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Organic Skincare Business 101

Start Your Own Natural Skincare Business with this 10-Week International Online Course for Organic Skincare Entrepreneurs.

Here’s what you will learn during my Organic Skincare Business 101 Course

Week 1 – Skin Science | Be Skin Smart to gain that expert reputation


Learn all about the skin and cosmetic science so you can sound like an expert when you talk to your customers about your products. Understand how different ingredients have different effects on the skin and how the skin stays healthy. This is essential for anyone who wishes to be taken seriously in the world of skincare and organic beauty.

Be able to understand how the skin works
Be able to name the structures of the skin
Learn about the effect of cosmetic toxins on the skin and health
Learn how the skin stays healthy and youthful

Complimentary bonuses for this section:
Poster: A downloadable poster on the structure of the skin

Week 2 – Research & Development | Know your ingredients


How to research skincare ingredients like a professional cosmetic scientist so you can understand, at a deep level, your natural ingredients and their functions.

Learn about the different types of ingredient and how they work together
Become an expert in the therapeutic properties of cosmetic herbs
Understand cosmeceuticals
Learn about active ingredients and functional additives
Work with a wide spectrum of skin-healing plant oils
Enjoy hands-on research

Complimentary bonuses for this section:
Data Reports: 20 free data specifications on the 20 most common natural ingredients
eBook: Plant oil research handbook with space for notes
Ingredient directory: with over 70 natural ingredients

Week 3 – Aroma-Cosmetology | Scented Science


Essential oils are essential as part of your skincare range. They are a complex science in their own right and so I have devoted an entire week to them. There are 100s of essential oils but only a small handful are useful in cosmetics.

Learn which 20 essential oils are the best for skincare and beauty
Learn the secrets of good blending for gorgeous aromas
Understand how aromaceuticals affect the skin
Learn the secret psychology behind scent and mood to enhance your creations
Create cosmetics that uplift, soothe, heal, calm and energise.

Complimentary bonuses for this section:
Essential oils ‘mixology’ chart
Factsheets of 10 rarer oils
Essential oil dilution rates calculator

Week 4 – Formulation Skills | Laying the foundation to your success


To launch a high-end niche brand you must become a ‘formulator’ and not just a ‘recipe follower’. This section teaches you how to formulate from scratch using only 100% natural ingredients. It sounds daunting but our method makes it super-simple and easy to follow.

Learn how to layer your formula to create a high-spec product in minutes
Get access to Lorraine’s own formulation secrets (shhhhh!)
Learn a simple maths formula to enable you to make any sized batch you need
Understand how natural additives and botanicals turn an ordinary formula into a
spa-quality product that you can sell for 10 x the price

Complimentary bonuses for this section:
Formulation Flow Chart: a unique method for formulation
Formulation worksheet: record your formulas with ease
Percentage formulas worksheet

Week 5 – Create your first 100% natural facial skincare range


Formulate your first range of 100% natural spa-quality facial skincare to sell. You won’t just be following set recipes, you will actually create your own unique products based your new skills and the lessons you will follow in this week. Be prepared to amaze yourself!

Learn the secrets of making tinted products such as lipgloss
Understand the importance of a full cleansing routine and create a facial cleansing
range of three products to sell to your clients
Learn how to formulate oil-free products that are still 100% natural and healthy for
all skin types.

Complimentary bonuses for this section:
eBook: Lip balm recipe eBook
eBook: Facial aromablends eBook

Week 6 – Create your first 100% natural spa range


Formulate your first range of specialist spa products using 100% natural and organic ingredients. If you plan on working as a facialist, aromatherapist or spa therapist these are ideal products to use on your exclusive clientele. Get real results with these high-power products.

Learn the many ways to create a bespoke facial masque for therapeutic
Get special access to insider information for creating spa treatments
Discover the secrets of formulating anti-ageing products that work
Create technical products that give your customers an instant glow

Complimentary bonuses for this section:
eBook: Anti-ageing serum blends eBook
eBook: Facial masque therapy eBook
eBook: Spa treatments eBook

Week 7 – Complete your formulation skills with a 100% natural body range


Formulate a fine range of spa-quality bodycare products. Impress your clients with delightful pampering ranges that make their whole body glow with health and beauty.

Make amazing chocolate products that will match anything from the finest
European spas.
Special secret natural recipes for reducing the dreaded cellulite.
Create a natural body shine lotion that will make heads turn.
Access the best formulas for exclusive body butters, balms and bars.

Complimentary bonuses for this section:
eBook: Cellulite eBook
eBook: Chocolate spa recipe eBook

Week 8 – Advanced Formulation Skills | Botanical Skincare Science


Here’s where you get to really shine and become a super-expert in holistic skincare formulation. Creating formulations from scratch is AMAZING but you can become famous for your use of rare and bespoke botanicals. This week you will learn to extract your own unique botanicals to give your skincare range the fame factor.

Distill your own flower waters from unusual beauty plants
Harness the healing power of herbs with maceration
Unlock the rejuvenating power of ‘cosmeceuticals’ using traditional herbology
techniques to create skincare that will turn customers into a loyal fans.
Create tinted products to delight your customers and make your products stand
out from the crowd

Complimentary bonuses for this section:
eBook: Botanical Extracts 101

Week 9 – How to sell your products and become a beauty bestseller


You can have the best product in the world but if no one knows about it, you won’t make any money. Marketing and selling sound like a big scary animals but Lorraine breaks it down into easy steps for you. Lorraine spent 10 years working in the corporate world and knows all the tricks. This week gives you those magic keys to success.

Learn how to identify your ‘target audience’ which will help you sell more
Access my best tips for free advertising to grab customers attention
Branding – what does it mean? Learn all the industry secrets
Use social media to boost your income to epic proportions
Your marketing mix – what is it? we’ll show you how

Complimentary bonuses for this section:
Worksheet: How to Brand your product
Handout: Free Advertising 101
Video: How to make your brand ‘famous’

Week 10 – Cosmetic Business Practice | Make sure you comply with the law


Don’t even think about launching your skincare brand until you know you meet all the current laws and rules in your country. Cosmetic legislation is very strict and there are certain things you must do. This can sound complex but we have made it super-easy in this project.

Labelling laws – how to be compliant in a few easy steps
Keep excellent stock control and increase your profit margins
Batch recording – the easy way
Formulation files – we show you how and give you free templates
Calculate those hidden allergens with our easy guide
How to follow industry Best Practice for healthy work environment & safe skincare.

Complimentary bonuses for this section:
Handout: Ready made PIF template (product information file)
Handout: Allergen calculator
Handout Good Manufacturing Practice file

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