Power Day Blueprint – Justin Brooke



Power Day Blueprint – Justin Brooke


Power Day Blueprint – Justin Brooke… You’re going to wake up and know how to run power days for high paying clients. You’re going to have access to templates, scripts, sales material, leads, and a massive database of advertisers.

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Power Day Blueprint – Justin Brooke

Power Day Blueprint - Justin Brooke

Now You Can Add $8,000/mo – $15,000/mo To Your Income By Working Just 1 Day a Month

PLUG & PLAY EASY:Forget having to worry about what to say and do during your first power day with a client. You’re going to start out with all the slides, documents, and resources you need to wow your clients all day long.
NEWBIENESS KILLER: Obviously, the scariest part is wondering if clients will believe YOU are worth paying that much money too. We’ve got you covered because we show you how to position these sessions in a way that makes the content and experience worth paying you. If you want you could even outsource the actual day to an assistant to deliver the goods.
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“AdSkills courses helped our campaigns go from 1K leads/mo to 15K leads/mo” 
– Alejandro Reyes
Yes! I’m ready to STOP working with small needy clients who want miracles, but won’t pay me what I’m worth. I’m excited to START earning 5 figures monthly for one days work. I’m READY to join the POWER DAY BLUEPRINT, so I can earn what I’m worth, work with high profile clients, and have more free time to spend with family.
PROVEN WINNERS: You’re going to be able to download all the proven email and social campaigns Justin’s used to flood his calendar with over $100,000 power day clients in one month. You’ll even be able to use his own sales page if you prefer not to write your own copy.
REMOVE INCOME LMITSImagine earning 5 months worth of client payments in just 1 day, that’s why we call it a POWER DAY! No more will you have to take on more monthly recurring work and stress to increase your income. Power days are a genius way to earn 3x to 5x what clients pay monthly, but all the work is done in ONE DAY meaning you get the rest of the month to relax, take up hobbies, travel, or whatever you wish.
THE “CLOSE YOURSELF” CLOSE:If you don’t like the idea of spending hours on the phone…DON’T …because now you won’t need to. You’ll be armed with the same “CLOSE THEMSELVES” strategy Justin used to make as much as $60,000 in one week. He didn’t do a single strategy session, webinars, phone call, it was all done via email & social media.
Power Day Coaching: You’re going to have questions, you’re going to have doubts, you’re going to need support. That’s why Justin is offering to put his arm around your shoulder and walk you through the entire process until you’ve got at least your first 2 clients. You’ll have access to Justin directly in the comments of each lesson to help you implement at every step.

POWER DAY BLUEPRINT: January Signup Bonuses

RAPID REPLACE YOURSELF KIT: You’ll grow much faster if YOU aren’t doing all the work. With our RAPID REPLACEMENT KIT you’ll have every tool, document, and system to hire your first 10 team members.
You’ll have every job ad already written for you and every task they should be completing itemized out line by line. You don’t have to think about what they should be doing, just hand them these documents and they’ll know how to get started.
Imagine if they also graded their own performance for you – YEP THAT’S INCLUDED! You’ll get our quarterly self-review system where they grade their own performance on each task they are supposed to be doing.
This is the ultimate accountability system and all you have to do is look over their grades to decide where they need help.
Plus, you’ll NEVER HAVE TO FIRE anyone. Built into the rapid replacement kit is clearly stated performance metrics that they must meet and they signed an agreement stating they must meet these numbers or forfeit their position.
“Ever since I finished the Bootcamp, I’ve gotten better quality clients. I’ve gotten rave reviews from clients that I have never gotten before because they’re so happy, even with results that we’ve been able to get them within the first 30 days. I’ve never experienced this before.” – Liana Ling
Here’s What Past Customers Have To Say About Our Teaching…
HIGHER CONVERTING PAGES:You’ve never seen landing pages taught like this. You’ll be able to create your own layouts that blow away any of the popular templates. Just be prepared for people to start copying you and for your landing pages to suddenly become the templates everyone else uses. (Same easy tools, but with smarter concepts)
Premium Clients Database: If leads are what you want, then this spreadsheet is a goldmine. Justin hired a firm to collect and curate the data on anyone spending more than $5,000 per month on Google ads.
They came back with a spreadsheet full of over 22,000 advertisers all sorted by rank, traffic, and keywords. Also, included is their social profiles and email addresses so you can contact them.
There are contacts in this database for companies even as high up as the NBA, Apple, Microsoft, and everyone below them. This bonus alone would be worth $500. If you pull just one client out of the 22,000 contact records, you’ll make 10x your money back.
“Thanks to what I’ve learned from AdSkills I’m now one of the top ad guys in my space. I’m even getting asked to speak on podcasts now because of the reputation from my results. And I owe a lot of that to AdSkills.” – Jason Stogsdill
“Everything put out by AdSkills flat out works and you’re crazy if you aren’t investing in yourself and your business with these courses. In 10 years, I’ve never gone through course after course from one person that produces results like I get with AdSkills.” – Rory Stern

Here’s Your Chance To Wake Up Tomorrow

With A Proven Plan & All The Tools You Will Need To Execute Your Power Days

If you leave this page now, you’re going to wake up tomorrow and everything is going to be the same.
You’ll still have the same challenges and frustrations, without any new hope on the horizon for faster business growth.
But when you DO invest in this system, then tomorrow will be different.
Tomorrow you’ll have a solution.
You’re going to wake up and know how to run power days for high paying clients. You’re going to have access to templates, scripts, sales material, leads, and a massive database of advertisers.
Not to mention, you’ll have Justin Brooke standing side-by-side with you through the whole process. He’s sold over a quarter-million dollars worth of power days. You could even quit everything else and just do power days.
Just one power day per month is $8,000 – $15,000/mo (depending on what you charge). Imagine if you did two per month, or 1 PER WEEK!
Even if all you do is land one power day client, you’ll make your money back. And you’re getting access to 22,000+ contact records of actual businesses who spend over $5,000/mo on ads PLUS Justin’s going to personally help you get your first 2-3 clients in his Slack group.
Surely, you can get more than just one power day client with all that.
Let’s focus on getting you the first one – fast.
Enroll in the POWER DAY BLUEPRINT course today, while the price is still only $498. After that it’s going back into our normal upsell flow at $998.

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