Peak Performance Sports – Tennis Confidence Program (2009) – Patrick J. Cohn



Peak Performance Sports – Tennis Confidence Program (2009) – Patrick J. Cohn


[ Available ] Peak Performance Sports – Tennis Confidence Program (2009) – Patrick J. Cohn…“Tennis Confidence” is a complete brain dump of the TOP eight mental training sessions I teach my personal students to help them boost their mental game and improve consistency…


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Peak Performance Sports – Tennis Confidence Program (2009) – Patrick J. Cohn

Are you (or your tennis players) performing up to your ability in matches? And do you bring your best and most confident game to matches?

If you want to improve mental toughness skills for tennis and perform with stable and proactive self-confidence in matches, I strongly suggest you read this entirely:

I’m mental game coach Dr. Patrick Cohn – owner of Sports Psychology for Tournament Tennis Players and Peak Performance Sports, LLC. I like to share with you powerful mental strategies to help you perform your best in tournaments – the exact same mental strategies I’ve taught to junior, collegiate, and professional athletes successfully for over 30+ years.

What’s the key to playing your best tennis? After all the practice and training is complete, you must master mental skills for tennis!

Tennis is a definitely a mental game. I often hear players complain about the these challenges when they play in matches:

  • “I get so tight or tense before matches that I can’t think straight or have any rhythm in my game.”
  • “I expect so much when I play that I unravel and lose confidence when the match does not go as planned.”
  • “My confidence seems to disappear when I go from practice to matches and I don’t know why.”
  • “I get so frustrated with hitting bad shots or with errors and it snowballs.”
  • “My strokes feel so tight and controlled in matches and I can’t perform.”
  • “When I’ve got a big lead, I play too defensively and allow my opponent to come back in the match.”

These tennis players suffer from…

  • Fear of failure and worry about outcomes
  • Playing with strict or high expectations that undermine confidence
  • Inability to transfer practice confidence into “competitive confidence
  • Fragile self-confidence after missed shots or mistakes
  • Poor emotional control or ability to cope with errors
  • Inability to play freely and relaxed in tournaments
  • And giving up a lead because of the hazards of a “comfort zone

No matter how much you practice, if you suffer from lack of focus, low self-confidence or other mental game obstacles when you play in matches, you can’t reach your true potential in tennis or have fun.

“His Results Substantially Improved”

“AJ’s National ranking, with your help, has improved from 349 to 148. His tournament record at one point, since talking with you was 17-4, with 3 of the 4 being in third sets or tiebreakers and 2 of those matches being the same player, whom he has since beaten. Your help has definitely improved AJ’s results and his on-court demeanor has substantially improved.”


I want to share with you a few real-life mental game meltdowns…

“My Performance Level Drops At Critical Times”

“I often play well leading up to important points in the match, but my performance level drops, or doesn’t rise to the occasion at the critical time. It’s not choking or loss of focus, but “something else.” But I think this is a key difference between advancing to higher levels or stagnating despite having the ability to advance.”*

“I ‘Freak Out’ In Singles Matches”

“I seem to ‘freak out’ when I play singles. I get very negative and it affects the way I play. I start to get impatient and get ‘clogged’ up in my head. I tend to over think a lot and get quite frustrated with myself especially when I’m losing and making mistakes.”*

“I Have a Fear of Hitting it Out in Matches”

“I can be pretty amazing during practice, but when I play a match, everything is different. I think it is just the fear of hitting it out or something that prevents me from hitting those “amazing” shots I have during practice.”*

“I Get Tight and Can’t Finish my Stroke in Matches”

“During a match, I lose my intensity and freedom of “going for” my shots. I find myself becoming tight, and not finishing my stroke. Even though I am aware of this, I don’t know how to regain the confidence to let go and play like in practice. My timing is off, my shots don’t work, and I lose confidence in my ability.”*

“I Can’t Get Focused Soon Enough”

“When playing a match, I often fall behind in the first set. I, therefore tend to go to 3 sets. My concentration in the first set can be terrible. I sometimes finish a match and feel that I am now ready to start the match. I guess I can’t get focused early enough.”*

“Why Can’t I Win? My Coach Says I Should.”

“Everyone says my strokes look good on the practice court. My coach says I should be beating most of the people I play at tournaments, but I don’t. Why can’t I win?”*

Tennis can be frustrating at times and cause you to question all the hard work, lessons, and practice you do – especially when you lose matches you SHOULD win. But what’s crazy is that all this suffering is really unnecessary.

Having helped many athletes and tennis players overcome these challenges, you too can discover the top mental game strategies I have taught to Junior, Collegiate, Amateur, and Professional Athletes!

What Are My Credentials?

I’ve helped thousands of top athletes including top junior, collegiate, and pro athletes from many sports for over 30 years. Over this time, I have compiled an impressive list of accomplishments and credentials such as:

  • Working with some of the top athletes in the world including Junior, Collegiate, and Professional winners on mental skills to improve confidence, focus, and composure – for over 30 years.
  • Authoring and producing an extensive library of sports psychology books, videos, audio programs and training seminars. (Visit the proshop or seminar page for details).
  • Earning a Ph.D. in Sports Psychology from the University of Virginia having published more articles than any other students at the time.
  • Owner and founder of Sports Psychology for Tennis web site with over 200 articles, podcasts, and videos on the mental game of tennis and thousands of readers.

“I Played with the Amount of Confidence I Should Have”

“I have really enjoyed listening to your tennis psychology podcasts on iTunes and reading your E-books. I just found your web site and I already have improved in my mental game. I played in a tennis tournament this past weekend and played with the amount of confidence I should have in myself.”*


I’m on a mission to teach you proven and simple mental game strategies so you can overcome any mental barrier, take your practice game to tournaments, and boost your tennis confidence.

I won’t waste your time by boring you with psychobabble or fluff! Just simple. proven mental game strategies to help you perform at your peak!

The best part is that you too, can tap into my expertise and experience I’ve amassed about boosting other tennis players mental game – so you can perform your best in tournament play!

What’s Included In the “Tennis Confidence 2.0” Program?

Tennis Confidence” is a complete brain dump of the TOP eight mental training sessions I teach my personal students to help them boost their mental game and improve consistency – from managing unrealistic expectations to coping with perfectionism to building unbeatable confidence.

11 Tennis Confidence Sessions on 4 CDs (or MP3s) with Workbook:

  1. Session 1: How to Manage Strict Expectations
  2. Session 2: How to Focus on One Point or Shot at a Time
  3. Session 3A: How to Have Proactive Confidence
  4. Session 3B: How to Manage Confidence Killers
  5. Session 4: How to Improve Trust in Your Tennis Skills
  6. Session 5: How to Cope with Mistakes
  7. Session 6: How to Stop Worrying About What Others Think
  8. Session 7: How to Overcome Fear of Failure
  9. Session 8: How to Get Mentally Prepare for Matches
  10. Session 9: Service Routines for Tennis Confidence
  11. Session 10: How to Manage Your Mind Between Point

“Tennis Confidence 2.0” Audio and Workbook Program Includes:

  • 4 CDs (or PDFs) including 11 confidence-boosting sessions on audio. Each 20-30 minute session includes one mental training lesson to help you improve confidence, focus, composure, and develop focused routines (Audio value = $220).
  • One “Tennis Confidence” workbook (or 11 PDF downloadable workbooks) to guide you through my mental toughness sessions and to overcome mental game roadblocks (Workbook value: $110.00).
  • 11 “Tennis Confidence” Post-Match Assessments to help assess how you are doing and provide the answers to make any adjustments with your mental game (Assessments value: $110.00).

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