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Multi-million dollar online sales machine reluctantly reveals… Who Else Wants to Survive The Four Horsemen of the Conversion Apocalypse?



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Get a jump on the market and act before the story hits the mainstream. Many heads will roll and blood will run in the streets… but you can avoid becoming a statistic if you know what to do… before it’s too late.

Best Part? You can side-step the whole mess for just a buck…

You Will Discover The Secrets To Boosting
Conversion No One Has Ever Shared

What I’m going to share with you in the next 12 weeks is the process I’ve used for building multi-million dollar online advertising promotions. These are the precise strategies and tactics you always wished someone would reveal to you… but never did.

Million dollar secrets like:

  • Secrets of the “Big 3” and how to leverage them before you even put your fingers on the keyboard (or pay a copywriter) so you have the hidden advantage the gurus use to knock down monster paydays
  • The easiest thing you can do to almost instantly boost sales (takes only minutes) and create a rabid following of never ending customers
  • Why most people get the “hook” wrong (if they even get THAT far)… and how you can rise to the top of the conversion heap when you learn the “PT Barnum Mindset” (no, it’s not “a sucker is born every minute…”)
  • How to find your “thirsty crowd” and tap into them like a never ending cash machine using the “so called secret” of what they most desire
  • Sure, everybody says to test… but very few actually do it. You’ll discover how to make it fast, effective and painless with my favorite tool (FREE!)
  • Plug in the proven formula for tweaking sales copy that can boost your sales by 500% or more!
  • How to “write” attention grabbing headlines that keep visitor eyeballs stuck on your sales pitch… it’s simple and easy as filling in the blanks
  • How to deeply connect with total strangers so your believability skyrockets and they hang on every word. It’s so powerful, you can’t afford to miss this vital information… even if all you use to sell is audio and video
  • The “missing link” used by world-class salesman (but ignored by the masses) and how you can embed it into your advertising for monster-sized response to your offers
  • The four step method (proprietary) for creating winning ads in a fraction of the time… even if you can’t write worth squat
  • Online or offline, the more your prospects read… the more likely they are to buy! I’ll show you how to get those dreaded skimmers re-engaged into your ad so you get head shaking results
  • The secret to persona the gurus don’t want you to know (but when you do you’ll put your money-making abilities on steroids)
  • The three parts of your salesletters that determine the success of your ad – and how to ruthlessly tweak them so they sing in harmony with your market and you get paid like a rockstar…
  • Why most guarantees suck and scream out “DON’T BUY ME!” and how to turn it around so it’s a potent sales point that makes them say YES
  • Seven rules for swiping the right copy..break one and your short-cut takes a wrong turn on the long road to Disappointment Land
  • The secret of using indirect-proof to pump up your sales… especially in the absence of testimonials, case studies, or a demonstration
  • The 3 steps to getting your reader devouring your ad like a starved stray dog at a Five Star Steakhouse
  • The secret reason your prospects buy… but will NEVER tell you (once you know, you get an invisible edge…)
  • A fun and easy question you can ask to march in step with your readers… and tell them what they NEED in a completely genuine way
  • A FREE high-end word processing program (my clients love it!) that gives you a professional grade writing platform and doesn’t spew all of Microsoft Word’s bloated code that takes hours to clean up in html
  • A new way to test and tweak your copy for maximum conversion… completely free and directly from a former “insider”
  • Why too much copy can put your salesletter on “death row” with no hope of parole
  • What top pro’s do when an old warhorse ad needs fresh new legs to regain it’s former glory and profitability (ALL ads weaken at some point, miss this trick at your own peril)
  • How to write bullets that trigger the instant “I WANT THAT” response and get readers stampeding towards the order button without reading another word
  • A proprietary method for combining tiny little tweaks that rapidly add up to more money in your bank account
  • The secret of tweaks that whisper and changes that scream… and how you can use it to test your way to dramatic conversion increases as rapidly as possible
  • My 5 step process for silky-smooth reading ads that fly under the radar and are installed into your prospects buying response
  • The simple exercise that injects you with money-making copywriting DNA faster than any other method known to man. It’s so powerful, I still use it!)
  • How to make use of the 12 most powerful human desires and claim your fair share of the online cash bonanza… ethically

Highly Time Sensitive: Get Started Today

Okay, one more point. If you’ve been struggling to make more money, in less time and finally get your business working for YOU instead of being a slave to it you need to do something to find the way out.

After all, you’ve invested so much time and effort to build your business. Now it’s time to get some attention. It’s time to get your products into the hands of the people who need it. It’s time to quit messing around with piecemeal solutions and go comprehensive.

This is your only chance.

This live program will NEVER be repeated.

And with the amount of emails going out, from good friends who know I produce results, 200 spots are going to sell out… and it shouldn’t take long.

And that’s just for starters. Look, anyone who has dealt with me in the business world knows that I always over-deliver. Just look at all of the comments marketers and copywriters say about me. That’s the proof you need to know I’m committed to your success.

Look, I really never thought about coming out of the shadows. But darn it, information like this is just not available anywhere else.

If I didn’t do it… who would?

When You Do It… Do It RIGHT

Listen, if you wanted to hire me to work with you on a project, you better be ready to send me a PayPal for $20,000, and be willing to share the profits.

The problem with that is I just can’t work for everyone. There’s simply not enough time in the day for me to do it.

This is the next best thing.

If you’re a copywriter, what you’ll learn here will allow you to double your fee’s almost overnight. You won’t be a “me too” copywriter. You will be so much more. You’ll have the chops to test, and you’ll become a high level consultant to your clients.

That means you’ll make more money, and so will they.

If you’re a marketer, you’ll get access to my proven skills and proprietary methods and jack-up your take home for a fraction of what it costs to hire me. You’ll learn the most important elements to driving conversion higher. And you’ll have the chops to evaluate any copywriter you may hire.

Not to mention avoid a big problem: many copywriters leave you in the cold after they deliver their copy. Now you’ll be able to mold it into a powerful selling tool by testing and tweaking it yourself.

The Undeniable TRUTH
About Internet Marketing…

No one can argue with this… higher conversion multiplies profits.

Double conversion rates double profits – FACT.

Triple conversion rates triple profits – FACT.

And the easiest way to double or triple conversions is to test. That’s a fact too.

So I’m going to make this easy for you…

Most of the big guns in copywriting would charge $5,000 for information like this. They tell me it separates the stars from the rest of the herd.

I don’t agree.

Even though this little-known formula is worth every bit of that, the people who need it most couldn’t afford it. You deserve to have the money multiplying million dollar copywriter and conversion expert in your corner… (assuming you meet the qualifications.)

So you can try it out for just $1.

That’s right, pay only a dollar today. You’ll get privileged access to me, my powerful conversion processes and the first module. It’s hard to argue the fact the first call covers the biggest conversion booster of them all…

How To Create Irresistible Offers Your Target Market Can’t Ignore – with the legendary Mark Joyner and myself. This call goes beyond Mark’s best-selling book, and straight to the heart (and profitability) of your business.

Then you can decide if I’m the right guy to show you how to shoot your conversions and your bottom-line into orbit.

And when you decide to stay, you’ll discover the power of the rest of the formula… for as low as…


Yep, when you break it all down, it’s only $16.63 a day. How easy is that to make up by producing more sales?

Heck if you sell one more ebook a day, that can easily pay for a lifetime skill.

Lifetime membership in the Conversion Crash Course is only $1397, or 3 easy payments of $497. That breaks down to $16.63 a day, or $17.75 a day on the three pay plan.

What could you get for $17.75 today?

When it comes to your business, not much at all.

  • Less than 2 minutes of time from a top-gun copywriter
  • 71 Clicks on Google AdWords at 25 cents a click
  • An ebook from some nobody “conversion guru” at Clickbank

You could potentially make money with all those things… but not too much.

When it comes to your business, the Conversion Crash Course will literally change your life, your business and your fortunes.


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