Living the Five Elements 2022 – Donna, Titanya & Dondi



Living the Five Elements 2022 – Donna, Titanya & Dondi


Living the Five Elements 2022 – Donna, Titanya & Dondi… Your career can stall. If you are in a career that does not suit your element then it’s like trying to fit a round peg into a square hole – no amount of on-the-job training is going to turn you into the worker they want you to be.

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Living the Five Elements 2022 – Donna, Titanya & Dondi

Living the Five Elements 2022 - Donna, Titanya & Dondi

Live a More Successful, Joyful and Healthy Life by Identifying and Aligning With Your Core Energy Signature

Cultivate your ability to make choices that are more in-step with your authentic nature — your unique needs and deepest desires — and your life gets better and better in ways you almost never thought possible..

Have you ever been told you’re too sensitive or too angry or too withdrawn by your loved one as you’re trying really hard to fit the mold of a “good partner”.

Or maybe you’ve struggled with the same health issue over and over again? Maybe with your gut? Your immune system? Your heart? And nothing you try makes it go away completely.

Or maybe you tried the latest diet trend only to find that even though it worked for “everyone else,” it left you feeling sluggish and you didn’t shed a pound?

The list goes on and on about ways we are expected to be and respond like “everyone else.”

Can you think of a time when you didn’t measure up to someone’s expectations? Or your body didn’t respond like it was supposed to?

Think about how often we are living as if what’s best for one of us is what’s best for all of us.

We are all expected to flow through the same life milestones (school /career /marriage /house /kids /retirement) on a similar timeline.

We should all eat breakfast because it’s the “most important meal of the day.”

We should all go to bed at “reasonable hour” and get up early because “the early bird gets the worm.”

We should all eat a certain way, love a certain way, exercise a certain way… the “right way”.

What happens when the “right way” isn’t right for you? 

What if those “one-size-fits-all” solutions don’t work for you?

It can leave you feeling like an outsider, like something is wrong with you. Why can’t you just be like everyone else and fit in?

It can leave you feeling hopeless because you’ve run out of options and now you just have to “live with it. – whatever “it” is. It could be pain. A disgruntled partner. A critical boss. An unfulfilling job.

Life is a lot harder when you go against your core nature.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. There is a way, a system, that helps you recognize who you are at your core and live from that place of authenticity.  

That system is The Five Elements.

Everyone Marches To the Beat of Their Own Drummer.

Over  2,000 years ago, the Chinese discovered that people deeply resonated with one of five naturally occurring elements: Water, Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal. Donna Eden, who can see subtle energy, has confirmed that their understanding of these Five Elements reflected a vital eternal truth.

This rudimentary energy leaves its energetic imprint on just about everything in your life. Donna likens it to an energetic rhythm that runs through all your organs and energy systems. It influences how you walk, talk, work, and think. It underpins how you behave socially. It determines what time of day is most productive for you and what food is best for you. It can even shed light on what health issues might plague you and how you can address them.

Identifying your element is one of the most important steps you can take for understanding your energetic profile.

It can soften your inner critic.

  • What if you discover that you flow through life like water and there’s a reason why it’s so hard to meet all the expected timelines.
  • What if you discover that you do your best work in the wee hours of the morning because that’s when your element is most active.
  • Or how about giving yourself permission to have a lot of alone time because, at your core, you know you need it to feel at your best.

And identifying the elements of others is key to transforming challenging relationships.

It can soften your outer critic.

  • What if it turns out that your partner’s element means he/she tends to withdraw or go inward. Would it soften your judgment or hurt to know that’s just how they are and it’s nothing personal. (We’ll teach you ways to bridge those differences in class.)
  • What if your child’s difficulty in adjusting to things other children seem to handle but it’s due to his element instead of a “character flaw.” Imagine the permission you can give your children to BE themselves when you see them through the lens of their element.

And just imagine how you could use this knowledge to help with your health – just as Traditional Chinese doctors have done for centuries.

There are reasons why certain treatments work for some people and not for others. The Five Elements are intrinsically linked to our internal organs, and this knowledge is invaluable when it comes to staying healthy.

The possibilities are endless as this system touches almost every part of life.

That’s why we decided to call this 5-Week Online Course “Living The Five Elements”. Once you learn these concepts and techniques, the applications are endless.

And life truly does become easier because you flow and align with the elements instead of work against them.

This Knowledge Can Not Only Help You Navigate Challenges But Also Help You Avoid Them

When you discover your element and those of the people around you, it’s as if you discovered a long-buried map to understanding human behavior.

With this map in your hands, you can make sense of things that always baffled you. Like why one friend can so easily get under your skin while your other friend can do no wrong. Or why you hate to meditate and your partner loves it.  Or why your child has a cough that lasts all winter while your niece seems to always have belly trouble. The list goes on and on.

And as with any map, you can use this knowledge to navigate life so you can sail through the rough waters with much greater ease.

And each time you identify the element, the light bulb goes off in your head and you totally shift how you see the situation.

Now it all makes sense. Now, it’s not personal.

And now, it’s not even your fault. That’s just the energy of the element playing out in the persons’ behavior.

But what’s awesome is that the Five Elements don’t just help you understand behavior and give everyone a pass.

In this 5-Week Online Course, you’ll go deep into the Five Element theory so you can learn ways to anticipate and influence behavior.

It’s not just about explaining behavior – it’s about learning ways to bring better balance and harmony among all Five Elements so your primary element  becomes more of a strength and less of a liability.

It’s not just about explaining health issues – it’s about receiving customized techniques and tools that work for your particular element.

In fact, it’s packed with practical exercises that will help you flow with all the elements.

In this class, you will:

  • Develop an almost mystical ability to accurately “read” people from the moment they walk in the room so you can easily connect with them on a deep level!
  • Stop judging yourself for unique habits, mannerisms, or character traits that may have left you feeling alone, “different,” or disconnected from others.
  • Start to build or rebuild a strong foundation of trust, respect, and intimacy with the one you love… even if it feels like the relationship is on the rocks right now.
  • Discover what food and which supplements align with your element so you can take the guessing game out of what diet is best for YOU!
  • Anticipate and prevent potential health challenges by understanding which organs are associated with your element so you can focus on keeping them healthy and strong.
  • Resolve conflicts and challenges at your current job or find a brand new career where you get to make a great living doing the thing that makes your heart sing!
  • Discover what exercise or type of movement suits you best so you don’t have to feel guilty about skipping out on an exercise plan that never suited you in the first place.
  • Increase personal productivity and motivation in a way that feels aligned and natural to you so you can get things done without feeling stressed or overwhelmed.

Program Information

Here’s What You’ll Experience with Living The Five Elements … 5 Weeks of In-Depth, Life-Affirming Knowledge, Profound Insights, and Real-World Tools from 3 Leading Energy Experts Who Have Relied on The Five Elements To Understand and Improve the World Around Them.

With Daily Lessons For That Week’s Element

Day 1

A Deep Dive Into the Main Characteristics of The Element
  • The personality traits – the good and the bad – and ways to overcome the challenging aspects.
  • The main stress emotions and what to do when they get a hold of you.
  • The main organs and why that is so important for your health.
  • What you are like at work and ways to be successful in your career.
  • What you are like “in love” and how to honor your unique needs AND avoid the predictable relationship triggers associated with your element.
  • What you are like as a parent and things to watch out for so you can be be there for your child – even when it feels impossible.
  • What this element looks like in a child and how best to support your children’s authentic nature.

Day 2

How To Identify The Element in The World
  • The appearance of the element
  • The clothing of the element
  • The face shape of the element
  • The body shape of the element
  • The way the element sits, stands, and walks.
  • The voice of the element
  • An exercise for the element

Day 3

Challenges and Solutions
  • 3 typical challenges you face and proven strategies to overcome them.
  • 3 typical challenges you have with other elements and practical solutions to effectively negotiate difficult situations.
  • The “calming points” to hold when you need to shift your energy and come back to center.  

Day 4

Who Will Push Your Buttons and Who Will Light up Your World?
  • Who pushes your buttons and how to get along with the people who challenge you most.
  • Who inspires you and why you tend to “hit it off” with certain people more than others.  
  • Will you get along with someone who has the same element as you?
  • The best time of day for you so you can create a daily schedule that makes the most of your peak hours.
  • An energy medicine exercise that will align you with your authentic nature.

Day 5

Yin/Yang Sides of The Element …A Deeper Look at Who You Are and Your Health
  • Nuanced look at how yin and yang energy influences the personality traits so you can more accurately understand and identify your element. 
  • The Yin/Yang organs and how they underpin your emotions.
  • The health vulnerabilities associated with your element so you can prevent potential health issues (or address existing ones.)
  • Nutritional needs – the foods best suited to your element – the ones that keep you functioning at your best.
  • Vitamin and/or herb suggestions that support your element’s flow and your overall health.
  • How to trace the meridians associated with your element so you can keep the energy of your element balanced and flowing for optimal health.

Day 6

Energy, Movement, and The Elements
  • The type of movement that is most aligned with your element so you can foster the type of exercise that leaves you feeling energized and refreshed.
  • The music that matches the rhythm of  your element
  • Learn a custom movement routine that gets your element’s energy flowing so you can stay balanced and calm throughout your day.

An Opportunity To Personalize Your Healthcare …
What’s That Worth to You?

When Donna used to see people in her energy healing practice, many of them were completely oblivious when it came to understanding their core energy and how it played into their health problems.

They had tried other solutions for their issues, ranging from counseling to medication, even other forms of alternative healing. Nothing had worked. Donna was their last hope.

One of the first things Donna would do, even before they got on her table, is identify the person’s element. It’s such a simple step (second nature for Donna, Dondi, and Titanya and soon for you, too) and it provides so many clues to a person’s core nature and their potential issues, both health and relationship-wise.

And to see the wave of recognition and relief wash over her client’s face as she described their element back to them was rewarding in and of itself. For the first time, they felt seen and validated for who they were at their core. It was often the beginning of their journey to a full recovery.

But you don’t have to book a private session with Donna (she doesn’t do private sessions anymore due to her teaching, travel, and writing schedules), and you don’t have to fly blind, trying expensive treatments that ignore your core energy. Treatments that can add up to thousands over the course of your life.

For just $997, you can get these life-changing insights, the nuances and subtleties that only experienced time-tested healers can share.

And what’s extra-special about The Five Elements is they are not a one-time, symptom-based remedy.  In “Living the Five Elements,” you’ll learn practical skills and receive a level of knowledge that will help you for the rest of your life.

And there’s more…

Click the “Buy Now” Button Below and Start “Living The Five Elements” So You Can Benefit From This Life-Changing System!

Here are The Empowering Teachings and Gifts You’ll Receive When You Enroll in “Living The Five Elements” now:

  • 30 step-by-step videos to help you master the elements so you can rely on them for powerful guidance and insight.
  • A beautifully illustrated and information-packed guidebook with extra exercises and reflection questions to facilitate and complement your online learning.
  • Lifetime access to the powerful 5-week online program to refer back to time and time again so if life takes a turn, you have a place to refresh your learning and get back on track.
  • A pre-course video to help introduce you to the Five Elements and their ancient history so you’ll be ready when you begin the course.
  • Over 20 Energy Medicine exercises tailored to each element to keep you centered.
  • 6 Pressure Point holds to eliminate stress.
  • 5 unique movement routines, custom-designed by Titanya to help balance your element.
  • Access to a private community forum where you can connect with other students and ask questions of our moderator.

Give Yourself Every Possible Advantage in Life

When you fail to SEE beyond the veils of behavior into the true nature of yourself and others, life can become an uphill slog.

Relationship conflicts can be hard to overcome. People are somewhat bound by their element. If you unknowingly are asking a person to change in ways that go against their element, then you are going to be disappointed every time. 

Your career can stall. If you are in a career that does not suit your element then it’s like trying to fit a round peg into a square hole – no amount of on-the-job training is going to turn you into the worker they want you to be.

And your health suffers.

Energy IS at the root of everything – including your health. Certain things are good for you energetically and certain things are bad for you energetically. If you are picking food or supplements or activities that aren’t aligned with your element, then eventually that misalignment could lead to a health issue.

Going through life without knowing your Element puts you at a serious disadvantage.

And life can be hard enough.

So ask yourself, “am I willing to take action to give myself every possible advantage to succeed in life?”

Learning this Five Element system is a simple yet profound life-changer.

So, take advantage of this opportunity and set yourself up for a rich and rewarding life that flows with your authentic nature!

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