Pushing the Intensity in the Workout
  4. Cause More Muscular Damage With Advanced Training Protocols
  5. Ensure Adequate Time Under Tension by Optimizing the Volume and Tempo


In the Strength Bench Press DVD, you’ll discover:

  • The shocking reason why you keep missing the heavy weights! (Hint: It happens before you ever touch the bar)
  • Boost your pressing power with the 14 absolute best exercises that will build a bigger bench and more muscle mass on your chest, shoulders, and triceps.
  • Get the perfect 4-phase bench setup checklist that will turn every rep into a piston-powered explosion.
  • The little-known foot position that is critical to you instantly adding more weight to the bar. (Get the this down will have you ripping through heavier sets with more power)
  • Find out the absolute best arm angle to use when benching if you don’t want to screw up your elbows and wreck your shoulders.
  • How to unlock the hidden strength and power inside of you with these 3 shockingly simple techniques to add more weight to the bar immediately.
  • Why the spotter is just as important as the lifter to making every set perfect – from the hand off to the very first rep.
  • The one simple trick that will turn your bench press form into a shoulder-friendly, move more weight, feel awesome the next day exercise – instead of the shoulders aching all week lift.
  • The proven, time-tested, and extremely effective 28-week bench press progression.
  • The step-by-step guide to dominating the bench press even if you have a weak lockout or you always miss off your chest.


In the Strength Squat DVD, you’ll discover:

  • Blast through your old records in the gym after you learn the 3 most critical and easy-to-apply squat technique tips that will immediately change your squat in just one workout.
  • Learn the absolute best 15 supplemental exercises to build a big squat and develop the perfect program for your individual weaknesses.
  • The perfect 8 sure-fire setup tips that will make your technique better than your trainer’s!
  • The two fundamental movements that you must master if you don’t want to get crushed under the bar and you want to explode out of the hole.
  • The simple, idiot-proof way to keep your chest up as you lower down into the hole (Make sure you don’t get this one wrong).
  • The weird and little-known way to turn your feet to turn your hips into a powerhouse so you can squat heavier weights instantly.
  • The deadly “butt wink” fault and how to fix it. (Works like magic).
  • The proven, time-tested, and extremely effective 24-week squat progression.


In the Strength Deadlift DVD, you’ll discover:

  • How to use the bar during your setup to maximize your strength and muscle mass building results. (You can ‘hear’ it instantly if you’re doing it wrong)
  • The 9 most powerful strategies to building a bigger, better, and stronger deadlift.
  • Why adding any of these 13 awesome supplemental exercises into your workout will bulletproof your body and turn you into a deadlifting machine.
  • Perfect your deadlift stance just by doing what kids do every day at the playground. (This is so crazy, but it works every time)
  • New ways to get more strength in your pull just by developing more torque, tension, and bracing in your setup from the ground-up.
  • This single best coaching cue will literally change your deadlift technique instantly and help you pull bigger weights – and gain size and strength faster.
  • The proven, time-tested, and extremely effective 24-week deadlift progression.

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