Simply Beautiful -Home Study – Julie Renee



Simply Beautiful -Home Study – Julie Renee


Simply Beautiful -Home Study – Julie Renee… Sorting out skin and weight issues is a whole balanced puzzle of varying contributors. Getting on track and really in sync with your best actions, habits and clearings can make a huge difference in being on the outside who you already know yourself to be on the inside.

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Simply Beautiful -Home Study – Julie Renee

Simply Beautiful -Home Study - Julie Renee

2020 New Focus! A deep integration of the beauty aspects of each physical area with the multi-dimensional integration of the metaphoric or deeper function of the area.

For example, the upper arms are your creative channels, so we’ll both work on tightening and toning as well as clearing and integrating your other creative areas: the right neo cortex and the womb, 2nd chakra area.

I’m am feeling very excited to be preparing the new Gorgeous Goddess end-of-summer training.I created the meditations for this program a while back and they’re amazing. The new charts, the comprehensive detail is going to get us shifts we’ve never seen in any previous class, and now knowing how to clear blocks to permanence we should be seeing some pretty exciting lasting results!

Of course, health food enthusiasts already know the benefits of eating food brimming with life force and enzymes and now we will be giving some guidance on just how to approach the nutritional part of your journey also. This and water will add an important part of supporting the cellular changes we’re making giving more health and life to your cellular body can only help our efforts.

Our focus comes out of an ongoing project of being younger and refreshed on all levels for our growing community especially the women who participated in the wonderful Miraculous One-to-One Transformation program who said said, help me figure out my skin, it affects how I feel and how people perceive me. I want to feel radiantly beautiful and I want my outer appearance to reflect this.

This for us in our activation will be a Beautiful Skin 6-part process:

  1. Clearing being able to eat, take and use the right foods, supplements and skin products that really meet my needs and support my quantum skin activation!
  2. Clearing all skin anomalies, all skin illness and degenerative conditions and of course really clearing the aging label and the anchors of permanence that have prevented the big reversals in the past.
  3. Getting the frequency and vibratory rate to a higher and brighter refreshed state. We’ll do this with both clearing and refreshing.
  4. Cellular neo genesis with specific focus face and neck, then arms and breast and finally belly hips and thighs. As we go into each area we will cover the body in its entirety.
  5. Protocols for additional ongoing work in troublesome areas including meditations and some specialized easy to follow home study skin guide charts with full directions on more frequent clearings and skin boosting processes you can do outside of class.
  6. As well you will learn the benefits of nutritional cleansing, fasting and gallbladder liver flush with directions on how to approach each if you choose to get your influencing systems working at peak performance.

What makes our program so results-driven is the incredible daily use of quantum field meditations combined with the weekly clearings and rejuvenation processes.

I want you to feel your very best. When you do you’re visible in the world in ways you may remember when you were at a younger age. With our protocols and full-balanced approach, you’ll feel sexy and shine out a youthful glow!

In each of our 8 Beautiful trainings I’ll provide you a powerful clearing chart for both skin and healthy weight. There is definitely a home study element to this program in that you’re asked to meditate once or twice a day, 20-30 minutes for each meditation helping you effectively support the change in the quantum field of transformation every day. You’ll be eating health, possibly using some supplements and getting out in nature to clear out the stress that can cause youthing to slow or stop your efforts of growing more radiantly beautiful.

Want to Slim and Tone Up Too?

We did not yet offer our version of slimming and trimming that we often do in the winter and as I looked at our Beautiful Skin program I saw an easy, natural way to do a more balanced overall approach to both ideal weight and skin together. As we look at fine-tuning the skin, we’ll be working on tweaking your diet and the great function of your digestive system with the liver as we progress over the 60 days together.

There’s something truly wonderful about spending 2 months on this project. 1/6th of the year, a good opportunity to make some deep and permanent shifts with my blasting, new charts and a real focus on shifting to a richer and more luscious beauty, that’s produced naturally from the inside out.

Sorting out skin and weight issues is a whole balanced puzzle of varying contributors. Getting on track and really in sync with your best actions, habits and clearings can make a huge difference in being on the outside who you already know yourself to be on the inside.

I know that we can reverse the appearance of aging, as I have done it myself. As I moved from being very ill to very healthy, changes continue to happen for me. Rest and hydration, eating well getting outside and exercising all play contributing roles to this process of looking and really feeling youthful and gorgeous.

Here’s what we cover ~ in 8 weekly ~ live clearings

offered on both Live Stream and audio.

Face-ing a Blissful Future: Gathering One

We begin our Gorgeous Goddess training with a regeneration of the face and the beautiful life we have ahead of us clearing away depression, sorrow, stress from the skin, the tissue, the muscles around the eyes, and the forehead embracing our beautiful youthful appearance. This session will both clear and regenerate.

Preciously Perceived!: Gathering Two

Neck & Décolleté In our second blissful time together we’ll be addressing the neck and décolleté chest area. The neck on a metaphysical level speaks to either being silenced in your life or taking risks and chances, so if you’ve had kind of a stranglehold from another on you, this is the time for deeply and profoundly clearing the neck. The upper chest is also often in need of protection from exposure to life‘s energies and we’ll be clearing away any negative energy.

Creative Receptivity: Gathering Three

Arms and Creative Channels. The upper arms are your creative channels, so we’ll both work on tightening and toning as well as clearing and integrating your other creative areas: the right neo cortex and the womb, 2nd chakra area. Clearing chart and regeneration to help your meditations along. The focus of course is on beautiful arms and along with it this getting you into some creativity and action in your life, and great movement for the arms.

Belly Power: Gathering Four

Digestion and abdominal muscles. When life is difficult to digest, you also have problems ingesting your food and assimilating the nutrients well. In this session, we’ll go through a clearing chart for good digestion and abdominal toning. We’ll address diet and weight with metabolism in the clearing. We want not only to clear but to get amazing results and transform both weak digestion and abdominal muscles. To support this transformation, you’ll also get some good ideas for a digestive cleanse, a fast and a gallbladder liver flush with complete directions.

Bold Elegance: Gathering Five

Power to move forward with elegance, beauty and strength we’ll be addressing your legs, hips and thighs in this miraculous momentous clearing and regulative session. The clearing chart will focus not only on the most powerful area of the human body but on your ability to fully use this area to support your beauty and forward movement in all areas of life. Related to the first chakra, survival and physical power this is sure to yield some amazing strengthening for everyone in attendance!

Youthful Glow: Gathering Six

The first visible sign to the opposite sex of attraction and beauty are your luscious hair skin and nails. If these are in good shape you will exude a sexy charisma hard to resist! This clearing and regeneration will be focused on improving your sexy and gorgeous ready for love broadcast by clearing blocks to silky soft hair glowing skin and beautiful healthy smooth nails. We’ll do a quick regeneration after a big clearing and mention some herbs and supplements as well as some organic hair and skin product you might enjoy. I’ll be sharing my secret formula for body butter too!

Rosy Outlook: Gathering Seven

Eye area envisioning a joyous happy present and future life. If your lids are droopy or your vision waning it is likely there are some reasons other then genetics and age causing this condition. Are you loving the life you have built for yourself and are you enjoying the view in front of you on a daily basis? Lid drop verses tone youthful lids and dingy grey verses sparkly eyes make all the difference when presenting yourself to a youthfully validating world. You are already beautiful from the inside out, if this is off let’s see if we can make some good corrections for you. Clearing regeneration and supplement/natural holistic treatment ideas results not just clearing is the goal we want a miraculous shift!

Cherished Pert and Pretty: Gathering Eight

Our final gathering is focused on self-love and releasing parasitical people who are pulling on your and making you droop and sag ;(. Let’s clear and tune up the breast and heart area so we can return to an open free flowing expression or perky loving joyfulness and a life we truly love, embrace and enjoy for many years to come! Clearing chart, stem cell regeneration and even a powerful DNA clearing ! It’s time to celebrate!

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