Hypnotic Reframing – Harlan Kilstein



Hypnotic Reframing – Harlan Kilstein


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Hypnotic Reframing – Harlan Kilstein

NLP Co-Founder Teaches Seminar With A Raging Fever And Accidentally Discovers Six-Step Process That Eliminates
Any Negative Behavior in Just 20 Minutes

From: Harlan Kilstein, NLP Expert and Personal Change Leader

The story became a legend in the annals of NLP history. John Grinder was set to teach a seminar when he woke up with a raging fever. The seminar could not be postponed. In the tradition of showmen everywhere, “The show must go on.”

Grinder taught that day in a completely altered state and went to sleep. When he awoke the next morning, he was stunned to see notes on the board he had written the day before. He knew he had written them but he didn’t have any conscious awareness of them.

Those notes became part of NLP history and became known as the Six-Step Reframe Process. Over the years, it became known as one of the most powerful tools for personal change.

What Is NLP and How Can It Change Your Life?

NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) was the brainchild of Dr. John Grinder, a college professor of linguistics, and Richard Bandler, a computer programming students. When they teamed up, they began to model the world’s most effective therapists to determine the best (and fastest) ways of helping people change.

Their tongue-twister of a name came from:

neuro – behavior comes from the brain,

linguistic – people reveal their thinking through language and

programming – most people patterns have been programmed into them over time.

Bandler and Grinder developed patterns than stunned the therapeutic world. They invented a pattern that cured the most resistant phobias in under five minutes. Even though neither had a background in therapy, they were teaching standing room audiences of therapists around the world.

One of their most famous students was Tony Robbins who based his entire career on the teachings of NLP.

Even though he taught in a raging fever, Grinder uncovered a simple six-step process that let people eliminate negative behaviors. Over the years, the six-step reframe process has been used by therapists all over the globe to rapidly change negative behaviors including:

Weight Issues (For people who can’t lose weight with normal diet and exercise)
Smoking (For people who both want to quit but don’t want to give up smoking)
Alcohol (For people who know they are destroying their families but can’t give up alcohol)
Sexual Dysfunction Issues
Failure To Succeed in School or in Business
And many many more issues.

In fact, Grinder went on to state that he never found a problem that did not respond to the six-step reframe process.

Now Available On Video For The First Time Ever!

A number of years ago, I recorded a demonstration session of the Six-Step reframe process with Sara. (Sara was my demonstration subject on The Physiology of Excellence DVD.)

Unfortunately, my hard disk crashed and I thought the session was gone forever. However, in a stroke of luck, I discovered I had created a back up of that video and I’ve hurried to share it with you.

What you receive when you purchase is online access to the video. You’ll get to see the the steps I used with Sara.

But that’s not all…

You’ll also get a word for word transcript of my session with Sara.

And even better…

At the end, I give you the exact six-step process you can use.

And you get all of this for the incredibly low price of $29.

Why So Low? What’s The Catch?

There is a catch I want to tell you about up front. There is a minor hum to the audio. I could have spent a few thousand dollars cleaning it up (instead I purchased a better microphone.) And because of that hum, I decided the slash the price.

Does the hum affect your ability to listen to the program? Not in the least. Every word is absolutely clear.

But I want to explain why I’m not selling this program for my usual higher prices. In addition, you need high speed access to view it online. If you have a slow internet connection, this is not for you.

Introducing Hypnotic Reframing

Grinder combined the power of Hypnosis with the Six-Step Reframing Process in the book Trance-formations. Unfortunately, this book is out-of-print and due to a long dispute between Bandler and Grinder, this book will never be reprinted.

Do you need to know Hypnosis to use this process? Absolutely not. In the video, the only “hypnotic” instruction I give is “close your eyes.”

Can you use this pattern on yourself? Yes. Just be familiar with the six-steps before you begin.

Prepare To Be Amazed!

You are just two minutes away from beginning to eliminate one of your most stubborn patterns.

When you process your payment, you will be asked to confirm your email address and then you will be sent your personal log-in credentials.

You will be able to return to the video time and again.

And if the video isn’t everything I say it is, just ask me for a refund. I want you to be completely happy with your purchase.

So order with confidence. And prepare to be amazed by the changes in your life.


Harlan Kilstein Ed.D. C.Ht. Certified Modeler of NLP

PS. Before you use this process on someone else, be sure to change one of your own stubborn patterns first. That way, you can help someone else in full confidence the six-step reframe process works.

PPS. Did you notice I didn’t put a time-frame on the guarantee? That’s because I believe in this process so much, I’ll refund the money at any time – even ten years down the road. But I know that’s never gonna happen…as soon as you discover how simple and how powerful this technique is.

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