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How To Profit From Other People’s Information

The one course that will teach YOU how to create content for any info-product, quickly, easily and without having to write the content yourself.

Here’s exactly what you’ll learn in this tell-all home-study course:

  • How to use the same strategy that helped sell more than 100 million copies of the “Chicken Soup” books to create your own information product in record time! HINT: Once you know the strategy – it is quick, easy and inexpensive to roll out product after product. (That’s exactly what the “Chicken Soup” folks did!)
  • A 6-step, paint-by-numbers system for creating an unlimited number of information products on virtually any topic you can think of! You’ll access a simple, proven effective system for creating red hot infoproducts anytime you want, as often as you want! You can have an entire empire of products to sell online … beginning THIS WEEK!
  • 4 “expert hangouts” where you can find bonafide experts on virtually any topic that are qualified (and soon-to-be WILLING) to share everything your customers want to know about your chosen subject. Plus, gain access to the The Amazon.com “sales rank” strategy for finding experts, plus discover a costly mistake that many people make which can destroy your product before it even begins.
  • How to ask probing questions that reveal specific information your customers are dying to get their hands on — PLUS, how to get your expert to “spill the beans” on their most guarded secrets that they never thought they’d share with anyone! NOTE: Once you learn this technique, you’ll be able to create information products that folks are waiting to gobble up like a Thanksgiving turkey!
  • The “Good, Better and Best” rule that will have your expert scrambling to say “YES” to your offer of granting you an interview! Also revealed are THE 3 things you should always offer your expert to entice them to accept your offer without blinking an eye! You can stop worrying about being “turned down” … we’ll show you *exactly* what experts simply can’t refuse, including the one thing you can do that will push it “over the top” and get them to agree!

It’s hard to imagine that we crammed so much content into one 60 minute audio package, but that’s not even close to being everything! You’ll also discover…

  • The reason why Tiger Woods’ book “How I Play Golf” became a number one best-seller and how it can all but guarantee YOUR next information product will be super successful by following its winning pattern! You’ll discover why you absolutely do not need any experience and can still create a best-seller in just about any niche on the planet!
  • How to develop the right list of experts to make your product as successful as absolutely possible (there is more to it than you might think!) and 3 things you should look for in choosing who you interview that can make the difference between having a “good seller” and a “best seller”! Plus, how to prioritize your list and choose the “best of the best” expert for your product, including 3 “rules” to obey when prioritizing your list.
  • 4 reasons why interviews are the ultimate high-profit, quick content creation solution that anyone can use even if you have limited time, limited experience and a limited budget! Revealed: The absolute easiest way to get content for your next information product that sells like crazy and rakes in money like raking leaves in Autumn! No more watching everyone else make money … it’s your turn now!
  • The incredible “CAPS” equation and how it can lead you to amazing fame and fortune on the Internet! This is the “nuts and bolts” of successful interviewing and is the ultimate “difference maker” between products and BEST-SELLING products! Don’t limit yourself to interview topics you are familiar with … you can create an information product on any “in-demand” topic in the world by following the secrets revealed in this incredible course!
  • 3 common mistakes people make in developing their interview questions to ask their experts, and how YOU can avoid them for stellar success! (Hint: Blow it here and your doomed before you even begin) And, the ONE SPOT where most people fail in the entire interview porcess … and how you can get it right the first time! You won’t make the same errors as everyone else with this inside look at how to create blockbuster interview products!


  • 2 “question generators” that you can use to develop your line of interviewing questions, including the “Jimmy D. Brown ‘Secret’ Strategy”, PLUS 3 places you can go right now to find as many questions as you can possibly use! Create an “unfair advantage” over everyone else in the same industry as you … including how to get your expert to reveal any information your competition might be sharing at their site!
  • 2 questions you must always answer before even beginning to approach your potential expert., AND how to actually contact your expert with a request for the interview in a way that gets their attention and gets their agreement! NOTE: Simply sending out a generic email to them won’t get the job done … but, we’ll show you what will! Discover the “way that works” to contact your potential expert, or risk getting turned down again and again!
  • How to make certain your interviewer shares information that your customers are willing to pay top dollar to access! The real key to success in interviews is to get content that your customers are actually WANTING to buy … we’ll show you how to get it over and over! Plus, a “secret” technique that you can use to sound like an expert yourself and add meaningful value to the content to build your own reputation as a leader in the industry!
  • 3 tools you can use to record your interviews — we’ll give you the breakdown of what works, what doesn’t and how to make the absolute best audio recording you can that commands premium prices when you begin to sell the finished product! Also revealed: The biggest mistake people make in actually conducting the interview itself. HINT: This *literally* can be the difference between ending up with a $17.00 product and a $97.00 product. Learn how to avoid this pitfall to make your product as valuable as possible!
  • How to finish up your interview with a bang and get your customers to buy even more from you! Your interview is just the beginning, discover how to make even more money with your product in the final few seconds of your conversation with your expert! NOTE: This is the ONE THING that all the “gurus” do so successfully to double, triple and even quadruple their profits without a bit of extra work … now you can too!

We walk you through all…

6 Steps to Ultra-Quick Content Creation
1. Find the perfect expert to interview for your product.

Sometimes finding experts to be interviewed is the toughest part, but we give you actual “expert hangouts” that will aid you in the searching process.

2. Develop a series of questions to ask during your interview.

It’s not enough to ask questions … you need to ask questions that get your expert to share “insider” information that your customers are willing to shell over their money to buy. Inside this course you’ll discover the real “secrets” to asking the RIGHT questions that lead to a profitable product.

3. Create a hard-to-refuse offer that gets top experts to say “Yes!” every time.

The truth is, most experts won’t want to be interviewed. But, if you can effectively answer the 2 questions on all of their minds, they’ll be saying “Yes” faster than you can write the questions.

4. Use our proven, effective strategies to make contact with your experts.

The manner in which you contact your potential interviewees is almost as important as the offer itself. Most people, however, take the LAZY way out, but you’ll know better after taking our course.

5. Customize the questions for your chosen expert to maximize results.

This simple step is forgotten by most people who create interview products, but it’s an incredibly POWERFUL technique that’ll turn your product into a best-seller.

6. Conduct the actual interview to build great content and backend profits.

Think email is the way to go when conducting your interview? Think again! We’ll give you 3 reasons why email is a horrible medium for conducting interviews, and even give you a few alternative strategies you can try.

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