SEO Blueprint Course 2.0 – Glenn Allsop



SEO Blueprint Course 2.0 – Glenn Allsop


[ Pre – Order ] SEO Blueprint Course 2.0 – Glenn Allsop… If we’re being honest, a huge percentage of sites we audit are doing great technically, have chosen the right keywords to target and follow proven business models…yet they’re still not successful.

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SEO Blueprint Course 2.0 – Glenn Allsop

SEO Blueprint Course 2.0 - Glenn Allsop

16 Insights You’ll Find Inside SEO Blueprint 2

(There are many more, but here’s a teaser…)

The keyphrase that helped me generate an additional $50,000 in just 12 months

The reverse-HARO method which uses the site HelpAReporter in a non-standard way to find great link partners

The site much better than HelpaReporter for picking up links (and with less competition)

How to find profitable keyphrases people are ranking “under the radar” using specific lists of online success stories

How I use Zapier to find the people most likely to link to something (works even with a free account)

A way to target the linkerati (the people who link out) on Facebook I’ve never seen anyone else talk about

What happened when I implemented “ghost page SEO” on one of my websites – with the actual rankings and traffic

How I find expired domains to purchase with great link profiles (I’ve acquired dozens with this method)

Our exact step-by-step checklist we follow when auditing some of the biggest sites on the planet

Four (!) unique methods I use to find ‘secret’ pages on any site which probably shouldn’t exist (and could be holding them back)

Watch me audit twenty different websites, live, covering multiple niches and business types and finding serious issues

Why you should literally give Google $10 (maximum) to find people to connect with for link building

A custom tool I use to segment and prioritise huge lists of sites quickly for outreach and relationships — you’ll get it too

Get first access to the custom website crawler I spent thousands on (works on Windows and Mac) before anyone else

Exactly what we write to clients when we find specific issues on their sites, that you can copy and paste

A Brand New Concept for SEO Blueprint 2: Superpixels

Launching for the first time ever now in October 2021!

Superpixels is a brand new concept with a simple mission: To give you the playbook to beat Digital Goliaths in Google.

The truth is that the biggest brands on the web have more money than ever to spend on:

Acquiring well-ranking competitors

Building new sites and linking out from others they own

Getting a ton of press (and links) for anything they announce

Building huge in-house SEO teams

Ranking multiple sites for the same keyphrases

Hiring amazing writers to produce 10X, link-worthy content

And they can do all of these things and more while staying wildly profitable, because they already have the rankings to afford such expenditures.

SEO Blueprint version one did exactly what we hoped in teaching people about new link building, keyword research and on-site technical ideas we don’t believe you’ll find elsewhere.

That said, something was missing.

If we’re being honest, a huge percentage of sites we audit are doing great technically, have chosen the right keywords to target and follow proven business models…yet they’re still not successful.

Our brand new Superpixels concept in SEO Blueprint 2 – literally going live for the first time in October of 2021 – focuses on everything else we believe those sites are missing to stand out online and truly compete with well-funded competitors.

Superpixels comprises of more than a dozen exclusive, actionable modules based on real world insights to help digital underdogs stand a real chance against digital goliaths in Google.

It’s a radical new approach to anything we’ve ever shared, but the early feedback has been incredible (someone saying it’s the best thing they’ve read in years really made our day)…

Six Things You’ll Be Able to Do After You’ve Completed the Training

Our entire training is designed to get you actionable results

Find issues with any website – even those with in-house SEO teams – within minutes of looking at them

Know exactly what steps to take to build ethical, whitehat links to websites (without begging for them at scale)

Find keywords to target with decent search volume and minimal competition, that works in any niche

Generate content ideas with the best chance of having people talk about (and link to them) that are relevant to your industry

Utilise industry best-practice tactics for local SEO and growing local businesses through search

Get answers from the course creators and other community members if you ever need ideas or feedbac

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