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How To Stop Worrying And Grow Your Business

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“Discover How to Take Your Wealth & Wellbeing To The Next Level”

Earlier this year, I was asked to deliver a workshop for a group of people that would help them take their business & financial success to the next level, but that would allow them an improved quality of life in the process. I understood the challenge they faced. A lot of my time & energy over recent years has gone into finding answers to these challenges:

  • I wanted to get increased business success, so that I could reach more people & continue to grow the business.
  • I wanted to create more time for the things that are important (I’m not willing to have financial success at the cost of having a life!)
  • I wanted to achieve financial freedom, so I could stop selling my time & focus my energies on creating great new stuff & enjoy life even more.
  • I wanted to discover how super-successful people juggle priorities of business & personal life (it’s not just about creating wealth – it’s about enjoying the wealth you create).
  • I wanted to discover how to take the business to new heights, while still being true to myself & doing what I love.

So I created the workshop “How to Stop Worrying & Start Growing Your Business”, & I was really pleased to be able to share ideas & concepts that were the ways I’ve solved these problems for myself.

Session 1:

  • Incontrovertible evidence to show you that you’re capable of more than you think you are. This is a key element to tapping into your ability to grow beyond your current ideas of what’s possible for you.
  • A simple technique for relaxing in any situation, so you can learn & make decisions without stress & anxiety.
  • An insight into the patterned nature of the mind (this is a key to recognizing your patterns & making changes).
  • Messages delivered directly to your unconscious mind! I’ve been doing NLP for 10 years, & my specialty is language. I use language hypnotically to deliver the messages of success directly to your unconscious, making learning easier & belief change quicker.
  • My favourite tools to focus your mind in any situation.
  • The technique I used to win over £40 grand worth of coaching business within an hour of meeting the client.
  • A weird but effective technique for going quiet inside (why is this important? Hint: the structure of worry, anxiety & stress almost always involves internal dialogue. Shut it off, & the problem diminishes instantly).
  • The familiarity factor, & how some people get addicted to struggle (& how you can break free).
  • How to get a sense of peace & calm in any situation.
  • You’ll also hear me doing one-to-one coaching with people in the group, on some of the most ‘popular’ goals, issues & challenges I hear from people, including:

1. A trainer who did 80% of the work to complete a project then would stop short of success.

2. An entrepreneur who was overwhelmed with all the tasks he had to do.

3. Reframing a sole proprietor who was great at imagining what she wanted, but stopped short of taking action.

4. People who wanted more self-belief & good feelings!

  • The three Cs – confidence, control & clarity.
  • The abundance mentality & how mastering this can make a bigger difference to your income & personal happiness than almost any other factor.
  • The number one secret of happy fulfilled entrepreneurs (this is one thing that unhappy people rarely do).

Session 2:

  • The incredibly powerful question that you’ve probably never asked yourself, but that can reveal key facts, personal to you, that will form a powerful vision of your success.
  • The manifestation turbocharger (you can use this principle to leverage what you’ve already got in your life to give you greater success).
  • The law of focus (you’ll hear how I used this mental tool to go from scrabbling around for clients to having sold out training courses).
  • The two aspects of your brain, & how you can use them to discover what your beliefs really are.
  • Have you ever lost your car keys, looked for them for ages, then found them somewhere you already looked? This simple analogy reveals one of the most powerful success principles – you’ll learn to get it working for you rather than against you.
  • The focus creation cycle & how you can use the principles of how your own mind works to instantly increase your levels of success. (This is the principle credit card companies take advantage of to send people’s credit card debt through the roof – take back control of your mind & reclaim your future wealth!)
  • You’ll discover why it takes no more effort to create a pile of cash than it does to create a big credit card bill (this amazing principle also applies to losing weight, believe it or not!)
  • The opposition reflex – you’ll discover why trying to force yourself to do what you think you should do rarely works, & how you can use this evolutionary development to work for you.
  • The secret that Milton Erickson (world’s greatest hypnotherapist) knew, & used to get his clients to change effortlessly.
  • The ‘mind-virus’ that prevents true success & happiness, & how you can start eliminating this pernicious rogue software from your mind (almost everyone I’ve met was running this pattern, & it SUCKS!)
  • The simple technique to help you discover what you really want, & instantly make it easier to get it.
  • The simple mental habit I used to get rid of my crappy old car, & get a new one within two weeks of starting to do it!

Session 3:

  • Did you know that most people are waiting for success? You’ll learn how to stop waiting & start creating!
  • Have you ever got something you wanted then it turned out to be a ‘7 day wonder’? Ensure that when you get what you want, you’ll really enjoy it & feel good about it every time you think of it.
  • When I first started my new business, I was worried that I would have to give up & get a job. You’ll discover how to use a trick of neurology to let go of that fear, & increase your likelihood of success.
  • The magic recipe for generating confidence in absolutely any situation (Note: it doesn’t rely on you ‘getting into a good state’ or anything else. You can use this however you feel).
  • Why finding out what you love doing (your ‘unique ability’) is one of your keys to business success (you’ll also learn where to find valuable resources that can help you do this).
  • You’ll hear the story of one of the workshop principles who’s been a student of mine for the last few years. In that time, he’s used these principles to go from doing a £5 per hour job he didn’t like to making soundtracks for BizLearning shows (two so far!)
  • A technique for discovering what your true vision for your business & your life is (a vision that really motivates you rather than one you think should motivate you).
  • You’ll learn how I went from earning zero passive income to earning thousands of pounds in just 24 hours, just by changing a belief (most people who have done a job for any length of time hold this belief, and it’s one of the biggest barriers to passive income there is).
  • The secret of security (without having to have millions of pounds in the bank).
  • An exercise that wil allow you to explore your own hidden beliefs & assumptions about wealth & start making changes.
  • Time abundance, & how to create more time for enjoying what’s important (there’s no point getting more time if you’re not going to use it wisely).
  • How to use a focus on creating value for clients to create increased wealth & delighted customers.

Session 4:

  • The 10 Laws of Consciousness (Forgive the grand title! It’s just that these principles of manifestation are so much part of the way our minds work, that they may as well be laws).
  • A technique that you can use to transform any area of your life by spending just 10 minutes per day.
  • A simple insight that can transform the relationship you have with yourself, & allow you to really open up to prosperity & wealth.
  • Irrefutable proof that power affirmations work (you’ll learn how to use power affirmations that will take your success through the roof!)
  • A method for uncovering your hidden beliefs about what it means for you to be wealthy, & a way to change them (until I changed my beliefs about wealth, I worked harder & harder, but just got deeper in debt).
  • You’ll learn about business metaphors, & how your unconscious metaphors can determine what your experience will be!
  • My 7 biggest mistakes in business so far, & what I learned from them (you can learn from them too, so you won’t have to make the same mistakes I did).
  • My 12 coolest moves so far in business, & how I did them (you can decide which ones you’d like to replicate).
  • A closing meditation, to wire in your discoveries & insights from the training (Warning: while the rest of the recording is fine for listening to while driving, this meditation induces deeper trance states, & must be listened to in a safe space.)

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