Special Topic: Trade Management



Special Topic: Trade Management


Special Topic: Trade Management… Claim your copy of this special training and discover exactly how to intelligently manage the trade by adapting to the market — you’ll be amazed at what you can achieve when you follow these simple strategies.

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Special Topic: Trade Management

Special Topic: Trade Management

Stop Needlessly Losing Money

Learn How To Maximize The Success Of Every Trade And Investment You Make

Most traders and investors don’t know these vital strategies… but YOU will

Claim your copy of this special training and discover exactly how to intelligently manage the trade by adapting to the market — you’ll be amazed at what you can achieve when you follow these simple strategies

Have you ever asked yourself these questions…

“I thought I understood the candles – such as a bullish engulfing pattern is more bullish than a piercing pattern. But then I heard you say this is not necessarily true and the answer might shock me. Why?”

“Are there times when I should not place a trade – even with a perfect candle signal?”

“Is there a way for me to test candle patterns?”

“I can’t seem to make myself get out of a losing trade… what should I do?”

“How can I remove emotions from my trading?”

All these questions are about one thing…


One of the most dangerous (and costly!) misuses of candlesticks is to not use good Trade Management strategies.

In just 60+ minutes… you can possess these powerful Trade Management strategies that will boost your candle charting abilities.

Before now, I’ve only shared these Trade Management strategies with only the traders who attended my live seminars or learned from my recorded DVD Workshops.

Now you can get these proven strategies for yourself with this powerful online training session, Trade Management Strategies.

Here are some of the breakthroughs you will discover…

  • How to use Protective Stops to lock in profits and minimize losses
  • Add Time Stops so you don’t waste time and resources on a trade that’s not working
  • The art and science of setting Price Targets so you’ll always know how much profit to expect from a trade
  • My #1 Most Important Trade Management Rule: How to properly use Risk/Reward Analysis to know if a trade is worth pulling the trigger
  • How to go with the Longer-Term Trend for potentially massive results
  • Let the market show you what to do next… the If/Then Principle shows you how to “go with the flow” and improve your chances for success
  • The easy way to keep a Trading Journal… and how to use it to improve your trading day by day and week by week as you continue to build your confidence and success
  • Once you’re in a trade, I’ll show you exactly how to intelligently manage the trade by adapting to the market — you’ll be amazed at what you can achieve when you do this one simple thing

“Vital Trade Management Strategies”

Register now for this Trade Management training and gain all this:

  • Access the training in our online Candlecharts Academy within moments
  • View it on any connected device: computer, tablet, or smartphone
  • Trade smarter almost overnight with these strategies

Who should register for this training

  • Traders and investors who want to improve their confidence and success
  • Traders who can identify and use basic candle patterns…and now want additional ways to improve their trading performance
  • Those who want to implement a few quick and simple strategies to improve your success rate and increase your profits

Your instructor for this training…

Steve Nison, CMT

Regarded as one of the most foremost technical analysts in the world, Steve Nison’s has consulted for Fidelity, J.P. Morgan, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, NYSE and NASDAQ market makers, hedge funds and money managers. His work has been highlighted in The Wall Street Journal, Worth Magazine, Institutional Investor and Barron’s. Steve has also lectured at numerous universities. And he was guest speaker at the World Bank and the Federal Reserve.

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