No More Shit Tests – Brent Smith



No More Shit Tests – Brent Smith


No More Shit Tests – Brent Smith… For instance, she may say something which sounds totally innocent, but behind it lies her primal brain… hungry to find out if you’re man enough to take the reigns in the blossoming relationship.

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No More Shit Tests – Brent Smith

I find it rather amusing a lot of guys don’t believe girls pull “shit tests” on them.
They must be blind.

In my world, it’s impossible to believe girls, no matter how fugly, DON’T pull shit tests on guys.

ESPECIALLY IF the the girl is attracted to them.

That’s right. The more they like you, the more you get shit tested.

It’s in their female genetic wiring, all the way till the day you stick it in.

Let’s be clear…

A shit test is when a woman tests you to see if you’re man enough to handle her.

She plays these little games. Comes up with silly little situations.

Says absolutely the craziest shit I’ve ever heard.

All in hopes you say something back that…instead of complying, supplicating and basically being a pussy…

Consciously and unconsciously, she does this. She can’t help it.

I believe in her primal female soul, she does these things because she wants you to club her, pull her by the hair back to your cave and f^ck her brains out!

No matter what she says in public, THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT SHE WANTS.

The side eye and wry smile after you’ve f^cked like monkeys is all you need to know, to know what I’m saying is the absolute truth.

Don’t believe me? Take a gander…

Now, don’t tell me I’m just imagining things when a woman pulls this kinda Sh!t 🙂

Because they all do it. Either consciously or unconsciously.

The only question is…




Have you been caught tongue-tied when she pulls a shit test on you?

Trust me, you’re not alone.

For instance, how would you respond to shit tests like these:

  • “Does that line usually work for you?”
  • “Will you hold my drink while I go to the bathroom?”
  • “Why can’t you be more like…(fill in the blank with your favorite douche)”
  • “I have a boyfriend.”
  • “Take me shopping.”
  • “I’m busy talking to My Friend.”
  • The infamous “Pause and Stare”
  • “We’re Not Having Sex.”
  • “You Disgust me!”

Some are prove-you’re-man-enough challenges.

Others are disguised as innocent damsel-in-distress requests for help. Still others are cruel insults.

How do you come up with a “I’ll put you in your place” response?

My guess is you’ve been on the receiving end of comments like these and struggled knowing exactly how to respond.

Here’s what used to happen to me…

I’d be with some hot girl and get an innocuous shit test like:

“Let’s just be friends”.

Dumbfounded, I’d stand there paralyzed, not knowing what to say.

Of course, I just blew a perfect opportunity. Within seconds, the woman would roll her eyes, write me off and move on.

Then, hours later, the perfect response would hit me like a ton of bricks.

As you know, there’s no ‘do over’ when it comes to situations like that.

Here’s the real challenge:

If you don’t have the perfect comeback quick as a whip, you’re pretty much screwed.

And that’s why I created Brent Smith’s Shit Test Encyclopedia.

The Shit Test Encyclopedia gives you HUNDREDS of snappy, creative comebacks to every shit test you’ll ever encounter.

All designed to elicit that “I can’t believe he just said that. He’s different than the others” response in a hot woman.

Have you ever given a snappy comeback to a girl’s shit test? One that made her jaw drop and think ‘WTF’?

In the moment, it can be the greatest feeling in the world.

Done right, you literally rock a woman’s world.

To her, it’s like:

“Wow, this guy may be an asshole, but he’s a keeper.”

From that moment forward, she *knows* not to give you any shit.


Yes, I said IF you want her. That’s a big IF.

The point is, from that moment forward, you’re in control. You’re the one calling the shots, not her.

When it comes to her relationship with you, SHE KNOWS HER PLACE.

You’ve earned her respect. You’re worthy.

You’ve ridden a wild mare and won her over.

What you do with that respect, I’ll just leave to your imagination 🙂

All I can say is with The Shit Test Encyclopedia, you’ll never be caught speechless again.

You ooze the SUPREME CONFIDENCE that comes with you knowing EXACTLY what to say. Its value is IMMEASURABLE.

  • No more being tongue-tied…
  • No more inexplicable painful rejection…
  • No more being left holding your dick in your hands wondering what to say…

The first time you pass a shit test with a woman, you’ll be amazed at the subtle, yet firm power it gives you.

The second time it happens, you still can’t believe it.

A woman opening herself up to you is such an intimate thing.

The third time it happens, you know what it’s like to rule the world.

A Strong Word of Caution…

Yes, passing a woman’s shit test with a witty comeback gives you tremendous power.

However–there’s one caveat:

You must deliver the comeback instantly.

If there’s even a moment of hesitation, the opportunity is lost forever.

And so are your chances of getting laid.

That’s why the Shit Test Encyclopedia is essential to your game. It allows you to see all the silly little shit tests women can throw at you AS WELL AS all the possible responses for each.

It’s a mind blow when you see, all at one time, the mosaic of possibilities.

Then of course, I reveal to you the whole shit test mindset you should have, the way I personally come up with responses on the fly.

  • Totally ad libbed.
  • Totally off the wall and out of the blue.
  • Guys have seen me do it.

And in the moment, they knowingly smile to themselves, witnessing first hand how it’s done and the ultra-favorable responses I get.

The reaction of the woman? It’s priceless.

The woman *knows*. She knows she’s dealing with someone who can handle her. Someone she can respect as a man.

Once you understand and appreciate the mindset, coming up with lethal responses designed to catch a woman off guard and delivering them like a laser-guided comeback missile will be effortless and fun.

If there was one skill I would strongly encourage to hone, it’s learning how to handle a woman’s shit tests effectively.

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