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“Who Else Wants To Discover How They Can Get Somebody Else To Do The Things They Hate For Cheaper Than Anybody Else And Save Hundreds Of Dollars Per Project Without The Hassle?!?” YES! You Can Kick The Outsourcing Learning Curve With These Hot Hints & Tips From A Pro…



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Budget Outsourcing

“Who Else Wants To Discover How They Can Get Somebody Else To Do The Things They Hate For Cheaper Than Anybody Else And Save Hundreds Of Dollars Per Project Without The Hassle?!?”

YES! You Can Kick The Outsourcing Learning Curve With These Hot Hints & Tips From A Pro…

From the Desk of Paul Kleinmeulman

Gatton, Queensland, Australia

Dear Outsourcing Marketer,

Have you ever been sick and tired of doing a repetitive task in your business?

Are there certain parts of internet marketing that you hate and you wish somebody else would do them for you?

Would you like to have more time to yourself, to spend with your family or doing the things that you want to do rather then being shackled to internet marketing?

If you are like most internet marketers you got into this business because you wanted to earn more in less time and have the freedom that comes from working for yourself. But like most internet marketers maybe you have created your own J.O.B. and now work longer hours doing boring, repetitive tasks.

Your business shouldn’t be like this, it should be enjoyable, challenging and rewarding and it can be if you just let somebody else do the things you hate. I’m talking about “outsourcing” and if you are not doing it then you should be.

But The Problem Is That….

Most people pay too much when they hire somebody, or

They aren’t happy with the work that they get, or

They just can’t find the right people and what should be a win-win relationship turns into a nightmare…

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be this way and I can show you a better way if you just give me 3 minutes right now.

John Delavera (my business mentor) is continually amazed how I can hire professional coders for hundreds even thousands of dollars less then he can (not just coders either but for any project). I’m sure he thinks I must hold a gun to their head or something but I assure you that it is not the case and the tricks and techniques are so easy that even you can start applying them to your business right now.

I started outsourcing specific tasks in my business over 2 years ago and now I practically outsource all the tasks I hate and you can bet your bottom dollar that I have learnt from my many mistakes and have discovered some secrets about outsourcing especially about getting for as cheap as I can (well my parents are Dutch… I should have been Scottish though 😉 ). You can skip the learning curve by up to two years.

Great news is that anybody can start to apply my simple and easy techniques to start saving hundreds if not thousands of dollars on projects immediately, plus it doesn’t matter the task, it could be coding, article writing even web design.

Let me give you all the details of how I can help you make your business even more successful, give you more time off AND get somebody else to do the things you hate.

John Delavera Said “Do It For Us Paul!”

After I told John Delavera how much I paid for a recent piece of software… he got back up off of the floor and said to me, “Paul, you must tell people how to do it, internet marketers and other outsourcers NEED the information that you have got”. I said “I don’t know mate, I’m really busy and I don’t really have time to teach other people how they can get work done as cheap as I can.” He said “Paul, if you don’t then you a horrible injustice to the internet marketing world”

So after many weeks I finally caved in… I had honestly had enough of hard working internet maketers paying TOO MUCH. I felt sick in my stomach everytime people told me how much they paid for a specific task… when they told me; I knew I could get it done for just one quarter of the price. So I started thinking seriously about making a practical, nothing held back video guide.

The very next day after a profitable session of brainstorming I wrote down everything that anybody needs to know to start delegating tasks and how to do it affordably (i.e. cheaper then anybody else). My goal wasn’t to create a exhaustive course about everything there is to know about outsourcing (I plan on doing that in the near future) but this was a step by step guide on how you can get started immediately and start saving some serious money.

I then went off by myself and spent hours creating a professional power point presentation to teach you what I know in the shortest amount of time and in a form that you can remember the best.

“Budget Outsourcing” Is The Result

I created a 30 minute audio visual power point presentation packed with hints, tips and information collected ‘in the trenches’ which will help you have the best experience possible with outsourcing and more importantly save you money every time you outsource any type of work. Plus this will free up your time to spend with your family and doing the things that you want.

I’m NOT here to convince you that you need to outsource… that is a given IF you want to enjoy your business and allow it to grow exponentially. I am here to simply show you how to save your hard earned money and get more bang for your buck.

You Will Discover…

So without any further ado let me share with you exactly what is included in this 30 minute audio visual exposé.

Who Is Paul Kleinmeulman? – If you want to learn anything then you must ensure that you are learning from a capable and experienced teacher and I share with you 3 reasons why you could be wasting thousands by not listening to me.

Why You Need To Outsource? – Let me briefly take you through the basics and share with you 5 reasons you need to outsource.

The Number 1 Outsourcing Service! – While it’s no secret that I religiously use RentaCoder.com you will definitely want to know why I only use that service and how you could get stung if you use another.

Know What You Want? – Discover how you can immediately start reducing bid prices by being laser focused and how to avoid the time wasters.

The Bait & The Hook – Discover exactly what I am referring to when I say “The Bait & The Hook” and how you can be more choosy with workers begging to complete your project.

The All Important Deadline – How do you keep your worker motivated and focused all has to do with the deadline. Miss this point and you will be wasting weeks if not months of your time.

Choosing The Right Person For The Job – Make a bad decision here and it can cost you hundreds of dollars and months of wasted time. Let me show you 3 factors more important then bid price.

My 5 Secrets To Getting The Lowest Price – Most of these secrets are so easy they just include one sentence of extra work to easily reduce bid prices by hundreds of dollars.

Constant Communication Is Crucial – Why you should never let your worker stop talking to you and if they do what to do about it… immediately.

Essentials Before Accepting – Don’t be stuck with work which is not acceptable to you. Do these things first and save yourself a lot of heartache!

The Best GreaseHow do you keep the good workers? Find out in this audio visual presentation as they have told me themselves.

Continual Work – What happens after the initial project and how you can save even more money after the initial work is finished for future work.

What You Should Never Scrimp On – Discover 3 positions/tasks that I never try and save money on.

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Archive: https://web.archive.org/web/20061116081005/ttp://www.outsourceformula.com/BudgetOutsourcing/

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