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The New Game of Selling

Read on to see how you can get a 1,000% return on investment in your first month!

Dear Friend,

Do you ever wonder how it would be if you could make a change in the way you’re selling so that everything you touch turns to gold?

Have you ever faced a rejection, a slow month or a frustrating setback and thought to yourself:

“if only I had said or done something differently, I could have landed that account”

“how did I let that one get away? I was so sure I had that sale…”

“what skills am I missing to get to play in a NEW League?”

“there must be a better way to sell so I don’t have to worry about meeting my quota?”

Today everything changes.

Now and forever, you will elevate the way you sell, the way you make money, the way you service your customers, and the way you live your life.

It’s no accident you’re here, right now. You’ve stumbled across something that’s been proven to work miracles for sales people, managers, entrepreneurs and corporations the world over.

Strap yourself in! You’re about to discover how to play and win…

The New Game of Selling™

Thousands of companies have generated more than a billion dollars of new sales, revenues and profits playing “The NEW Game of Selling.” Companies like IBM, MetLife, Allstate, AIG, Calvin Klein, Citibank, Mutual of Omaha, Pfizer, Smith-Barney, Prudential and Key Bank, universities like NYU and Notre Dame have benefited from these NEW game-changing methods. Many did it with little or no expense.

NOW, you can use them for yourself – starting TODAY!

Everybody sells. Yet sales-ability is the most under-developed, essential business skill for life.

Whatever kind of work you do, you have to sell yourself, your ideas, your skills, your solutions, your products or your services. At some point in life, you may to sell all of these.

When you improve your sales-ability, you boost your earnings capacity. Along the way some other wonderful things start happening too.

Your credibility, self-confidence, self-image and self-respect increase in direct proportion to your income levels.

Think back to a time when you seemed to have everything going for you. Remember a really great day. You made a big sale, landed a huge client, re-activated an old account, or celebrated some other victory.

Remember that feeling? You were on top of the world. You were in a zone. If you’d like to get in that zone again and stay that way…

Make “The New Game of Selling™” play
book a permanent part of your game plan!

Here’s what will happen when you do:

  • Feel the most confident you’ve ever felt about selling yourself.
  • Know with certainty what to do in every sales interaction.
  • Dramatically excel at selling your products, services, ideas, issue or cause.
  • Use the “33% Formula” to double your income every 26 months.
  • Scratch their “I.T.C.H.™” and watch people beat a path to your door.
  • Always know what to say next in any sales situation.
  • Use “3 Magic Words” that turn browsers into buyers.
  • Master “The Buying Cycle™” and make an indelible impact from first contact through the lifetime of a relationship.
  • Attract, convert and keep more customers for life.
  • Boost the dollar value of customer purchases, increase new sales volume, and net more profit per sale.
  • Add instant profit to your bottom line with zero cost by “pre-selling” clients into the next new sale.
  • Boost top line revenue and reduce marketing expense 20% or more by getting powerful testimonials, ringing endorsements and MEGA-referrals.
  • Position yourself as THE Trusted Advisor, the professional of choice.
  • Feel more at ease with self-promotion (in the new game, all promotion is self-promotion).
  • Find and catch more “hungry fish” eager to buy what you’re serving.
  • Strengthen the essential life and business skill that attracts people to you, and enrolls them in buying your best product: YOU!
  • Eliminate 90% of all customer objections, easily handle the rest.
  • Unlock the 7 steps that qualify a person for readiness in no time flat.
  • Use any or all of the 10 steps to qualify people by phone in minutes.

But hold on! Here are more tools waiting for you
when you play The New Game of Selling™:

  • Use the 4 most powerful words you can say to someone that increase your sales results immediately
  • Discover the ONE distinction that will change your business forever
  • Turn active and passive income into residual income
  • Alter the response of your prospects in 10 seconds or less
  • Harness the “3 R’s” and develop more long term client income
  • Master the ONLY two ways to gain commitment (“close the sale”)
  • Understand how and WHY people commit to take action
  • Get undivided attention in the first 10 seconds of your telephone calls
  • 3 magic words that get people to agree and commit
  • Discover a new way to eliminate objections
  • Hierarchy of value: why it’s important and how to use it
  • Have people tell you want they want, in what order, and in what intensity
  • Detect and pass all three green lights you need to gain commitment
  • Handle with ease all six possible customer responses to seal the deal
  • Ask the “5 Questions of Service™” that solidify long term commitments and multiply customer profitability.
  • Be comfortable, confident and capable of asking for and getting referrals
  • Leverage your position as THE trusted advisor
  • Always know what to say and do to advance customer relationships

Here’s the truth: Sales masters are highly paid professionals. They drive luxury cars. They vacation in the Caribbean and South Pacific. They own beautiful homes, boats, season tickets. They don’t think about how they’re going to pay their bills. I could go on, but you get the idea.

Bottom line: sales masters lead a fabulous lifestyle. And from this moment on, the door is open for you to join them.

If you’re ready to elevate your game and enjoy all the perks normally reserved for the people at the top of your industry, then come with me and together, we’ll show them how The NEW Game is played.

Play “The NEW Game of Selling™” and
make a quantum leap in your ability
to sell anything; most of all, YOU!

  • If you work for a company, “NEW Selling” will position you for promotion and advancement and propel your career forward. You’ll command respect by your bosses, co-workers and clients. You will be more compelling and persuasive
  • If you have an entrepreneurial itch, The New Game will inspire you to launch a part – or full-time business and give you the tools to do the most important job of all.
  • If you already have a business, The New Game will generate more income and profit than you ever thought possible.

For the first time outside the corporate arena, I am sharing the peak performance strategies and selling skills my Fortune 500 clients hire me to teach their top performers, the same ones I use to coach their sales teams.

One of my Fortune 50 Corporate clients said:

“In my 25 years at IBM, having Mitch work with us is one of the most valuable things we’ve ever done.”

“The NEW Game of Selling™ changes the game.”

I first introduced “The NEW Game of Selling” in 1991 as a comprehensive personal development and sales mastery training. I have taught New Game selling skills live to more than 100,000 people from 30 countries. Professionals in hundreds of industries are playing The New Game.

Whatever you do for a living, you serve somebody. Mastering your sales-ability helps you more clearly communicate to your audience how you can uniquely serve them. If you are ready for a quantum leap in effectiveness, earnings and confidence…

If you’re ready to propel your game into a whole new league…

If you’re ready to elevate your value to a new income level…

Then join me now to play the new game of selling.

We’re removing all barriers for you to enter this billion-dollar game. For the first time, we are revealing all the trade secrets in “The New Game of Selling.”

Who is best suited to play this new game?

Salespeople, entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, business owners, retail stores, any and every enterprise that wants to sell more of their products and services. Your friends, family, associates, colleagues, business partners, and clients will all elevate their play dramatically .

The NEW Game of Selling is your own private multiple profit center.

When you join the new selling community, you are in the game for life. You get to play the game every day. We give you tools and training to play your best game in whatever you do for a living.

That’s not all.

Get download Mitch Axelrod – The New Game of Selling at Forimc.com today!

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