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This class takes everything you’ve learned in the in the Shift to the Heart Course and turns it into a fun and simple practice you can do in 10-15 minutes each day.


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Each HeartMastery virtual course is composed of:

5 pre-recorded 60-minute webinar videos, all mobile friendly and downloadable to keep forever during your 60 day online access.
The webinar and workbook learning is reinforced with an archive of recorded Group Coaching Calls on the course content.
Each webinar offers experiential learning, a tool for heart-based living, the science behind the tool, practical applications for actualization, and how the content you are learning relates to the planetary shift.
Optional 60 days of Daily HeartStart Calls, live and recorded are included. (Live calls are Monday through Friday at 8:30am Pacific Time.)
The tools in each course build upon those learned in the prior course and class sequence. Because the learning is cumulative participation in prior course work is a prerequisite to move on to further training.
The beginning HeartMastery Shift to the Heart Course introduced effective ways to recover from and prevent unnecessary stress to develop more resilience, with the Quick Coherence®, Heart Lock-In®, Freeze-Frame® and Inner Ease™ Techniques plus the Emotional Landscape Map. The Intermediate Course material moves to the next level in empowering you to proactively live from the heart to create and empower your life.

This class takes everything you’ve learned in the in the Shift to the Heart Course and turns it into a fun and simple practice you can do in 10-15 minutes each day. You’ll discover how to bring your newfound power and strength to your home, workplace, families, colleagues and the world! Learn to proactively create a heart-filled environment and experience increasing vitality and passion every day!

“Everyone tells you the answers are within, but how the heck are you supposed to hear them? HeartMastery shows you how to heal YOURSELF and to stop looking outside for answers or approval.” —Dora C., Direct Sales, San Diego, CA


Intermediate Class #1 –  Freeing Time and Energy 
You will learn how to appreciate and multiply your most valuable commodity – your own energy – in this simple 10-20 minute practice each day that will save you more time than you invest in doing it!  Most businesses use spread sheets to account for financial assets and deficits, but what about the assets (passion, purpose, inspiration) and deficits (overload, stress, burnout) of the people working in the business? Learn to account for your own energy investments to keep your passion, purpose and inspiration for life alive. Learn how to identify and plug energy drains, refuel your tank from the inside out, and make energy-saving time shifts — to have more of what matters.

Intermediate Class #2 – Heart Mapping
This class introduces you to the art of planning and visioning from the heart, with specific tools proven to enhance heart/brain communication and manifestation. You will lay the foundation for the Heart Hologramming reality creation tool explored in the Advanced Course. Enhancing the way the heart and mind interact will give you a more laser-like connection to your abilities to create and manifest. We think of ‘being in the heart’ as being in the present moment, whereas planning often throws us into the mind’s future projections and past ruminations. This class elegantly resolves that paradox, allowing you to tap into the power Kahlil Gibran phrased, “The brain gives the heart its sight; the heart gives the brain its vision.” This class provides mental and emotional clutter clearing. It opens the way for efficiency, intuitive guidance and true creativity– whether you are planning your day or planning your life legacy

Intermediate Course Class #3 – Connecting with the Hearts of Others
“Two hearts that beat as one” is more than a poetic metaphor ‑‑­it has scientific merit! Now that you’ve learned the basic HeartMath toolset for connecting with your own heart, it’s time to learn how to connect more deeply with the hearts of others. How do you relate coherently to a world that isn’t always coherent? Learn science which explains how we are always broadcasting our feelings to others through our heart’s electromagnetic field.  As you activate coherent heart feelings and broadcast them through your energetic field, you create a shift in the field environment that communicates and connects without words. Experience the fulfillment of connected communication and overcome communication traps that compromise your quality of life and your relationships.  As you apply the skills you will learn in this class to your communications with those who don’t yet know how to get heart coherent, you will facilitate more coherence in others and help to create a more heart-based world.

Intermediate Course Class #4 – The Turning Point
How do you come back to peace through times of change and challenge? There is a stable, still place of oasis in the heart that can be a turning point to your inner security and peace through the many changes, challenges, and unknowns that you face in life. The power of the Neutral Tool can help liberate you, and our world, from the negative impact of judgments, attachments, and uncertainty. It can help draw positive solutions in what seem like the most negative situations. Empowered to bring objectivity to negatively charged emotions, mindsets and life situations, you will open to new possibilities and attract more positive experiences.

Intermediate Course Bonus Class – Making Quicker Shifts
Get ready for a whole new momentum, where you learn to quickly shift draining emotions into ones that balance and regenerate you with the Attitude Breathing® Tool. Experience how attitudes really do influence your health, your perceptions and personal fulfillment, your impact and even the field environment! Learn how to charge up positive attitudes to benefit yourself and others. With this scientifically researched Attitude Breathing Tool, you will learn to power up and imprint positive attitudes and feelings into your cells and the field energetics that surround you.  You will be empowered to make quicker shifts from energy drains, as healthier replacement attitudes become your default response.

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