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Options Trading Profit System: 3 STEPS TO PROFIT – Options Geek


It’s no longer a secret that Options are the perfect tool used by the Top 1% of investors to masterfully achieve the best Risk Reward on their investments. Since 1995, the annual options contracts traded increased from 150 million to 5 Billion. That’s up 3,200% in 23 years!


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Felix Frey’s Options Trading Profit System 3 STEPS TO PROFIT

What if you could learn how to trade options for consistent 150-400% returns?

Learn How the Top 1% Trade Options. Produce Winning Trades…

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 Winning Results …

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Note: See further details below on these results including details on the trades taken each month. Past results is not an indication of future performance. Results will vary by member.

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And Winning Comments 


That APC call was right on. Can’t believe they got taken over. In all the years I’ve been trading I don’t remember catching a takeover trade like that. Had 25 of those calls @ $1.25, sold them out for an average of about $12.50+. Almost $30,000! Need a lot of trades like that, getting ready to break ground on a beach house I’m building. 

 Mike G.

This is just a snippet of some of our members’ winning picks. You can see the entire portfolio below.

Again, if you’re ONLY interested in receiving my picks

The Options Secret Known By the Top 1%

I’m Felix Frey, the Founder & Creator of OptionsGeek

By now, you’ve seen some of the incredible results we’ve had with the Options Trading Profit System – 3 STEPS TO PROFIT. And like most people, you’re probably wondering:

How do you do it, Felix? How do you find these great risk-rewarding trade ideas day in and day out that are reaching consistent triple digit profits?

That’s my secret, and I’m excited to reveal it to you today. You see…

20 years on Wall Street has taught me a lot. Listening to, advising and trading against Billionaire investors reveals incredible bits of valuable information, like pieces to a very large puzzle.

What do I mean by that?

My system, the Options Trading Profit System, puts all of those pieces together to reveal what no one else has – the Options Secret known only to the Top 1%. The Options Secret is the answer to two simple Options Questions everyone asks. Incredibly enough, those answers determine whether you’ll win or lose in the long run.

The Options Trading Profit System is a complete, cohesive and easy to understand explanation of how the best in the world profit using options. But just revealing their secret wasn’t enough. I needed to build something that was simple for everyone to use.

So, showing you how they do it is great. Allowing you to do it yourself… that’s powerful!

And that’s what 3 STEPS TO PROFIT does.

Now, before I tell you all about the System, you must be wondering:

Why Would I Trade Options?

It’s no longer a secret that Options are the perfect tool used by the Top 1% of investors to masterfully achieve the best Risk Reward on their investments. Since 1995, the annual options contracts traded increased from 150 million to 5 Billion. That’s up 3,200% in 23 years!

This dramatic increase in volume is attributed to a distinct feature embedded in an option – Limited Liability. Add to that unlimited opportunity and you have yourself the greatest (and safest) financial tool ever created – only if you understand how to use them.

Unfortunately, that Secret hasn’t been revealed. Until now!


This Is How You Spot A Fake Online Options “Guru”

“You must sell options” – Fake Online Options “Guru”

Most online Options “Gurus” lead people to believe that selling options is the best way to trade them. And why not? Selling options is easier to teach, has an alluring pitch, but often comes with great (unmentioned) risk.

These “Gurus” have taken facts and twisted them into a narrative that isn’t true and is actually quite dangerous. These facts are:

  1. Options are a decaying asset
  2. You can sell certain options and win a very high percentage of the time
  3. Implied Volatility is generally higher than Actual volatility (In plain English, they are Expensive).

While true, these 3 facts are twisted into a narrative that goes something like this:

“Profit on 70-90% of options trades by selling them. Learn why they are inherently expensive and take advantage of the fact that they decay in value every day.”

– Fake Online Options “Guru”

I’m sure you’ve heard this pitch. It’s quite enticing, but you aren’t hearing the full story.

Some “Gurus” even go as far as saying that fact #3 is your “Volatility Edge.” This is absolutely not true!

And anyone saying this is being incredibly irresponsible to unsuspecting investors. So, be aware of these “gurus” because they can cost you a ton of money and waste valuable time.

The Truth is that Most of the Top 1% Buy Options

Investors can either buy or sell options and find profitable ways to do so. However, the truth is that buying options offer a much bigger opportunity to profit.

In fact, that is why most of the Top 1% buy options. They understand how powerful the product can be if you understand how to use them.

Unfortunately, this is where Options education has failed.  Investors are left confused and frustrated with simple questions that the industry doesn’t answer.

How Can You Buy Options Like the Top 1%  If There Isn’t Education to Teach You?

Options Trading Profit System



STEP 1: Education

New. Engaging. Easy-to-Understand. On Point.

3 STEPS TO PROFIT starts by building a strong foundation in options in very little time.

This is brand NEW education with new concepts that are easy to understand, but has been kept a secret… until now. It’s helping investors like you better understand how to use options like the best in the world: Warren BuffetSteve CohenGeorge SorosCarl IcahnBill Ackman, just to name a few.

3 STEPS TO PROFIT reveals the Options Secret and allows you to learn how these legendary investors use options differently from the average investor. You won’t believe it. It is unlike anything you have seen or heard before. You’ll receive professionally done video courses with transcripts, as well as 150+ Q&A workbook to increase your retention.

Want to know the best part?

Get Options Trading Profit System: 3 STEPS TO PROFIT – Options Geek  , Only Price $87


My Proprietary Teaching Method prepares you to start profiting with options – in  MINUTES!  No more confusing courses, tough concepts, unanswered questions, and wasted time. You’ll be engaged, your retention will increase, and for the first time you’ll see a clear path to profits!

Minutes? Let me clarify what I mean by that. Do you understand how to play “Heads or Tails”? Of course you do. This means that you already understand how to think about options. I am simply going to connect the dots for you. Then as you wish, you can follow up with more education at your own speed. All you have to do is follow the exact steps I lay out for you. That’s the power of the Options Trading Profit System – 3 STEPS TO PROFIT.

3 STEPS TO PROFIT teaches you:

  • How to gain Mathematical Edge
  • How to trade Options in Less Time
  • All about the 2 Hardest Options Questions 
  • The Answers known only to the Top 1%
  • How to Turn Education into Profits

I’ve broken down Options Education into two questions:

1. When do I use Options?
2. Which Options do I Buy?

Knowing the answers to these two questions is what separates  you from the Top 1% of investors in the world – it is the Options Secret.

With my proprietary teaching methods you’re going to understand the answers and learn at such a rapid pace that you won’t believe your progress. You’ll realize immediately what it means to “shift the odds in your favor,” and then I’ll show you exactly how to do it with options.  The concept we’ll use is called Mathematical Edge.

Listen to Their Excitement!

This process doesn’t have to take long to be effective. For some of you, it will take minutes. For others it simply takes a few hours. But, it’s nothing like sitting through a long, drawn out, boring, and confusing course. You’ll be engaged from the very start as I change your mindset to think like the Top 1%. Once you understand the Options Secret a clear path to profitability awaits.

STEP 2: Technology

A Simple Yet Very Powerful Tool.

3 STEPS TO PROFIT brings education to life with an options tool that is so simple… anyone can use it.

Here’s the problem. If you’re going to trade options, then you’ll end up on an Options Chain. It’s where everyone gets confused. You will stare at it having little idea where to start, let alone which one to choose. You won’t even be sure if you should be using options in the first place. This leads you and everyone else to guess. Unfortunately, guessing with options leads to guaranteed losses over time.

The solution. I’ve re-engineered the Options Chain to include your viewpoint (something the industry never thought to use) and offer you the best option for you to choose ONLY IF options offer a viable opportunity to profit.

No more Options Analysis. No more guesswork.

The New Options Chain gives you the answers that you need to shift the odds in your favor. No one has ever explained how to do this and surely, they have never shown you the process!

The Missing Link… A Game Changer!

The New Options Chain is going to change the way you trade options… forever. How?


Easy to understand. You’ll be able to use options just like the best in the world… in a few minutes! No more options analysis. No more guessing.


When your thoughts about the stock changes or as the prices change, then the risk-reward of the trade changes. And so does the answer!


As your thoughts change, the tool helps you understand why and how you can get back into the right range of option strikes.


The tool saves you money when bid-offers are too wide. It narrows the bid-offer to prices that show you where you are more likely to transact.


Do Not Guess on the Options Chain

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Dissecting The New Options Chain. Built to Think EXACTLY like Steve Cohen!

  1. Here is where you’ll express YOUR UNIQUE VIEW on the stock. That’s all you need to do. The New Options Chain does the rest of the calculations.
  2. This area simply shows you the market’s sentiment.
  3. Where you find the data, we simply shaded EVERYTHING except these two windows. For Calls, here. And Puts, here.
  4. This is the stock price in white.
  5. Finally, we have this end column, the Risk Reward Breakeven Price (RR$). This is the market’s expectations. It’s the Stock Price at expiration built into that particular option which balances the risk and reward. It’s very important to know this price!

Options%20Trading%20Profit%20System%2004 » esyGB Fun-Courses

Get Options Trading Profit System: 3 STEPS TO PROFIT – Options Geek  , Only Price $87

STEP 3: Profit

A Simple Strategy Making Explosive Returns.

Once you understand the closely kept secret of the world’s Top 1% of investors, you can start on your own journey to find your own ideas.

And you can feel confident that you’re using options the right way.

This is the most exciting part. You’re using all your knowledge gained to start trading like the Top 1%.

But I won’t leave you empty handed. That journey to find your own ideas also needs direction.

  • Where do you find the ideas?
  • How do you filter them?
  • How do you analyze the ideas?

And then…

  • How do you use a mathematical process to extract profits from those ideas?

It’s all here… in my Options Trading Profit System… 3 STEPS TO PROFIT.

We’re aiming for 150-400% returns with each idea.

And… We Let the Math Work For Us!

Down below, you can see monthly returns from our community. While most of our trades have been winning trades, there are also some losing trades. I want you to get accustomed to that. Not all trades will be winners, and that’s okay.

The beauty of 3 Steps to Profit is that it teaches you how to play the math to your advantage and win over time. Why?

Because I teach you how to use probabilities to your advantage, I teach you how to attain the mathematical edge you need to shift the odds in your favor. Once you go through the 3 Steps to Profit, you gain a sense of direction and you never, ever have to guess again.

Only then, will you start to Profit with Options.

The Presentation that Changed Everything!

NEW YORK CITY, Mar. 1, 2019/PR Newswire/ — OptionsGeek LLC is pleased to announce the launch of OptionsGeek, an options training platform offering students and traders the options tool required to succeed, quality trading ideas to profit, and the best options education that ties it all together. OptionsGeek introduces brand new concepts and a more exciting delivery for all investors interested in better managing their risk and increasing their reward.  Felix Frey, founder of OptionsGeek will be speaking at the Moneyshow TradersEXPO held in New York, NY between March 10 to 12, 2019.

Mr. Frey is a Wharton graduate with over 20 years trading options on Wall Street, will host a panel discussion,  “The Options Secret Used by the Top 1% to Gain Edge” on Monday, March 11th between 3:30 PM – 4:15 PM EST. Felix’s seminar will clarify the confusion in the options industry and reveals why most investors are at an insurmountable disadvantage.

Felix commented, “Knowledge is power. In this game, there’s a fine line between actually knowing what you’re doing and guessing.  Most people are guessing, which leads them to guaranteed losses. Now, think about what role the OIC plays in the whole game. Answer that and you get close to the secret.”

Since Then… Just Take a Look! 

Options%20Trading%20Profit%20System%2005 » esyGB Fun-Courses

Note: These are not actual results by any one member. It is an illustration of equal investments in each trade idea offered. Results are not compounded returns. Trades are consistently rolling off, whether winners or loses, and then placed in new trades. Stop-losses of 50% and staggered positive exits are put in place by each individual at his own discretion. The Program offers several different possible strategies and teaches you how to determine which levels best suit you. Ultimately, that decision is left to the Member. All past trades are documented and presented to all Members in the Members Area. Almost all trades are presented to Members prior to the market open to give each Member equal chance to execute from the same starting point. Results vary according to the members own plan relating to their entry and exit strategy. Past results are not indicative of future performance.

Take a Closer Look at the Monthly Returns

Recent months aren’t displayed due to live trades. SPOILER: They’re just as good.

  • March 2019
  • April 2019
  • May 2019
  • June 2019
  • July 2019
  • August 2019
  • September 2019
  • October 2019

Limited Time Bonus: My Personal Winning Picks for 1 Month

3 STEPS TO PROFIT teaches you how to find your own winning picks. Once you go through the system, you’ll be able to profit on your own. But, there’s something else I want to do for you. I want to SUPERCHARGE your progress by giving you a sneak peak into my personal ideas.

Those are the picks I send our WINNING OPTIONS PICKS members every week. I do all the research and deliver 2-4 high-probability trading signals every week. Each idea comes along with my analysis, thought process, and specific details of the option, including expiration, strike, option price, and a Target Stock Price. Average expiration dates are 2-3 months out. Average holding period for the option is 4-6 weeks.

In 3 STEPS TO PROFIT, I will help you structure your own unique Trading Plan. This Plan determines entry and exit strategies that I will outline for you.

Finally, the trades are simple in nature. We’re either buying Call Options, or buying Put Options. We are NOT doing Iron Condors, Spreads, or any other multi-legged trade. We keep it simple.

By getting a sneak peak into WINNING OPTIONS PICKS, you get valuable insights into how I develop an options trade. You get to see an expert in action. This will cut off months of time that you’d spend out in the field perfecting your process… you can simply model mine.



I’ll keep this open for new members that join the Options Trading Profit System. You’ll get 1 FREE Month (Value $197/mo) to help you maximize your profits with the 3 STEPS TO PROFIT.

Get Options Trading Profit System: 3 STEPS TO PROFIT – Options Geek  , Only Price $87

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