Selling by Helping – Nick Gulic



Selling by Helping – Nick Gulic


[ Pre – Order ] Selling by Helping – Nick Gulic… Whether you’re a freelancer or an agency owner, one constant is that you need to keep bringing on new projects to keep things rolling.

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Selling by Helping – Nick Gulic

Selling by Helping - Nick Gulic


Whether you’re a freelancer or an agency owner, one constant is that you need to keep bringing on new projects to keep things rolling.

The problem though, is sometimes you end up with clients who:

  • Don’t want to pay the fee you want to charge
  • Keep telling you how to do your own job
  • And ignore all of your advice (no, dark blue text on a black background is NOT a good idea)
Ultimately, it might even feel like you’re just not getting ahead… no matter what you do.


I’ve been in “sales” roles or run my own business for over 15 years now, and I’m pretty good at sales conversations. But when I first started, I sucked! I tried running meetings the way the person teaching me was telling me to do it, but it wasn’t natural for me. It just felt sleazy and slimy.

It was pretty clear that I wasn’t cut out for the always be closing kind of approach, so I went rogue and figured out my own thing based on stuff that mattered to me.

My sales framework is built off the principle of helping. My job, as the expert in my field, is to help people solve their problems in that area. And that’s the approach that has ultimately led to me topping sales charts in every organisation I’ve ever been in, consulting with other organisations on their sales approach, and starting my own businesses.


After presenting at an industry event about my sales framework, I had heaps of people approach me to tell me how much it opened their eyes, and ask me about extra training. So much so, that I eventually decided to put it into a course structure.
The Sell By Helping Course is made up of four core modules, along with a bunch of bonus content. 

Module 1: Mindset

The first module is all about the stuff you need to understand before even going into the meeting, so you go into it the right way.

Module 2: Understanding

The first part of the meeting is all about understanding your potential client, their business, problems they’re facing, and what they want to happen.

Module 3: Education

Education is a key part of sales. This is how we differentiate from a lot of the lower level players in the field, and start setting off some light bulbs for our potential client.

Module 4: Closing

Closing isn’t as scary as it sounds! It’s just a bit more education about our processes, fees, answering any questions they have, and running them through the next steps (but it’s how you end up landing the deal).

Bonus: Scripts, Templates, and Extra Content

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