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Virtual Team Building Secrets

“Stop Working In Your Business and
Start Working On Your Business!
Learn the Secret to Growing Your Company to a
6- and 7-figure Success WITHOUT Employees
OR 90-hour Work Weeks!”

You’re about to meet 5 people who broke records in their industries! Their sales skyrocketed within the first 3 months of using this incredibly simple system of success! And when you find out how easy it was, you won’t believe it!

I’m going to let you in on the Virtual Team Building Secrets that make millionaires out of entrepreneurs.

With this resource, you follow the journeys of 5 entrepreneurs who have made it work. You also meet one of the key players in this virtual team network, and hear how she shares in the success of the team.

In just 5 days, setting aside 90 minutes a day for each CD, you can sidestep all of the learning curves and go straight to the finish line. You will gain more than practical advice, you will affect your lifestyle.

You’ll learn…

  • Strategies for creative compensation for your team. (Think you can’t afford to hire a team? Think again!)

  • Interview tactics so not only do you choose the best people but you choose the best people for the right job!

  • 5 key points to look for in a virtual partner. (Miss these and it could cost you not just big bucks but also wasted time!)

  • The top 3 red flags and how to spot them BEFORE you bring someone in.

  • 7 areas where you can start building your team right away (and start seeing fast results!).

  • Sure-fire ways to manage your virtual team so you STILL know what they’re doing even if you aren’t there to watch them!

  • What to do if a team member doesn’t work out. How to let them go even if the thought of firing someone makes you sick to your stomach.

  • Where to find your virtual team members. We’ll share both conventional AND unconventional methods to discover those gems!

  • Common mistakes entrepreneurs make when they’re creating their first team. We’ll tell you how you can avoid them!

Most successful people know they would NOT be where they are today without the support of key people. Having a team actually helps you position yourself to achieve your goals… better than if you were alone!

But don’t take my word for it. Here’s a quick peek at the people you’ll be hearing from with Virtual Team Building Secrets…

Interview 1: Alexandria Brown, the Ezine Queen and her Virtual Assistant extraordinaire, Liz Murphy

“You will move forward faster by keeping in motion” – Alexandria Brown

Alexandria (Ali) Brown started her Internet career a few short years ago teaching people how to use ezines to attract clients. But Ali had a dream – she wanted to build a business where she could have time off to enjoy her lifestyle and the money to fully enjoy it. By leveraging the power of a team, she catapulted her income from the low 6 figures to over a million in one year.

The foundation of Ali’s team is her long-time virtual assistant, Liz, who has been with her for 8 years! (An astounding feat in itself.) In Ali’s interview, you’ll learn first hand how to build a loyal and powerful virtual team. And as a bonus you’ll also discover how to put your lifestyle first and let your team run your business.

Ali will give you essential advice on how to give your virtual team direction and guidance – so you spend your time doing “the thing” that makes you great!

Her advice: set up your business the way you imagine it to be… and grow into it.

Interview 2: Will Craig, Founder, Coach Training Alliance

“There are two sides of a coin – those who work for you or those who work with you” – Will Craig

Will, the self-proclaimed reluctant manager, had a vision for a unique coach-training program. However, he had to overcome his own issues of being a manager in order to build the business of his dreams. The result? A business that consistently brings in high-six figures.

Will goes into the nuts and bolts of having a virtual team. The benefits of outsourcing vs. hiring and how to develop standardized systems as you get bigger and bigger. But the real joy in having a virtual team is the ideas that blossom with the synergy of working together.

In Will’s mind, there is no greater return for your investment.

Interview 3: Alex Mandossian, Internet Marketing Expert

“Don’t strengthen your weaknesses, strengthen your strengths!” – Alex Mandossian

Alex is a household name with service professionals worldwide. His niche is teaching people how to make money via the Internet, and he’s built a massive million-dollar business in the process.

Alex has had a virtual team since before the phrase existed. He gives you the resources to find people who are strong in your areas of weakness. He also talks about the 6 areas that he outsourced, and how to constantly improve your business by involving your teams.

Alex knows that the people you bring in will support what they helped create.

Interview 4: Tracy Monteforte,
Co-Founder, WTPowers.com

“You have to be willing to share equity and revenue in order to create a much larger opportunity” – Tracy Monteforte

If you’re in network marketing, you’ve heard of Tracy. She and her husband, Patrick, founded a 7-figure plus business that has revolutionized network marketing worldwide.

The couple took a real leap of faith when they handed over a key project to virtual partners. And it worked. Tracy will share some creative ideas for commissions when you just don’t have the budget to pay someone, and also talks about the tell-tale signs to watch for when talking to a prospective team member.

Communication and kindness are key to building successful virtual working relationships.

Interview 5: Michael Port, Author of Book Yourself Solid

“I think you get to the point where your growth has leveled off and you just don’t know how you could do that much more than you are doing now” – Michael Port

Michael started as a coach, and then grew a seven-figure business that helps coaches succeed. How did he do that? By leveraging the power of a virtual team.

By reaching out to others for help, you all benefit. You all contribute to each other’s success. Michael gives some key examples of where to start your virtual team, and then how to make plans for your business along with your team.

Michael talks about some great tools to figure out where you are, where you have come from, and where you are going.

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