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5 Hours 55 Minutes

  • This course is available – Download immediately
  • Same author: M. Dolores Farrer
  • Lifetime support – Unlimited downloads.
  • The quality exactly the same as salepage
  • Over +12,000 Courses, AudioBooks, eBooks available.

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  • Master the diabetic foot exam so you don’t miss important clues
  • Proven strategies to tackle chronic wounds
  • Hands-on skills lab for serial debridement techniques
  • Learn new ways to effectively off-load the diabetic foot ulcer
  • Nervous about cutting those thick toenails? Live demonstration to safely reduce the mycotic toenail
  • Develop interventions based on the presenting foot pathology: Hammertoes, bunions, arterial vs. neuropathic ulcerations, the charcot foot…

Mr. Murphy is a 68-year-old uncontrolled diabetic who enjoys walking around his house in socks. Due to his diabetic neuropathy, he doesn’t realize that the blister from his poorly fitting shoes has now developed into an infected diabetic foot ulcer. Only after his daughter notices his red, swollen foot and leg does he seek medical attention. The diagnosis of cellulitis with osteomyelitis of the 1st and 2nd metatarsal heads is quickly followed by a medial ray amputation and 6 weeks of IV antibiotic therapy. Does this scenario sound familiar? Would you have been able to change the outcome if Mr. Murphy had been treated after getting a simple blister? Before he bought the wrong footwear? Before the ulcer probed to bone?

Taking care of the diabetic patient is particularly challenging because of the risk of diabetic foot ulceration. After attending this seminar, you will have the confidence to properly perform a foot exam, prevent diabetic foot complications and treat acute or chronic foot wounds. Dr. Farrer’s style of presentation is energetic, interactive and includes case studies that help make learning more personal. Walk out armed with the knowledge of properly off-loading the diabetic foot ulcer, choosing the proper wound treatment protocol and even when to use advanced therapies. Dr. Farrer will demonstrate ways to safely reduce those thick fungal toenails and share her serial debridement skills with a scalpel or tissue nippers. She will also share her best strategies to get patients involved in their own care… and you will see adherence rates increase for better outcomes. This is one practice-changing educational event you don’t want to miss!

  1. Perform a complete diabetic foot exam including vascular and neurological assessment.
  2. Determine how the progression of diabetes affects the lower extremity specifically.
  3. Decide between new off-loading strategies to facilitate healing the chronic wound while allowing your patient to stay active.
  4. Choose patient teaching strategies that will encourage adherence to the treatment plans by making the patient an active part of the wound care team.
  5. Substantiate various advanced wound care treatments to achieve the best results.
  6. Choose the proper shoes and inserts by understanding the biomechanical stresses and foot deformities that are unique to the diabetic foot.
  7. Manage the debridement procedures for a variety of foot concerns, including: corns, callouses and wounds.

  • “Check out my feet” – Performing a Complete Diabetic Foot Exam
    • Quick vascular exam
    • Documentation tips to chart your observations, odors, and measurements
    • Grading the neuropathic level
    • Identify pathology that can contribute to future diabetic foot ulcers
  • How Diabetes Affects the Foot
    • Why do diabetics get neuropathy?
    • Non-narcotic options to help with neuropathic pain
    • New treatments to manage neuropathic pain
    • Lab results and nutrition for healing success
  • “Taking the Load Off” – Successful Ways to Off-load the Diabetic Foot Ulcer
    • Simple yet effective off-loading techniques you can start doing right away – with no special equipment or expensive products
    • Learn how custom orthotics can relieve pressure areas and prevent future ulcerations
    • Understand biomechanics of the foot so you can guide decisions for the proper footwear
    • Confused by all the different boots, walkers, and shoes? We will evaluate the most popular products on the market and you will be more confident making decisions for your patients
    • What is new in the off-loading foot wear industry? A look at the “coolest” and latest products hitting the market
  • “Cut it Out” – Hands-on Debridement Lab
    • Want to successfully reduce a corn or callous – but afraid to cut the patient?
    • Tentative about debriding that ulcer and not knowing how far to cut?
    • This Hands-On lab will give you the confidence to remove any non-viable tissue or keratosis using a scalpel and tissue nipper
  • Neuropathic vs. Arterial Foot Wounds
    • Devise a customized treatment plan based on the unique needs of a chronic foot wound
    • Participate in actual case study reviews to determine the best treatment plans
  • The Psychology of Wound Healing
    • Tired of repeating the same instructions only to have your patient continue to ignore your “suggestions”?
    • Learn simple but effective communication techniques to encourage better adherence
    • Several easy steps to promote positive change in patients’ behaviors
  • “So Many Products, so Little Time” – Choosing the Proper Wound Care Dressings
    • We are inundated with so many wound products and advanced dressings – how to decide?
    • Does higher cost truly drive better outcomes?
    • Hands-on section to evaluate some of the newer product options

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Purchase Saving the Diabetic Foot – M. Dolores Farrer courses at here with PRICE $199.99 $85

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