Hypnotic Gift Practitioner – Igor Ledochowski



Hypnotic Gift Practitioner – Igor Ledochowski


[ Pre-Order ] Hypnotic Gift Practitioner – Igor Ledochowski… Whenever someone asked them about hypnosis, they would dive into a long winded explanation about what it is, how it works and all the amazing benefits.


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Hypnotic Gift Practitioner – Igor Ledochowski

“Demonstrate The Power of Hypnosis & Give Life-Changing Hypnotic Gifts… In Just 5 Minutes!”

From: Igor Ledochowski
Date: December 28, 2022

Dear Reader,

Take a moment and picture this:

You sit down for lunch with a coworker. You can’t help but notice he looks worn out and bleary-eyed.

After a few minutes, he explains that he’s been struggling to get a good night’s sleep, tossing and turning for weeks on end.

Or you might be talking to a close friend who complains about a persistent negative mood she can’t seem to shake that’s affecting her relationships.

Maybe even a stranger at a party admits how much they procrastinate and wish they could just get things done.

Now imagine you listen to them closely…

Then in the next 5 minutes you proceed to help each one get better sleep, dissolve a lousy mood or simply get more done (whatever they’re specific need or problem might be!)

Oh, and you’ve also FIRED UP the “feel-good” chemicals in their brain (and in yours, too) so you both walk away feeling like a kid on Christmas morning.

What just happened?

A Life-Changing Hypnotic Experience…
In Only 5 Minutes!

It’s a method I’ve developed over the last few years. And it all started because time and time again hypnotists were coming to me with a problem:

They had all the ingredients to run a successful practice and help people make positive changes through hypnosis.

There was just one BIG obstacle:

Whenever someone asked them about hypnosis, they would dive into a long winded explanation about what it is, how it works and all the amazing benefits.

Sure, it got some people on board.

However, MOST of the time, it left them thinking “Huh? I still don’t get it.” 

That’s because trying to explain hypnosis isa lot like trying to describe what snow is like to someone who’s never seen it before.

You can talk about it all you want, but until they see it falling from the sky with their own eyes and feel the cold snowflakes on their fingertips, they’ll never really get it.

In much the same way, to REALLY understand hypnosis, you have to experience it FOR YOURSELF, too.

And that’s when it hit me.

If you can give someone a quick hypnotic “sample” without having to go through an entire hypnotherapy session, you open up THREE incredible opportunities:

You allow others to experience the incredible power of their mind through hypnosis and gain real-life benefits that will last them for years to come

You multiply your ability to win new clients and gain referrals from raving friends, family and existing clients if you practice as a professional hypnotherapist

You create the conditions to build better relationships and stronger bonds by helping people live happier, healthier lives

Hypnotists I know have DOUBLED even TRIPLED their client base using this method… in fact you can walk into a room full of people and walk out with a bunch of new clients just from the amazed reactions from your quick demonstration.

And it works like a dream during initial free consultations too if people are skeptical hypnosis will work for them!

And you know what?

This very realization led me to develop a…

“Go-to” Method That Lets You Quickly And Efficiently Demonstrate The Power Of Hypnosis Through 5-Minute HYPNOTIC GIFTS

Because using this breakthrough method, you can help others:

  • Dissolve a negative mood in an instant
  • Boost productivity and overcome procrastination to finally make progress towards their biggest goals
  • Fall asleep more peacefully so they wake up feeling refreshed and well-rested
  • Develop greater psychological resilience to handle even the most difficult problems
  • Reclaim power from someone who has too much influence in their life
  • Calm obsessive thinking (especially before sleep!)
  • Supercharge creativity and enrich ideas
  • Relieve pain… FAST!
  • Silence the “inner critic” and remove the negative voice in their mind
  • Make difficult or unpleasant tasks FUN and EASY!
  • Develop the ideal learning state… on command!

And much more.

Simply put, you’ll leave them wondering… “How did I ever live without hypnosis?”

Well guess what?

My new online training program gives you the complete, step-by-step system you can use to give anyone you meet a HYPNOTIC GIFT leaving them in awe by revealing the power of their own mind, so they instantly grasp what hypnosis is all about (they’ll want to tell others about it too!)… in just 5 minutes! 

This brand-new program is called:

The modular videos walk you through everything you need to know and do to become a pro at giving others lasting, memorable and even life changing hypnotic gifts. 

And this is true even if you’re new to hypnosis or you’ve never put someone into trance before. Because when you discover how to give a hypnotic gift, you essentially condense the entire hypnotic process. It’s like “speed hypnosis” at its best!

“Now I can condense all that I know about hypnosis down into a couple of minutes and give someone a taste or sample and get a real-life benefit that might last them for years.”


 Mark Siegel
Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner & Business Coach
New York, USA

Just watch each module, and follow the “recipe” behind each hypnotic gift, along with the demonstrations and you’ll naturally find yourself slipping hypnotic gifts into your conversations and hypnosis sessions.

Don’t be surprised if they come back to you for more… and tell their friends and family about it, too!

And best of all, you’ll have an endless supply of gifts to give, because you’ll also discover how to create your OWN custom hypnotic gifts.

Simply put, by the end of the training you’ll be able to…

Give Anyone You Meet a Hypnotic Gift and Leave Them in Awe By Revealing The Potential of Their Own Mind

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As I’ve mentioned, there are 12 separate online video training modules included in the Practitioner of Hypnotic Gifts Training Program – including:

Main Training: Module #1

Module 1: Tapping Into Subconscious Potential, The Hypnotic Gift Giving Mindset Formula & Demo (1) “The Sour Lemon Experiment”

  • Why hypnotic gifts are the ULTIMATE way to tap into unconscious potential
  • Master hypnotic methods, principles and tools of suggestion… all while getting your ideas accepted by the unconscious mind
  • Why hypnotic gifts are the FASTEST and EASIEST way to transition from being a hypnosis enthusiast… to a hypnotherapist actively helping people 
  • How to manage your subject’s expectations so you both walk away happy, no matter what happens
  • Why SHOWING vs. TELLING should be your go-to strategy to attract new hypnosis clients (hypnotic gifts are the best way to do this!)
  • How to double, triple, even QUADRUPLE your current confidence level as a hypnotist
  • Why giving hypnotic gifts will charge up your hypnotic principles, language and skills 
  • Discover the language your unconscious mind is MOST responsive to
  • Find out how to use hypnotic gifts to tap into someone’s latent potential… and bring it up to the surface. All in just a few minutes!
  • How to “negotiate” with the unconscious mind to activate the potential and possibilities deep inside
  • Do THIS exercise to feel yourself light up with positive emotions!
  • The mindset you MUST have as a hypnotist if you want to give truly amazing hypnotic gifts
  • The FIVE essential rules of hypnotic gift giving. (Follow these, and you’ll get outstanding results each and every time)
  • Use the simple, easy and effective “ABS Formula” for hypnotic gift giving
  • The “Lemon Test” thought experiment you can use to stimulate the unconscious mind… in seconds!
  • Demonstration: Lemon Trance Induction. Listen to this demo and see how the Law of Attention and Law of Associations makes the experience more vivid and dramatic
  • The fail-proof way to INTENSIFY your subject’s experience during trance by captivating all their senses


  • Demo (1) “The Sour Lemon Experiment”

Main Training: Module #2

Module 2: The Hypnosis Laws That Are Built Into Every Hypnotic Gift, ‘Pretend’ vs ‘Imagine’ In An Eye Lock Induction & Demo (2) “The Inner Smile” (Group Gift)

  • The must-know “Law of Attention” – this is the KEY to successful hypnosis (and just about anything else in life, too!)
  • Two psychological “laws” that are built into almost every hypnotic gift you can give
  • Two ways to use the Lemon Test to make your hypnotic gifts work better
  • What happens when someone feels impressed… and how you can HIJACK this feeling to attach a positive suggestion
  • How to use the “Law of Compounding Effect” to piggy-back and intensify positive suggestions
  • How to build up positive outcomes step-by-step until they SNOWBALL into big wins using the “Law of Successive Approximations”
  • How to elicit the IDEAL mindset for your hypnotic gifts to work like a charm
  • The right kind of attention you want your subject to have when you’re giving them a hypnotic gift
  • The three essential elements that must be in place before you proceed to give someone a hypnotic gift
  • TWO words that reliably activate the mechanisms inside the mind so hypnosis is more likely to work
  • Demonstration: Experience an eye lock and a body lock… in under a minute!
  • Discover the modified Elman rapid induction technique 
  • Listen and experience the Inner Smile Hypnotic Gift for yourself… and feel your mood instantly lift!
  • Step-by-step breakdown of how to give the Inner Smile Gift. Use this to make someone feel happy from the inside out and glow with positive emotions!
  • How imagery and symbolism alter emotions and the body’s neurochemistry (use this to make happiness trickle into the nervous system… it’s powerful stuff!)


  • Demo (2) “The Inner Smile” (Group Gift)

Main Training: Module #3

Module 3: Dissociation Using “The Sage” Gift For Indirect Self Hypnosis & Demo (3) “The Affirmation Supercharger”

  • How to test your subject for compliance (this is how you KNOW they’re ready to accept your hypnotic suggestions)
  • Why removing a social context dissolves the ego’s constraints and limitations (then, anything is possible!)
  • The key difference between hypnotic gifts and hypnotherapy (and whythey compliment each other)
  • How to access hidden abilities in others they weren’t even aware existed!
  • How to amplify the effect of ANY gift by doing THIS simple exercise first
  • The “symbolic suggestion” that ensures your subject will go into any hypnotic experience with a good attitude
  • Demonstration: How to make any difficult or unpleasant task fun & easy with “The Sage” Gift 
  • The three stages of a dissociation and how to move through each phase so your subject can experience a powerful dissociation
  • The “Law of Dominant Effect” and what this reveals about how you form beliefs (and why preexisting ideas are so hard to get rid of!)
  • How to use “The Sage” Gift for indirect self hypnosis
  • Why you should trust your unconscious mind and let it decide how to dissociate on its own
  • How giving hypnotic gifts will also train you to be an exceptional hypnotist 
  • The real reason affirmations don’t work for many people
  • Discover the Affirmation Supercharger Gift… and you’ll make any affirmation work MUCH better for you!
  • How to create the right conditions so the unconscious mind accepts affirmations and starts to really believe they’re true
  • Demonstration: The Affirmation Supercharger Gift. Help yourself and others succeed where you used to fail.


  • Demo (3) “The Affirmation Supercharger”

Main Training: Module #4

Module 4: Creating And Dissolving Personal Realities, A Set Routine For Giving Gifts & Demo (4) “The Sanctuary”

  • Why symbolism saves you time during hypnotic gift giving by doing the “heavy lifting” for you
  • Create SUPREME confidence in your ability to give hypnotic gifts
  • Your one TRUE job as a hypnotist and how to be a force for good by designing better realities for others
  • What to do if you realize your gift is getting too complicated and not working the way you intended
  • Why perception is projection (hint: you don’t see the world as it is… but as YOU are!)
  • How realities are created… and dissolved. This is a “must-know” for any hypnotist
  • TWO reasons you might face resistance from your subject (and what to do if this happens)
  • The incredible link between sensory experience and belief. Do THIS… and you’ll skyrocket your ability to move others into new, better realities
  • How to use Trance Logic to overcome obstacles and blast through existing problems
  • Why having a “gift routine” makes it fun and easy to give hypnotic gifts without performance anxiety 
  • You’ll become SO comfortable with hypnotic gift giving that you’ll be able to give ANY gift, to ANY one at ANY time!
  • How to build trust, create rapport and gain insight into your subject’s mindset
  • How to give someone a motivational offer they can’t resist!
  • The key to creating the RIGHT conditions so your gift has the maximum chances for success
  • The 6-Step Routine for giving hypnotic gifts — you can use this anywhere, with anyone
  • Demonstration: “The Sanctuary” Hypnotic Gift. Discover how to escape your troubles and revitalize yourself through this powerful gift


  • Demo (4) “The Sanctuary”

Main Training: Module #5

Module 5: Troubleshooting Hypnotic Gifts, Using “The Magic Bullet” To Overcome A Secret Problem & Using “The Chamber Of Sleep” vs “The Clock”

  • Why frame control is ESSENTIAL to successful gift giving — and how to get this right!
  • The key to making new behaviors automatic (this is how new, better habits are formed!)
  • Turn “make belief” into reality! Use this fascinating technique to move others into incredible new realities
  • Why someone gets “stuck” in a social context and how to move them into a hypnotic one instead
  • How to hit “PAUSE” on someone’s current world view and allow them to experience a whole NEW reality — you’ll leave them stunned and amazed!
  • Why context is everything. Get the context right, and the rest will fall into place much more easily
  • How to bypass a strong critical factor with these THREE “fail-proof” frames
  • How to use the “ABS Formula” to bypass the critical factor
  • This tell-tale sign reveals when you’ve successfully switched off your subject’s critical factor and made it past the mind’s “gate-keeper”
  • How to take the tools you already have… and use them to create an INFINITE number of gifts!
  • How to adapt the gifts you’ve discovered to any person or situation for maximum impact
  • How to avoid spending too LONG on your gift (you’ll be giving powerful gifts in just 5 to 10 minutes… tops!)
  • When you should NOT try to give someone a hypnotic gift
  • The Magic Bullet (The Secret Problem) Gift. Use this to overcome problems… before you even knew they existed!
  • Demonstration: How to give The Magic Bullet Gift and show the unconscious how to resolve problems
  • Discover The Chamber of Sleep Gift. What if you could… fall asleep peacefully anytime, anyplace?
  • Wake up fresh & energized without an alarm clock with The Clock = The Wall of Awakening Gift

Main Training: Module #6

Module 6: “The Reunion” And How To Distort Time, Demo (5) “The Pool Of Remembrance” & Demo (6) “The Museum Of Memories”

  • The easy way to SPIKE emotion in ANY gift you give (more emotion = more impact!)
  • How to use The Sage to fix or repair any other gift… this is the ultimate “get out of jail free” gift
  • Why hypnotists are “meaning makers” — you can generate meaning for others to end suffering, enhance performance, improve their life… you name it!
  • The fascinating link between memories and your future experience (you have more control over this than you think)
  • The Reunion Gift: Help others develop greater psychological resilience through appreciation and contentment
  • Demonstration: How to give “The Reunion” Gift to boost gratitude and happiness… on the spot!
  • How time distortion works and what to do if you feel like time is moving too fast
  • The Pool of Remembrance: Discover how to find and feature memories for unconscious success
  • Demonstration: Giving the “Pool of Remembrance” Gift. The more your subject fills their memory with positive experiences, the more their future will be full of positive and happy memories, too!
  • How to “time manage” your hypnotic gifts so you spend the right amount of time on each stage without getting off track
  • Ever noticed the connection between emotion and color? THIS is the reason why!
  • How to generate profound experiences using sensory descriptions
  • The Museum of Memories: Relive a charming memory you haven’t thought of in years!
  • Demonstration: The Museum of Memories Gift. You’ll discover how to create a memory palace and fill it with positive, life enhancing memories


  • Demo (5) “The Pool Of Remembrance”
  • Demo (6) “The Museum Of Memories”

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Main Training: Module #7

Module 7: Inside The “Museum Of Memories”, Demo (7) “The Super Learner” & New Power Symbols And Demo (8) “The Future Wave”

  • The key to mastering revivifications and bringing a memory to life
  • How to combine the Pool of Remembrance and Museum of Memories gift so they build on each other and have a powerful “compound” effect
  • The three ways hypnotic gift giving will transform you as a hypnotist 
  • How to start adding gifts into your hypnotherapy sessions, turning them into “hypnotic candy” for your clients 
  • How to develop your own style of gift giving… you don’t need a script! All you need to do is THIS
  • How to start making a better future for yourself and others starting TODAY!
  • The Super Learner = The Learning Machine: Develop the ideal learning state on command
  • Demonstration: How to give The Super Learner Gift and turn someone into a learning MACHINE so they easily absorb and remember information
  • The Lighthouse: Become kinder, more charismatic, happier and improve your relationships
  • Discover Power Symbol Language so you can create a NEW class of power symbols
  • The ONE predictor of whether or not a therapy client will be successful (no matter what type of therapy they’re using!)
  • Discover The Future Wave Gift: Become more optimistic and set up the mind to expect good outcomes in the future
  • Demonstration: Step-by-step demo of how to give someone the Future Wave Gift


  • Demo (7) “The Super Learner” & New Power Symbols
  • Demo (8) “The Future Wave”

Main Training: Module #8

Module 8: Evoking vs Invoking An Experience, Demo (9) “The Giant Slayer” And Demo (10) “Cloud Bursting” & Demo (11) “The Golden Sphere” And Demo (12) “The Ring Of Calm”

  • How to give a gift to a bigger group so it resonates with as many people as possible!
  • The difference between invoking and evoking… this determines the DIRECTION of your suggestions!
  • When to indoctrinate vs educate in your hypnotic gift giving
  • Why evoking meaning from someone leads to a more personalized and meaningful experience
  • Demonstration: How to use “The Giant Slayer” to reclaim power from someone who has too much influence over you…
  • How to ask the right questions so you have enough details to supercharge the Giant Slayer gift
  • The easy way to increase your confidence in ANYTHING you do!
  • Demonstration: Giving the Cloud Bursting Gift to help someone quickly improve a dark or brooding mood and instantly feel lighter
  • Make someone feel in control of their mood and emotions so they can change them at will!
  • Demonstration: How to give the Golden Sphere Gift to release guilt and change negative behavior
  • See frame control at its best… This is the key to dissolving bad memories and negative feelings
  • How to prepare the body and mind to experience and accept your gift (in less than a minute)!
  • The powerful link between COLORS and MEANINGS (you’ll see how to extract this for yourself and others, too)
  • How to adapt the Golden Sphere Gift to dissolve or overcome behaviors, habits or memories
  • Demonstration: The Ring of Calm Gift lets you stay relaxed, calm and centered under pressure… and be a soothing presence to others
  • Start making each gift flexible so it works for YOU!


  • Demo (9) “The Giant Slayer”
  • Demo (10) “Cloud Bursting”
  • Demo (11) “The Golden Sphere”
  • Demo (12) “The Ring Of Calm”

Main Training: Module #9

Module 9: The Loaded Elman Induction And Demo (13) “X-Ray Vision”, Demo (14) “The Fractionator” & Demo (15) “The Silent Place”

  • Two ways you can make your subject’s problem DISAPPEAR
  • The optimal times to work new habits into your daily routine 
  • Plug THIS frame into your hypnotic gift to boost your subject’s mood
  • Why you want to start off communicating as simply and directly as possible (and when to start mixing in more elaborate language patterns)
  • TWO frames you can use when giving a hypnotic gift in a social setting to make the experience fun and natural
  • How to use the Law of Successive Approximations to set your subject up for success
  • TWO characteristics to look for that reveal when someone is going to be a SUPERSTAR hypnotic gift subject
  • The RULE OF THUMB for creating successful gift giving experiences 
  • Why most people will be able to have a more vivid experience if you engage their VISUAL system 
  • How to frame your hypnotic gift as a thought experiment so you can use it even in business settings!
  • Listen in on The “Loaded Elman Induction”… and see what happens!
  • Demonstration: Overcome procrastination, get started on a project and increase your productivity with The X-Ray Vision Gift
  • How to override a negative belief and replace it with a more positive and productive one instead
  • Demonstration: Discover how to quickly relieve pain with The Fractionator Gift
  • You don’t need to know the source of your subject’s pain… you can still relieve it!
  • Demonstration: Silence the inner critic inside your mind with The Silent Place Gift.
  • Discover how to HIJACK doubt… and aim it in a more productive direction


  • Demo (13) “X-Ray Vision”
  • Demo (14) “The Fractionator”
  • Demo (15) “The Silent Place”

Main Training: Module #10

Module 10: The Modified Bandler Induction And Demo (16) “The Monster Hunter”, Demo (17) “Stripping The Armor” & Demo (18) “The Craftsman” (Group Gift)

  • The Modified Bandler Induction… use this simple induction to drop your subject into trance in just TWO minutes
  • How to figure out which “inner critic” to target when giving The Silent Place Gift so you successfully dissolve self-criticism
  • FOUR inductions you can use to prepare your subject to receive your hypnotic gift (and what to do if one doesn’t go your way)
  • The Monster Hunter Hypnotic Gift: Discover an easy and long-lasting way to overcome virtually ANY negative emotion
  • Demonstration: Step-by-step demo of how to give The Monster Hunter Gift and turn your subject into an observer of their negative emotion until it simply vanishes!
  • The real reason bad emotions tend to linger (and the secret to releasing negativity much more quickly)
  • Do THIS to help negative feelings evaporate so you find relief and let go of frustration
  • Stripping the Armor Hypnotic Gift: Calm obsessive thinking (especially before sleep!) so you can rest deeply and peacefully
  • Demonstration: How to give the Stripping the Armor Gift in just a few minutes to calm obsessive thoughts
  • The Craftsman Hypnotic Gift: Boost creativity and enrich your ideas for any project that requires “out-of-the-box” thinking
  • Demonstration: Complete breakdown of The Craftsman Gift so you can give this gift to anyone… and turbocharge their creativity!
  • The gift I personally used to create 200 hypnotic gifts! 


  • Demo (16) “The Monster Hunter”
  • Demo (17) “Stripping The Armor”
  • Demo (18) “The Craftsman” (Group Gift)

Main Training: Module #11

Module 11: How To Create Your Own Hypnotic Gifts, Symbolic Hypnotic Language & Combining Modifiers For Maximum Effect

  • Why symbolic language is the KEY to making your hypnotic gifts come to life and activate your subject’s inner resources 
  • 10 CORE symbols you can use when creating your own hypnotic gifts that communicate directly to the unconscious mind
  • Invoking vs. evoking a symbol… and the one thing you MUST do if you invoke a symbol
  • Develop your own symbolic vocabulary and learn to speak in the language of the unconscious!
  • Why you MUST keep cultural and personal contexts in mind when choosing symbols
  • How modifiers allow you to expand symbols so you have a virtually endless supply to choose from
  • Use these 10 modifiers to change your subject’s relationship to a symbol and evoke a specific feeling or quality
  • How to add energetic qualities to your symbols by using captivating color modifiers
  • What universal symbols are (this taps into embedded cognition… it’s fascinating stuff!)
  • The “up / down” symbolic link to power and authority
  • Start creating your OWN hypnotic gifts… you have all the tools to generate incredible, empowering and transformational gifts!
  • How to decide the purpose behind your hypnotic gifts
  • How to activate the unconscious mind more deeply when giving your gifts
  • The hypnotic gift “formula” for creating a gift that solves a problem… use this step-by-step guide and you’ll have the ability to resolve any issue!

Main Training: Module #12

Module 12: Compounding Hypnotic Gifts, Hypnotic Speed Gifting & Demo (19) “All Gifts Combined” (Group Gift)

  • Find out how to multiply the impact of your gifts with hypnotic “compounding” 
  • Why you must absolutely frame your gift AHEAD of time and give your subject a clear purpose (you’ll see plenty of examples on how to do this!)
  • How to give gifts that build on each other
  • Start adding more layers and nuance by “stacking” your gifts together
  • Specific gift “power combinations” you can try out straight away
  • The REAL problem when it comes to making mistakes — don’t fall into this trap!
  • Practice the complete gift giving cycle… from start to finish. See the entire ritual in action!
  • Practice Hypnotic “Speed Gifting” and start giving multiple gifts in MINUTES
  • How many gifts can you give in just 10 minutes? Give it a try… you might be surprised!
  • Listen to the “All Gifts Combined” group induction so the learnings seep further and further into the unconscious mind
  • Assimilate the entire training in this hypnotic recap so you’re ready to go out and be a force for good!

And much, much more…

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