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Advanced Follow-Up Strategies 2021

I can safely say that Follow-Up is responsible for the majority of the success that I have created in my life. 48% of salespeople never follow-up with a prospect and 80% of transactions are made on the fifth to twelfth contact. So how can you be successful with follow-up? How can you follow-up persistently without being overbearing and obnoxious? How can you follow-up so effectively that prospects actually return calls? In the Follow-Up course, I will serve up to you 2 years of exact follow-up strategies for both Sold and Unsold customers. This course will layout a follow-up plan guaranteed to increase your paycheck!

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Modules Included:

Follow Up Unsold Customers
• Follow Up Unsold Customers
• Demo Upsell
• Using the Facts on Unsold Customers
• Follow the Opportunity
• Why Don’t People Buy?
• The Five Types of Buyers
• Revelations of Follow-Up
How To Use Follow Up Tools
• Phone Call
• Text
• Email
• Handwritten Letter
• Personal Visit
• Using Gimmicks
• Apology Contact
• Selfie Video Messages
• Social Media Reach
• Use Photo Images
• Newsletter and Blogs
• Testimonial
• Survey
Contact Follow Up Over 365 Days
• Same Day Contact – Thank You
• Day 1 Contact – Call
• Day 2 Contact – Handwritten Letter
• Day 3 Contact – Video
• Day 4 Contact – Personal Visit
• Day 5 Contact – Thought of You
• Day 10 Contact – Event Offer
• Day 14 Contact – Informational Links
• Day 21 Contact – Video Email
• Day 30 Contact – Event Offer
• Day 40 Contact – Thinking About You
• Day 50 Contact – Special Offers
• Day 60 Contact – Personal Visit
• Day 75 Contact – Send Photo Mock-Up
• Day 90 Contact – Management Call
• Day 100 Contact – Special Gift
• Day 120 Contact – Personal Visit
• Day 150 Contact – Drop Off Special Offer
• Day 180 Contact – Compelling Information
• Day 210 Contact – Just Got This In
• Day 240 Contact – Apology Contact
• Day 270 Contact – Chocolate Boot Candy
• Day 300 Contact – Person of Influence
• Day 330 Contact – Testimonial Request
• Day 365 Contact – You Don’t Know By Now
Reason Why People Do Not Buy From You
• Lack of Time
• Personal Issue (Kids, Marriage, Legal)
• Concern About Cost
• Cash Flow
• Budget Constraints
• More Pressing Problems
• Able to Carry On Without
• Change of the Guard
• Instability Within
• Poor Previous Decisions
• Lack of Branding
• Reputation
• Uncertainty
• Buy Sell Agreement
• Not Decision Maker
• Lost a Deal to Competition
• They Don’t Like You
Most Effective Follow Up Strategies
• Texting During Engagement
• Immediate Texting
• Management Call
• Invites
• Regular Newsletter
• Social Media as Follow-Up
• I Saw This and Thought of You
• Giant Cookie
• Telegram
• Poor Previous Decisions
• Customized Candys
• Lottery Ticket
• Personal Visit with Giftbag
• Purchase Prepaid Cell Phone
• If I Don’t Hear Back, I Will Ship the Product
• Chocolate Feet
• Call the Wrong Extension
• Add This Phrase
• Show them on a Magazine
• The Five “No” Strategy
• Five No Calls and Flip
• Word of Caution on Follow-Up
The Facts of a Follow Up
• The Importance of Follow-Up
• Follow Up Definition
• B2B Leads Not Sales Ready
• Why Leads Do Not Convert
• The Importance of Nurturing Leads
• Lift Your Lead Generation
• Get a 500% Increase in Lead Conversion
• Be the First to Follow-Up
• The ALWAYS Rule
• Don’t Be THAT Guy
• How to Get Your Share of this Trillion Dollar Industry
• Be in the Top 1% of Earners in the World
• Convert 40% More Leads Than Anyone Else
• The Most Powerful Follow-Up Tool
Mistakes with the Follow Up
• Never Made the Call
• Not Enough Calls
• Calls not on a Regular Basis
• Wait too long to Follow Up
• Lack Variety in Reasons to Call
• No Clear Purpose in the Call
• Not Leaving a Message
• Not Collecting CRITICAL Data for Future Sales
• Not Asking for Referrals
• Not Organized to Store Data
Types of Calls for Owner Follow Up
• 12 Months – Anniversary Call
• Same Day Call
• 3 Day Contact or Call
• 7 Day Contact
• 14 Day Contact – Send Video Message
• 1 Month Contact – Mail or Personal Visit
• 3 Month Call – Data Personal to the Buyer
• 6 Month – Value Your Opinion Call
• 12 Month
• 15 Month – Personal Visit Call
• 18 Months – Personal Mail
• 18 Months Same Day – Email or Phone Call
• 24 Month Call – Feedback Call
Ways To Follow Up
• Texting
• Email
• Calling
• Visiting
• Mail
• Gifts
• Friends
• Retargeting
Follow Up Basics
• Commitment
• CRM – Customer Relationship Management
• Organization
• Scripts
• Accountability
• Unreasonable Attitude

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