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Internet Auction Secrets

-John Reese-

I spent several months planning and producing a Step-By-Step How-To Video that will actually SHOW you how to start and run a successful online auction business.

You’ll get to sit back and watch exactly how everything is done (from A-to-Z). Even an average, ordinary person from any walk of life can learn this business — it’s that easy to understand.

The video itself will teach you absolutely, positively, everything you need to know (down to every detail anyone can understand) to start and run your own online auction business. It will teach you how to make money IMMEDIATELY.

The video is a fantastic resource that will turn this often-confusing business into something that is very easy-to-understand.

Here’s Just Some of What You’ll Learn From
Watching This TWO HOUR Jam-Packed Video:

  • How to make “risk-free profits” by selling products you don’t even own and without using a single penny of your own money! (See 1:49:40 in Chapter 13)

  • How to access hundreds of different auction sites… instantly! (Most people only know a handful of auction sites. Now you’ll discover little-known sites where you can buy items for pennies on the dollar and turn around and unload these items for massive profits! See 07:16 in Chapter 2)

  • How to create a ‘swipe file’ of successful auctions and the 3 critical ‘price boosters’ you must capture from every item. (See 27:51 in Chapter 3)

  • When should your auction end? (Well, there are 168 hours in a week, but your auction should end precisely in this 2-hour window… see 49:40 in Chapter 6)

  • How to take breathtaking photos of your items. (See Chapter 9)

  • The Amazing “16-Step, Paint-By-The-Numbers” overview of how auctions really work. (Don’t get overly confused about making money with auctions fast. Everything is boiled down to the core 16 digestible steps you need to know to make auctions work for you. – See 07:38 in Chapter 2)

  • 3 steps you must take before you create a listing. (See 1:31:10 in Chapter 10)

  • The common ‘kiss of death’ that prevents a large number of sellers from ever earning a consistent, predictable income from online auctions. (See 25:39 in Chapter 3)

  • Here’s a quick and easy way to gather successful titles for your auction listings. (See 1:06:23 in Chapter 8)

  • When you click on an item and it has the following 4 words at the top, you know you have a good chance of stealing the item at a ridiculously low price! (See 58:13 in Chapter 6)

  • 2 things you should always give explicit details about when describing your auction item. (See 54:27 in Chapter 6)

  • What you need to know about the “Big 3” Auction Powerhouses and why it’s critical to your success. (See 11:46 in Chapter 2)

  • What kind of lighting is best for your photos. (See 1:17:17 in Chapter 9)

  • How to become an “auction detective” and easily discover how much items are selling for and the most effective way to market them. (This is critical! You must know how much your items will sell for before you put it up for auction and what ‘buzz words’ people are using in their auctions to get the maximum amount of money – see 23:28 in Chapter 3)

  • Never do this with your titles. It turns people off. (See 1:07:30 in Chapter 8)

  • The famous paintbrush technique used to instantly get your items ready to sell. (See 1:18:14 in Chapter 9)

  • How to quickly and easily dissect any auction listing and pull out the most vital parts of a listing in seconds. (You’ll watch as I conduct an “Auction Autopsy” and step you through the most important elements in every auction listing you encounter. – see 13:06 in Chapter 2)

  • Warning! Be very careful when you’re selling this type of item. (It’s a great moneymaker, but you can lose your shirt if you don’t take the right precautions – see 31:33 in Chapter 3)

  • An simple, overlooked ‘trick’ that increases bids without costing you anymore money! (See 56:20 in Chapter 6)

  • Here’s a new 3-step ‘Selling Formula’ that virtually guarantees you get the highest prices and maximum profit for all of your auction items. (Before you list another item, make sure you run it through the Selling Formula and you’ll make more money. – see 48:02 in Chapter 6)

  • If you find yourself not making enough profit from auction items you buy and resell, you probably overlooked this hidden killer. (See 46:22 in Chapter 5)

  • Never pack your items with this! (It can easily ruin your valuables, but you’ll be amazed at how many people do this everyday. – See 1:39:43 in Chapter 11) 

  • The one action step you can take right now to guarantee your auction success. (As simple as it is, not 1 in a 1000 sellers do this before listing an item for sale. You can instantly leapfrog past your competitors by following this one easy step – see 24:33 in Chapter 3)

  • How to zero in on auctions not using the ‘Selling Formula’ and buy items at incredibly deep discounts. (See 57:05 in Chapter 6)

  • The Amazing Cash-On-Demand System! You’ll discover how to create a list of hungry buyers that you can email whenever you want to generate some quick cash. (Using this method, your items will sell almost as fast as you get them. – see 1:48:12 in Chapter 13)

  • What size should your pictures be? (See 1:24:25 in Chapter 9)

  • The popular “Las Vegas Style” listings many sellers use and why it’s costing them serious money. (Are you making this same mistake? – see 1:09:17 in Chapter 8)

  • How to exploit hidden ‘price gaps’ in the auction marketplace and virtually steal products for pennies on the dollar. (See 28:36 in Chapter 3)

  • Little known ‘keyboard tricks’ that allow you to scoop up auction items at ‘fire sale’ prices right in front of your competitors’ eyes. (See 38:34 in Chapter 5)

  • Beware! There’s a right and a wrong way to pack your items. Do it the wrong way and you may end up buying your item back. Do it the right way and you’ll sidestep any potential landmines. (See Chapter 11)

  • 2 ‘set in stone’ rules you should never break when bidding on auction items. (Fail to follow these two simple rules and I guarantee you’ll end up spending more money than you should. – see 45:25 in Chapter 5)

  • How to get all of the free boxes you’ll ever need to use in your auction business. (See 1:37:02 in Chapter 11)

  • How to generate free traffic and boost your credibility by using your free “About Me” page on eBay. (See 1:46:29 in Chapter 13)

  • What’s the best day to have your auction end? (The real answer may shock you! More people are watching auctions on this day, which means more bidders and higher profits for you. – see 48:41 in Chapter 6)

  • Understand this one technique and you will always be able to make money in online auctions regardless of what market you choose to be in. (See 29:44 in Chapter 3)

  • Never place a bid on any auction item until you know this critical point! (This one little tip can save you hundreds, even thousands of dollars. – see 37:59 in Chapter 5)

  • How to stuff your auction with the right keywords and phrases to automatically attract a huge number of bidders to your listing. (Certain words are like bait to your bidders and you’ll discover where to find these words and how to use them to lure potential bidders to your listings. – see 1:10:25 in Chapter 8)

  • Do you want to know an easy way to get more bids and higher sales for your auction item? Simple. Just make sure you add this when setting up your listing. (See 1:03:24 in Chapter 7)

  • How to manipulate eBay’s search engine to uncover items you can quickly buy at ‘dirt-cheap’ prices. (See 59:53 in Chapter 6)

  • The right and wrong way to make money with hot trends. (Discover when to jump in and when to bail out. – see 30:52 in Chapter 3)

  • How to make a killing with “Auction Arbitrage”. (You’ll see how to hunt down bargains from lesser auction sites, turn around and list them on eBay, and collect huge spreads. – see 1:51:31 in Chapter 13)

  • An easy ‘rule of thumb’ you can use to determine how big of a price gap you need to make a ‘no-brainer’ profit on the items you buy. (See 43:34 in Chapter 5)

  • How to avoid useless fees that suck away your profits. (Don’t throw your money away by tacking on additional listing features. You’ll discover which fees are worth the extra cash and which ones will just separate you from your money! – see 1:01:27 in Chapter 7)

  • A fatal mistake most auction sellers make when creating their titles. (Keep this tip in mind when you create yours! – see 1:05:38 in Chapter 8)

  • How to use other sellers to instantly alert you to hidden and overlooked opportunities you can capitalize on immediately! (See 30:33 in Chapter 3)

  • What you must say in every auction to increase your credibility. (Most sellers shy away from doing this, but you’ll soon discover that doing this one simple thing will set you apart from everyone else. – see 54:01 in Chapter 6)

  • How to set up an inexpensive photo studio in your home. (See 1:16:23 in Chapter 9)

  • A little-known strategy used by the most successful auction sellers to create a bidding frenzy and drive up the selling price. (And the shocking reason most people are afraid to use this trick. – – see 1:33:33 in Chapter 10)

  • How to use automated online ‘sniping’ services to free up your time and steal auctions items when you’re away from your computer or even sleep! (See 41:20 in Chapter 5)

  • The two major types of auction items and which one you want to focus your time and attention to. (Most auction sellers spend their precious time dabbling in the wrong type of item. Discover why this is a huge mistake and know exactly where your time should be spent. – see 25:15 in Chapter 3)

  • How to quickly and easily get set-up to take credit card payments. (See 1:30:18 in Chapter 10)

  • True or False: It doesn’t matter whether or not you run a 3-day, 5-day, 7-day or 10-day auction. FALSE! Here’s exactly how long your auctions should be. (See 50:25 in Chapter 6) 

  • How to ‘slice and dice’ and repackage collections of items and resell them for mega profits. (See 1:50:50 in Chapter 13)

  • The one thing you must never hide when listing an auction. (You can scan the auction sites on any given day and you’ll find hundreds of sellers making this fatal mistake. – see 1:31:44 in Chapter 10)

  • Here’s a shortcut method to to quickly and easily find out which category to list your item under. (eBay has over 27,000 categories. Don’t get confused. Just use this time saver. – See 51:49 in Chapter 6)

  • Never use this type of auction! (It scares potential bidders away – see 58:22 in Chapter 6)

  • An insider’s look at a step-by-step process anyone can use to take amazing pictures even if you’ve never picked up a camera in your life. (See 1:19:07 in Chapter 9)

  • Make sure you include ‘this’ with every package you send out. (This little technique builds tremendous goodwill between you and your customer and it causes people to buy from you again and again. – see 1:40:26 in Chapter 11)

  • How to cross promote your auctions and instantly create multiple streams of profits by driving bidders to each of your auctions. (See 1:47:33 in Chapter 13)

  • What you need to know about automating your auction business. (You want to put as much as you can on autopilot. You’ll learn exactly which tools you need to do this. – see 1:52:35 in Chapter 14)

  • How to create stunning pictures by using a little-known backdrop technique. (See 1:17:33 in Chapter 9)

  • Here’s the most effective, yet inexpensive, way to get items to your buyer fast! (See 1:43:05 in Chapter 12)

  • The one thing missing in most sellers auctions that could easily skyrocket the selling price by 20-50%. (Try this technique right away: Start browsing some auction listings and find ones that are missing this critical ingredient. You’ll be able to pick up the items for pennies on the dollar and turnaround and sell them for a nice profit! – See 55:51 in Chapter 6)

  • Free software you can use right now to edit your pictures in minutes. (You’ll be amazed at what you can do with this software. It should sell for $100 or more, but it’s yours free! – See 1:22:26 in Chapter 9)

  • And much, much more!

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