Metabolic Fitness Level III – Blood Chemistry Interpretation – Bryan Walsh



Metabolic Fitness Level III – Blood Chemistry Interpretation – Bryan Walsh


[ Available ] Metabolic Fitness Level III – Blood Chemistry Interpretation – Bryan Walsh… This module covers evidence-based reference ranges for a CBC, the physiology of each marker, and how do identify, differentiate, and discern different types of anemias.


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Metabolic Fitness Level III – Blood Chemistry Interpretation – Bryan Walsh

Metabolic Fitness Level III - Blood Chemistry Interpretation - Bryan Walsh

Clinicians will learn:

  • Evidence-based reference ranges in both US and International Units
  • Physiology behind each lab marker to allow for deep understanding in today’s complicated patients
  • How to provide strategic supplement recommendations rather than rely on generalized protocols
  • Updated research on a myriad of functional medicine conversations

Course Details

Module 1
Intro To Blood

In this video, we cover the important characteristics of blood including functions, regulation, hematopoesis, and main constituents.

Module 2
CBC with Differential

Here we cover the specifics of how red blood cells are made (erythropoiesis), the markers of a CBC and what they specifically are and measure, as well as iron metabolism and related markers.

Module 3
Enzymes and Wastes

This module takes a look at the physiology, biochemistry, and role of all the primary enzymes and wastes on a standard blood chemistry, including AST, ALT, alkaline phosphatase, GGT, LDH, creatinine, BUN, bilirubin, etc.

Module 4

Here we go over the physiology, biochemistry and function of the major electrolytes found on a blood chemistry, including calcium, phosphorus, sodium, potassium, chloride and bicarbonate.

Module 5
Glucose and Lipids

In this module, we dive into the physiology of glucose regulation and related hormones and markers, as well as the physiology of the lipids found on a blood chemistry, including cholesterol and triacylglycerols.

Module 6
Introduction and Blood Chemistry

Now that physiology has been taught, we dive into the research and reasoning behind blood chemistry, including how ranges were created and why we’re teaching them the way we are.

Module 7
Glucose Regulation and Lipids

This 2.5 hour module covers glucose regulation and related markers like you’ve never seen it. It includes physiology, a half-dozen glucose-related markers, evidence-based reference ranges, myth-busting on hypoglycemia and insulin resistance, and so much more.

Module 8

This module covers some of the primary micronutrients found on a blood chemistry, including a detailed look at magnesium, calcium, and phosphorus, including evidence-based reference ranges for each.

Module 9
CBC and Anemia

This module covers evidence-based reference ranges for a CBC, the physiology of each marker, and how do identify, differentiate, and discern different types of anemias.

Module 10

This module covers all the relevant research on mitochondrial dysfunction, what causes it, whether or not we can accurately assess it using laboratory testing (hint: we can’t, well), and emerging therapeutic options for patients and clients with mitochondrial issues.

Module 11
Oxidative Stress

It turns out that much of what we know and were taught about free radicals and oxidative stress is obsolete, and needs an upgrade. This module not only brings this much needed scientific literature-based upgrade of information, but also covers the best, most accurate, and scientifically valid means of using a blood chemistry to evaluate oxidative stress.

Module 12
Immune Dysregulation

Sometimes referred to as “autoimmunity”, this module is an introduction to how the immune system can become dysfunctional and start attacking self-tissues, a novel marker that is a true Th1 marker, and how to accurately evaluate a few proteins on a blood chemistry, including albumin and globulins.

Module 13

This module covers the role of silent, or latent, infections and the role of iron (and possibly iron deficiency anemia) in people with chronic infections. The differential of a CBC is covered in detail, with compelling evidence-based optimal ranges.

Module 14
Inflammation, Cell Damage, and Wastes

This module covers some of the markers relating to inflammation such as CRP, ESR, and how using both together is better than either individually. It also covers blood chemistry enzymes (AST, ALT, GGT), wastes (creatinine, bilirubin, and BUN), and a section on fatty liver that you have to see to believe.

Module 15

This module is an abbreviated version of the All About Detoxification course, the first truly evidence-based course on the science of detoxification. In this module, you’ll learn the basics of detoxification as well as principles of performing evidence-based detoxification programs in your practice.

Module 16
Acid-Base Balance

This module covers the science behind the hotly contested conversations surrounding acidity, alkalinity, and pH balance. Blood chemistry markers such as chloride and bicarbonate are covered, as well as validated calculations for serum pH.

Module 17

This module evaluates the many different ways of assessing hydration status, and which is the most accurate.You’ll learn validated calculations for osmolarity and viscosity and find yourself wondering why you’ve never heard of these calculations before.

Module 18
Social Isolation and Purpose

Biochemistry, physiology, and blood chemistry interpretation are all incredible tools in your quest to help your patients, but if we aren’t considering their perspective, world view, and purpose in life, we are failing our patients and clients. Get inspired to truly help people with this module.

In This 18.5 Hour Course, You Will Learn

✔️Evidence-based, scientifically-backed reference ranges

✔️An Introduction to The Cell Blueprint™, our method to finding clinical direction with even the most complex patients.

✔️Cutting-edge glucose regulation strategies

✔️The latest information and reference ranges for cholesterol, including why and how elevated HDL is detrimental

✔️Illuminating research on mitochondrial dysfunction and mitochondrial supplement protocols

✔️What supplements to prioritize in your patients

✔️How to accurately evaluate subtle nuances in anemia, and why being acidic is actually protective for these people

✔️What the scientific literature demonstrates with respect to antioxidants and oxidative stress and blood chemistry markers to evaluate

✔️To unravel the myths and misconceptions about pH and acid-base balance, including how to evaluate if what someone is eating is making them too acidic based on research

✔️Updated research on subclinical infections and iron supplementation

✔️How to accurately assess hydration status in your patients

✔️The ONE critical thing a patient can do that, according to research, protects them from dysfunctional physiology and even poor diet

Clinicians will develop an incredible working knowledge of each biochemical pathway, and so much more.

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