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Easy Ways To Make Money With Facebook Fan Pages

Here’s why you should use facebook fan pages…

  • Takes about 15 seconds to set one up
  • It’s easy to get traffic to them due to facebook’s social effect
  • There are some secret Apps you can install that will further automate the traffic
  • you can combine it with twitter in a way that will almost automatically make you commissions
  • you can set up your squeeze pages through facebook fan pages and instantly share them with up to 5,000 targeted leads
  • It doesn’t cost a single penny to set up
  • You can make money easily with CPA offers tied to popular trends and topics

Those are just a small handful of all the benefits of facebook fan pages. That’s why I, Jason Fladlien, just finished a training showing you how to use Facebook fan pages for easy profits.

Here’s Everything You Get…

Video 1:
Facebook Fan Page Easy Money

We start things off fast and furious by showing you the neat little tricks you can do with facebook fan pages.

We discuss the viral effect and how to begin to tap into it almost instantly. You’ll also be amazed at the little known secrets I share about the hidden opportunities that are known as facebook fan pages!

You’ll be up to speed in seconds with profit strategies for facebook fan pages!

Video 2:
Turn Your Facebook Fan Page Into
A Squeeze Page… Plus MORE!

Here I show you the ins and outs of how you can turn your facebook fan page into a list building magnet in less than 2 minutes. In addition, you discover how to use photos to also build lists and increase your sales and affiliate commissions…

Plus there is a trick in there about how to do some simple facebook search engine optimization – so when people search on facebook for information, they can very easily find your pages.

In addition I give you further tips for customizing your facebook fan page to do exactly what you want it to do – all with a few clicks of a button.

Video 3:
When & How To Set Up Different Pages

The great thing about facebook fan pages is you can set up an unlimited number of them – and if you’re smart you can link them together in a specific fashion!

Also, there are two types of facebook fan pages… business fan pages and community awareness fan pages. I show you which one you should use depending on your monetization strategies and how to use each of them for maximum impact and profit in minimum time.

I walk you through how to set up a page from scratch as well and how you can do this in less than 1 minute. Nice!

Video 4:
The Facebook – Twitter Profit Strategy

This is one of the best kept secrets for making money with facebook… by tapping into twitter for some easy traffic and cash.

It’s a sneaky way of getting “taste makers” on twitter to tweet to their thousands of follower about a certain fan page your made for them… but the secret twist is that fan page is monetized with all your affiliate links.

It’s like having people recommend their own products through your affiliate link… even though they own the product! You’ll love this strategy when you see it in action, and best of all it’s simple for anyone to use and benefit from immediately.

Video 5:
How To Get Paid Up To $250
Per Hour With Facebook Fan Pages

Did you know there are a whole lot of clueless marketers and small business out there how would happily pay you to create a facebook fan page for them?

Never mind that it would only take you a half an hour… or less to do. That’s okay – if you approach the right markets, people have been known to pay as much as $125 or more to set up a face book fan page. You can do two in an hour and make $250.

There is another place you can go to get quick clients for facebook fan pages. Now, these people are kind of cheapskates but there are a lot of them, so you can get paid quickly for setting it up for them. You will only get about $35 to $50 for setting up a facebook fan page – but again, it only takes you a half hour or so to do it.

So it’s still not a bad pay day. Anyway you’ll discover how to do all when you watch this video.

Video 6:
How to set up “top fives”, polls &
quizzes that have a viral effect
and create quick and easy exposure

There is a certain free app you can install in 30 seconds that will allow you to do all kinds of cool stuff to get traffic.

For example, in less than 2 minutes you can create a poll that people can vote on. This is great to get feedback so you know what products to offer as an affiliate. It’s also great because this app allows anyone who takes the poll to share the results with their friends… and some of those friends will find their way to your page.

The same is true with quizzes and the “top fives”. Top fives are great because you give people a list of items to choose from based on a certain THEME, and they get to rank their own top 5.

Think about how you can make money with this – you can say “what are the best 5 internet marketing products…?” and give a massive list that people can rank their own top 5 for. Of course, you get a little description with your affiliate link for each product. That’s just one tiny little simple way to make money with this app.

The important thing to know is that this app makes creating top fives, quizzes and polls a breeze and you can do it all in less than 2 minutes.

Video 7:
How to make twitter updates
from your facebook fan page

In this video I show you a free app you can use that will automatically link your twitter account together with your facebook fan page. That means you can update twitter from within your facebook fan page… or if you do it from twitter itself it will also show up on your facebook fan page on its own tab.

This is an easy way to put in the same effort but get twice the exposure.

Video 8:
Free Conference Calls From Facebook Fan Pages…
Automatically Recorded And More…

I show you a sweet little free app that will allow you to set up a conference call… and it will even record it for you.

What’s cool is you can then invite all your friends on facebook, and they can invite all THEIR friends on facebook… and you can publish it so people searching the app and facebook can also join your call.

Best of all, it’s all free to use. It’s a very easy way to interview an expert (and if they have a facebook, have them promote that interview to their facebook friends!).

In this video I also show you additional plugins that allow you to send out email newsletters from facebook fan pages and how to automatically integrate your blog and youtube channel with facebook fan pages.

Video 9:
Copy ‘N Paste Shortcuts To Create Squeeze
Pages, Testimonials, Product Listings &
More In Facebook Fan Pages

In facebook you can create your own tabs on your pages with any code you want to put in them.

Well, that’s great if you know code… but if you don’t just follow this video and the text file that comes with it. In the video I show you how to use the different shortcuts in the text file to copy and paste them in, replace a few things and have…

  • Your own perfectly formatted squeeze pages in seconds
  • Your own perfectly formatted testimonials
  • Your own perfectly formatted ‘Resource List’ with affiliate links to products
  • And more!

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